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How do i change my gas log from natural gas to propane

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Altering a propane gas log to one that runs natural gas can be do with an appropriate conversion collection. Select a collection that runs specifically with gas logs to guarantee you acquire the appropriate configurations, additionally to the controling authority you ask for to make the conversion.

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Changing from propane to natural gas makes excellent sensation if your house has actually truly lately been attached to a natural gas resource, permitting you to end making use of propane for your fire place demands. The logs themselves do not in fact request for any kind of type of type ofchange It is the controling authority device that call for to be altered.

Information You Will Definitely Ask For

  • Versatile wrench
  • Propane to natural gas conversion collection
  • Natural gas controling authority
  • String safeguarding tape


Be incredibly reluctant of gas leakages while you developed the conversion collection. A little leakage can lead to a hazardous scenario.

Not all states make it feasible for home owner to do this conversion without the assistance of a professional. If you have to appropriately use a professional to do the conversion for you, analyze your location additionally to state policies to discover.

Fold the gas supply leading to the fire place. This is usually a shutoff that screws open additionally to closed similarly a yard pipe is triggered or off. Additionally; turned off the propane gas supply leading from the storage tank.

Eliminate the controling authority from the gas supply line by unwinding the configurations with a versatile wrench. Regulative authorities relax from the gas supply lines quickly, once they hang. Eliminate the gas line leading to the gas logs from the propane gas controling authority.

Apply string safeguarding tape to the strings of an adapter from the collection, later on string it right into the gas supply line. Thread the body of the natural gas controling authority over the strings of the adapter, one more time making use of string safeguarding tape on the adapter strings.

Apply string safeguarding tape to the 2nd adapter from the collection, additionally to attach this adapter to the line leading to the gas logs. When this is done, use string safeguarding tape to the various various other end of the strings of the adapter, additionally to string it right into the open end of the natural gas controling authority.

Tighten up all the configurations you developed, later on activate the gas supply. You listen to a first hissing audio as the lines filled with naturalgas If you discover the scent of natural gas, turned off the gas supply additionally to examine all the gas configurations prior to trying to utilize the fire place.

Are you looking to change your criterion, wood burning fire place right into something a whole lot a lot more inexpensive additionally to reliable? A gas fire place insert might be the finest remedy if you have a stonework smokeshaft. Today’s gas inserts fit safely right into the place of your existing stonework fire place, for a magnificent additionally to smooth conversion.

San Francisco framework standards bid farewell to makes it feasible for wood burning fire locations in brand-new framework additionally to some house fixings. The Environmental Management Firm (EPA) has actually truly broadened its residence wood residence heating tool strategies, improving discharge demands for brand-new wood cooktops additionally to residence furnace. With this, a broadening selection of Bay Location home owner, specialists, additionally to house structure professionals are choosing gas fire places as a cost-effective additionally to advanced house home heating resource. Credible additionally to useful, gas fire places supply the appeal additionally to cozy of an usual, hardwood burning fire place, at the flip of a button. As similarly, there’s no demand to item wood, clear ash from the firebox, or do the various various other tedious jobs pertinent to wood burning fire place upkeep.

Specialist gas fire place plan not just offers you with defense additionally to gratification, however it is important to ensuring the device’s reliable feature additionally to efficiency, furthermore to making certain that plan errors do not endanger your gas fire place remedy assurance.

A gas fire place insert is a steel firebox that uses gas jets hooked right into your house’s gas line.

A broadcasting air vent pipeline is attached that runs the measurement of your existing smokeshaft to securely relocate any kind of type of type of fumes away from your house. With a gas insert, you can change your fire on additionally to off with the flick of a button, additionally to there is no ash, melting logs, or comprehensive cleaning to take care of. There are additionally an option of devices that can be developed with your gas insert like glass or rock media develops that supply the assumption of a natural burning fire.

Gas Fire Place Insert Setup

While gas fire location inserts developed quickly, when dealing with gas lines in your house, it is regularly important to collaborate with a knowledgeable specialist. At Nova Fireplaces, our specialist installers have comprehensive experience mounting gas inserts, additionally to have actually truly utilized lovely conversions a all type of existing stonework fire locations. Not just will absolutely they see to it a secure, appropriate plan, however they will definitely function really meticulously to achieve the ideal suitable for a smooth visual. Additionally, our specialist team will definitely do an evaluation of the whole system to see to it the comfy additionally to secure therapy of your gas insert fire place.

