How do i figure out how much wood i need for a fence

This fence calculator will calculate the size and variety of pickets, posts, and rails required to assemble a wood fence.

It’s going to in all probability furthermore calculate the publish gap dimension, quantity of concrete, gravel and nails required.

To calculate the burden of the lumber, have a look at out the lumber weight calculator.

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This calculator assumes the next:

    • Fence sections (fencing between posts) are all equal in measurement
    • Fence peak and half measurement lower than 8′
    • Max fence measurement for this calculator is 200′
    • Posts are 4×4’s and rails are 2×4’s
    • Grass/topsoil to cowl publish concrete for extra aesthetically pleasing look. For extra sturdy publish organize methodology, have a look at out the publish gap calculator.


Wood Fence Anatomy

The picture beneath reveals among the many many frequent parts of a typical wood picket fence:

How do i figure out how much wood i need for a fence

How to Use the Calculator

Fence Dimensions

First figure out how extended and tall you need your fence to be. The peak of the fence is measure from the underside to the perfect of the pickets. Customary wood fences are typically wherever from 4.5′ to eight′ tall.

Subsequent, resolve what width pickets you wish to use. Wider pickets can current the fence a extra trendy look, whereas narrower pickets will make the fence look extra detailed.

Picket Spacing

Resolve if you need any hole between pickets. That is purely for aesthetics. Much much much less hole equals extra privateness nonetheless furthermore means much much much less delicate that may filter by. Do you must resolve to have gaps be sure that they’re slender enough to deal with wished factors in (i.e. canines and kids) and undesirable factors out.

Then, you’ll need to resolve what dimension hole to have between the underside and the underside of the fence pickets. You will need to have a hole correct proper right here to forestall untimely rot of the pickets. Frequent hole beneath the fence is 1″-2″.

Fence Improvement

Subsequent, resolve how to connect your fence rails to the fence posts. They’ll every be face nailed to the posts or toe nailed. A diagram of rails which is prone to be toe-nailed could be seen above. That is what a face nailed wood fence seems to be like: How do i figure out how much wood i need for a fence

Wood Fence Prepare Choices and Methods

Setting Posts

    • Use strain handled lumber for posts since they are going to be in touch with the underside
    • An 8″ auger will lower about a 9″ diameter gap which is a lot broad for a 4×Four publish and concrete
    • A 3″ base of gravel beneath every publish permits for water to empty away from the underside of the publish, stopping wood rot
    • Quikrete concrete for fence posts could be blended all through the opening, making for simpler publish setting and cleanup
    • 1, 50# bag of concrete per publish is a lot ample for a fence beneath 5′ and a couple of luggage is enough for a fence between 5′ and eight′
    • The quantity of publish buried all through the flooring must be equal to 1/Three to half of of the fence peak for ample wind resistance and resistance to freeze/thaw cycles
    • Reduce posts flush with extreme rail, about 6″ beneath extreme of fence

Putting in Rails and Pickets

    • Stress handled, cedar, and redwood are frequent wood options for rails and pickets
    • When the fence is constructed on a slope, the rails can every be made parallel to the underside or stage and stepped up/down a specific amount from half to half
    • Area rails in order that extreme rail is about 6″ beneath extreme of fence (flush with extreme of publish), backside rail is about 6″ above backside of pickets, and center rail (if associated) is midway in between
    • If there’s not a hole left between pickets when the fence is put in, an 1/8″-1/4″ hole will lastly seem on account of wood shrinkage. This assumes the wood purchased for the fence isn’t going to be kiln dried first
    • Use a framing nail gun to make factors go a lot sooner. I’ve used this mannequin to assemble a couple fences and it has carried out very efficiently. It’s furthermore a steal for lower than a hundred bucks:
    • Use galvanized ring shank nails together with a nail gun for a fast and environment nice technique to lock the pickets to the rails. These are the collated nails I exploit with the nail gun above:

A wood picket fence is a implausible means so as in order so as to add privateness to a residence or to deal with the canines all through the yard. By following a few frequent pointers this would possibly merely be a weekend DIY enterprise. For a step-by-step tutorial on how to assemble a wood fence, have a look at out Dwelling Depot’s Fence Establishing How-To.