Nova Fireplaces takes pleasure in to offer gas fire place inserts to houses in enhancement to companies throughout Belmont, CA; San Francisco additionally to the Greater Bay Location. Whether you are a house owner or carrier, we will definitely more than pleased to collaborate with you to assist you choose the gas insert items that achieve your house home heating requires, match your house’s visual additionally to fit your spending plan. Call us today to begin!

All the advantages of a wood burning fire place– none of the migraine headache!

Whether it’s brand-new framework, a residence remodel, or a fire place conversion, Nova Fireplaces is San Francisco’s particular resource remedy for every little factor gas fire locations. Our proficient specialists are experienced in all type of setups, having gas inserts additionally to natural gas straight air vent fire locations. With a straight air vent gas fire place there is no demand for a smokeshaft, so they can be developed generally anywhere within your residence. Most especially, your natural gas fire place offers reliable place house home heating, which can lead to substantial cost economic cost savings on your power price. From contemporary developing or an extra common appearance, Nova Fireplaces offers a wide variety of options made to match any kind of type of type of visual.

Solutions to amongst among one of the most frequently asked concerns connecting to gas logs!


Basically, yes, both program air vent additionally to ventless gas logs can be developed in a totally working wood burning fire place. There are some situations that will never permit the plan of a gas log embeded in your fire place. If the fire place is a high efficiency wood melting device, a gas log collection can not be developed up. It is important to check out the maker’s plan requires prior to mounting a gas log embeded in your fire place. The plan of the gas line additionally to gas log collection will definitely ask for to be done by an approved gas specialist.


Great Deals Of gas logs are made from a refractory or ceramic concrete mix that has actually truly been made to maintain warms up.

Regularly steel aid bars are contained to the within the logs to raise their endurance additionally to to stopped them from harming or flexing under severe comfortable.

Some ceramic logs might change shade a little with long-term usage while refractory ceramic logs will definitely preserve their shade additionally to information a lot a lot longer.


Vented gas log creates offer an overall, authentic-looking fire discussion with a good deal of developing while ventless gas log collections supply a reliable additionally to trustworthy house home heating resource.

Vented gas logs are made to be utilized in an existing wood burning fire place with a totally useful smokeshaft. They create high, gold fires additionally to are a really realistic-looking substitute genuine wood logs.

Vented collections request for the smokeshaft damper to remain open whatsoever timesto safe and secure versus the build-up of dangerous burning spin-offs, so mostly all of the comfortable created is shed with the smokeshaft. This makes them insufficient resources of comfortable.

Ventless gas logs are made to acquire a cool, electric fire, so they do not request for making use of a smokeshaft additionally to can be utilized with the damper shut.

Thought About That they do not request for a smokeshaft, 100% of the comfortable created is declined right into the area, as opposed to leaving up the smokeshaft.

This makes ventless gas log collections exceptionally reliable added resources of comfortable. The fire created by a ventless collection, nonetheless, might not be as useful as a vented collection.

Find out added troubling program air vent versus ventless gas logs right listed below or have a look at our gas log acquiring recap right listed below.

How do i change my gas log from natural gas to propane

Can I change my gas fire place to wood burning? When they discover themselves looking for a whole lot also a lot more gratification from their fire place than they’re presently obtaining, numerous residence owners ask themselves this question. That’s really simple to identify.

Think about the gratification you’ll have of beginning the fire. Appears of snapping wood shooting up incorporated with the little aroma of melting oak! The experience is 2nd to none.

Details, when we ask for a fast warmup on stylish winter evenings, it is difficult to defeated the simpleness of a gas fire place. There’s little contrast to a genuine wood fire place.

If it’s been a while considering that you took pleasure in a wood-burning fire place, you might have a variety of concerns.

Is it Poor to Melt Wood Browse Through a Gas Fire place?

While it might be enticing to initiative to shed wood in your existing gas fire place, that would definitely be rather dangerous unless preventative activities were taken. It is feasible to change from gas to wood burning securely. A specialist gas to wood-burning fire place conversion would definitely be essential.

Is Gas to Wood Conversion Feasible?

Can you change a gas fire place to wood burning? Your fire place style additionally to smokeshaft defense components will definitely discover how hard it will definitely be to change your gas fire place to wood burning. As wood-burning fire locations aren’t for each person, so not all fire locations are created to choose wood burning.