Class: Wood Fence

Though you will assemble a wood fence any peak you need, we restrict it to easy heights correct proper right here. Shave the few inches off every picket, should you select to assemble a personalised peak.

You in all probability can change the default measurements as you need, nonetheless whenever you’re undecided, go away them as they’re. Use decimals the place fractions are required. Fractions will attainable be ignored in one other case. For a detailed clarification of every self-discipline, “click on on on” on the title of the sphere.

Most wood fence is constructed with publish spacing of 8′ on facilities. The reason being that the majority dimensional lumber is accessible in 8′ or 16′ lengths. Furthermore spacing of bigger than 8′ will almost certainly end in sagging of the rails. You in all probability can house posts nearer collectively if desired, nonetheless attempt to make use of a house that may end in minimal waste of lumber. Must you select 6′ spacing for event, it is best to take advantage of 12′ rails.

Pickets are the vertical members of a wood fence. Pickets could be put in tight to no less than one one different or with a house between them. Typically, pickets are Three half of” broad, 5 half of” or as much as 11 half of” broad, when you’ll use dimensional kiln-dried lumber. This accommodates most handled pine boards. We use CCA handled or pink cedar boards. The pink cedar that we use is a full 6″ broad. You in all probability can personalised lower your boards to any width you need, nonetheless that may improve your work and potential waste. When ripping boards to personalised widths, you’ll hit knots and fully totally different imperfections that may set off some waste. This calculator will provide you with the variety of pickets primarily based on their widths. Chances are you’ll should figure how many boards you need to buy to ‘rip’ your personalised pickets.

For a sturdy fence enter 0″ for the picket spacing. You in all probability can enter any house you select in inches. Enter fractions as decimals. Event: .5″

Event Conversion Chart

1/4″ .25
3/8″ .375
half of” .50
5/8″ .625
3/4″ .75
7/8″ .875
1″ 1.0

It is immediate that you just simply merely use a minimal of two horizontal rails between posts for all fences lower than 5′ excessive, Three rails for fences 5′ to 7′ excessive, and Four rails for 8′ excessive fences. Fences taller than 8′ are out of doors the scope of this calculator on account of structural factors.

A line of fence is printed as a common stretch of fence unbroken by nook posts, gates or fully totally different breaks all through the fence line. Use ft and fractions of a foot expressed as a decimal. You will have a single line of fence of say 100 ft with a gate precisely all through the coronary coronary heart of that line. If the gate is to be 4′ broad, that leaves 96′ of fence, not counting the gate. The gate divides that 96′ in half, so that you just’d enter these figures: Stretch 1 is 48′, stretch 2 is 48′ after which enter the gate all through the gate self-discipline. To enter that stretch of fence as 100′ and even 96′ in a single self-discipline might probably be incorrect. The calculator would assume the gate goes on the very best and couldn’t compute the acceptable spacing of posts.

Curving Fence Traces: An oddity might probably be do you must meant to curve your fence utilizing the publish spacing you can probably have chosen to alter the angle off a true straight line. Utilizing this ‘curving’ methodology, it’s doable to create a full circle lastly, whereby you do not technically have a nook publish. On this case, since you’ll be utilizing full publish spacing, enter your entire curved line as one self-discipline entry. Calculating curves with publish spacing lower than the quantity you enter as your publish spacing selection, is out of doors the scope of this calculator, for the rationale that program will solely use one publish house entry for calculations.

A single swing gate is a gate that makes use of hinges and solely has one leaf. Typically restrict the widths to eight’ and when you want to keep away from factors attempt to restrict the widths to five’. Widths bigger than 8′ are a structural nightmare that you just simply do not wish to cope with and are out of doors the scope of this calculator. Huge wood gates are extra vulnerable to sagging factors and publish sizes need to be enlarged. Several types of gates are out of doors the scope of this calculator.