Gas burning fire place conversion calls for in the beginning, a fire place additionally to smokeshaft examination. Next off, making any kind of type of type of crucial changes to prepare the fire place additionally to smokeshaft system for conversion. The smokeshaft examination will definitely discover a variety of variables you’ll ask for to identify.

How do i change my gas log from natural gas to propane

Consider Conversion

When considering your options for transforming to a genuine wood log burning system you might discover on your own asking a great deal of concerns,

  1. Is my gas fire place or smokeshaft in the appropriate difficulty to shed wood fires additionally to how to discover?
  2. Do I have the ideal type of fire place for conversion to be able to shed wood?
  3. What to do if your fire place additionally to smokeshaft system is not appropriate for wood burning?

The incredibly preliminary activity to each of these concerns is to get a fire place examination. A smokeshaft assessor will definitely discover if the fire place is gas melting just or if the fire place was developed as a wood-burning fire place however simply had a collection of gas logs developed.

How do i change my gas log from natural gas to propane

The difficulty of the smokeshaft flue mobile lining or broadcasting air vent system is a substantial aspect to consider.

Some smokeshafts are prepared with a gas broadcasting air vent system, while strong sufficient for a gas burning device, wood-burning fire locations utilize a much more challenging smokeshaft mobile lining.

In addition if the fire place smokeshaft lining appropriated for both gas additionally to wood-burning, the difficulty of all components that comprise the entire system is important to identify prior to wood burning can be thought about or.

The smokeshaft cap, utilized for defense from rainfalls additionally to household pet dogs additionally requires to be assessed. Smokeshaft caps with trigger arresters are recommended to reduce the regular cinder leaving to the roofing.

Howto Change from Gas to Wood Burning Fire Place?

When your smokeshaft assessor figures out that the difficulty of your fire air flow system is strong sufficient for wood burning, later on any kind of type of type of crucial smokeshaft fixing solution remedies required are prepared. Your homes gas supply line will definitely have to be handled, considering that a fire locations gas supply is not appropriate for the warm levels of a wood-burning system.

Good deals of home owner choice to cap off the line or to change to a gas log lighter. A gas to wood burning firebox conversion makes it feasible for using the fire place damper (not utilized for gas fire locations). Eliminating the old gas log developed additionally to later on selection of a grate appropriate for maintaining the burning wood will definitely be required, as the gas log grate in the fire place will definitely be also vulnerable right temperature degree degrees discovered in a brand-new wood-burning fire place.

How do i change my gas log from natural gas to propane

How Much Does Fire Place Conversion Price?

With a little finest of good luck, transforming a gas fire place to wood burning can develop you back as decreased as variety of hundred bucks plus a variety of personnels of labor. When thinking about a system conversion, these are just numerous of the facets to consider.

Each house additionally to smokeshaft is various, so are their individual/mechanical demands. In circumstances the fire place and/or smokeshaft was revealed to water or maintained a smokeshaft fire in the past, later on the collection of smokeshaft fixing solution remedies additionally to the price to change a gas fire place back to wood burning would usually be a whole lot a lot more pricey.

The Smokeshaft Upkeep of Wood Fire Places

Burning genuine hardwood see your fire place is exceptionally satisfying. You call for to come to be conscious to prevent the hazards of a smokeshaft fire if you choose to shed wood. Smokeshaft terminates take place as completion outcome of creosote develop in the smokeshaft flue, a natural additionally to inescapable outcome of melting wood. While melting hardwood visit enhancement to creosote fit, there are tasks to reduce the dreadful smokeshaft fire.

Leading additionally to incredibly originally, you’ll desire to eliminate the creosote with a smokeshaft sweeping go to (1 or 2 times a year). The smokeshaft sweeper will likely take a look at the smokeshaft additionally to fire place at the time of the smokeshaft cleansing to see to it not just is the smokeshaft without creosote down payments however that all the components of the smokeshaft remain in wonderful operating order.

Tidying up the smokeshaft is just aspect of the smokeshaft defense technique after transforming a gas fire place to wood burning, the consisted of task of choosing appropriate wood for our fire place is important.

Have a look at our fire hardwood site for useful suggestions on various type of visit enhancement to how to choose the appropriate gas for your wood-burning fire place.

How do i change my gas log from natural gas to propane

Although gas fire places supply simpleness, simpleness of usage additionally to equal visual attractions to an usual wood burning fire place, countless individuals call for to change a gas fire place to wood since they can not get the complete impact with a gas fire place.

Nevertheless, there are numerous exceptionally crucial points to think about when you desire to change your gas fire place to a wood melting one. You can never in the past be also secure Whenever you’re looking after a fire place reconditioning work.

So, if you are among the numerous home owner that requires to gain back the relaxing additionally to comfortable experience of a genuine wood burning fire place, follow our suggestions additionally to suggestions detailed right here to see to it every little thing goes efficiently additionally to securely.

Know Your Scenario

In order to total your fire place conversion work, you call for to in the beginning identify what you’re dealing with in your existing house. For some home owner, transforming their gas fire place right into a wood melting device might request for a lot much more job than others.

As a circumstances, some houses go to initial developed with gas fire locations in them. In these houses, the fire place is thought about a gas device additionally to does not have an authentic flue additionally to smokeshaft pertinent to it.

In order to change these gas fire rectifies into hardwood ones, you’ll ask for to do a full fire place substitute work additionally to have a flue additionally to smokeshaft developed. If you attempt to shed wood in a pre-built gas fire place, you’ll wind up with catastrophe as the smoke will absolutely not be suitably dispersed out of your house.

On the various various other hand, you might have a residence that in the beginning did have a wood burning fire place however later on a gas ran one was developed to change it. There is a lot a lot less job to be provided these houses in order to change back to an usual wood burning fire place.

Obtain Authorization

How do i change my gas log from natural gas to propane

After you have actually truly identified if your fire place can be traded a wood melting one, you’ll ask for to call your location location to identify if there are any kind of type of type of framework standards additionally to allows that you’ll ask for to stick to.

In addition if you see to it that your house is able to perform a gas to wood fire place conversion, you ought to still check out since the last aspect you desire is to have actually accredited difficulty on your hands.

It’s a lot far better to identify every little thing prior to you begin purchasing such a substantial work for your house.

Have Your Smokeshaft Checked Out

How do i change my gas log from natural gas to propane

Due to the truth that your smokeshaft will definitely be developed prepared to go,

House owners that ask for an entire brand-new smokeshaft developed do not ask for to stress and anxiety fretting this reminder.

Nevertheless, if you presently have truly a smokeshaft pertinent to your gas fire place, you call for to have it evaluated prior to you begin anything else.

The smokeshaft is amongst among one of the most important facet of a wood burning fire place so you can not allow this task slide with the splits. Taken into consideration that gas fire locations do not truly utilize the smokeshaft, your really own might not be prepared for a wood melting one just.

You’ll ask for to see to it that the physical, smokeshaft mobile lining, crown, cap additionally to damper are done in wonderful difficulty. As quickly as once again, it’s important that every aspect of your smokeshaft prepares to precede you begin defrosting wood in your fire place.

You’ll additionally most likely ask for a smokeshaft cleansing prior to you complete your gas to wood fire place conversion work. For any kind of type of type of checking additionally to cleaning up demands, you can rely upon Upright Smokeshaft Treatment to see to it your house awaits a fire place conversion. Obtain a cost-free quote currently for any kind of type of amongst our fire place additionally to smokeshaft choices.

The Conversion Refine

After you have actually truly seen to it that your smokeshaft proceeds to remain in appropriate difficulty additionally to prepared for a wood burning fire place, you can ultimately end up out transforming from gas to wood.

The only genuine job that occurs presently is eliminating the gas visit enhancement to either touching off the gas line or having a gas lighter developed for your wood fire place. A gas lighter makes beginning fires a lot much less complex than by hand doing it on your own.

Bear in mind, transforming a gas fire place to a wood melting one is a therapy that takes severe interest rate to information additionally to capacity. If you desire to change your gas fire place to wood, leave it to the specialists so you have the convenience of identifying the work is obtaining done securely additionally to efficiently.

When Altering Your Fire Place


Maintain Upright Smokeshaft Treatment In Mind.

Throughout your fire place conversion work, you’ll ask for to see to it a series of variables are running which your smokeshaft is suitably cleansed.

From modifying fire place dampers to sweeping smokeshafts, Upright Smokeshaft Treatment has actually truly been Chicagoland’s go to selection considering that1985 We devote our choices to protecting your housemaid additionally to a lot more safe and secure.

Previous to you change a gas fire place to wood, you’ll ask for to have your smokeshaft evaluated. Obtain a cost-free quote online for your smokeshaft examination to see to it that the remainder of your conversion work goes efficiently.