A double swing gate is a gate that makes use of hinges and has two halves that every swing off their very private gate publish. Typically restrict the widths to 16′ and when you want to keep away from factors attempt to restrict the widths to 10′. Widths bigger than 16′ are a structural nightmare that you just simply do not wish to cope with and are out of doors the scope of this calculator. Huge wood gates are extra vulnerable to sagging factors and publish sizes need to be enlarged. Several types of gates are out of doors the scope of this calculator.

How do i figure out how much wood i need for a fence

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When you will have a widespread grasp of most important carpentry methods and a as soon as extra sturdy enough for digging holes, it can probably stop cash by organising your explicit particular person wood fence. You can lose a good portion of these financial monetary financial savings by ordering extra lumber than you need, although. Furthermore, ordering too little may end up in further journeys to the lumberyard, and in addition you might miss out on amount reductions for the additional lumber it’s obligatory to purchase. To precisely estimate your lumber necessities, it’s obligatory to recollect the size of the fence together with its design.

Lay out the perimeter of the fence and mark the corners with stakes. Measure the opening between every pair of corners with a 100-foot tape measure. Add these distances to get your entire measurement of the fence. For instance, a fence with 4 equal sides of 50 ft every has a full measurement of 200 ft.

Calculate the variety of posts you need. That’s determined by the publish spacing, which often is Eight ft. Divide every half by the publish spacing to get the variety of posts in that half, then add the posts in all sections. A 200-foot fence with equal sides wants six posts spaced by Eight ft per aspect, for a full of 24. (50 ÷ 8 = 6.25, so 6 posts all sides.) Do you must’re utilizing panels, and the spacing have to be exact, you would possibly need to manage. If the perimeters are 50 ft extended, adjusting them to type 48-foot sides permits exact 8-foot spacing between posts.

Multiply this variety of posts by 1 half of conditions the peak of the fence to account for the fact that 1/Three of the size of every publish must be buried for fence stability. This presents you the variety of linear ft of publish provides you need. For a 6-foot fence, every publish must be 9 ft extended, and if there are 24 of them, you need 216 linear ft of publish provides.

Decide the quantity of railing provides you need by multiplying your entire measurement of the fence by 2. This accounts for a extreme and backside railing, which is usually constructed with 2-by-4-inch lumber. In case your design calls for extra railings, multiply by the appropriate quantity. A 200-foot fence attributable to this fact wants 400 linear ft of railing.

Add the slat or picket spacing to the width of every one, then divide this quantity into your entire measurement of the fence to look out the variety of slats or pickets you need. For instance, do you must’re utilizing 6-inch slat, which is 5 half of inches broad, and likewise you’re spacing them by half of inch, you need 400 of them for a 200-foot fence. (200 x 12 = 2400 inches, divided by 6 inches = 400.)

Add 10 % to every lumber quantity you calculate. This accounts for the gate, together with waste, errors and fully totally different contingencies.

Factors You Will Need

100-foot tape measure

Do you must’re putting in a panel fence, the variety of panels you need is usually the an an identical as a results of the variety of posts.

Pretty a lot of lumber firms publish on-line provides calculators that may enable you in figuring out the quantity of lumber you need.

When establishing a board-on-board fence, subtract the board overlap from the width and divide the consequence into the fence measurement. Multiply the variety of slats by the peak of the fence to look out the variety of linear ft of slat or picket provides you need.

How do i figure out how much wood i need for a fence

How to Measure Your Yard for a Fence

  • Submit printed: October 16, 2017
  • Submit class:Fencing Choices

How do i figure out how much wood i need for a fenceEarlier than you will assemble a fence , you need to purchase the supplies. To get the appropriate provides, you need to measure your yard. Do you must’re organising by your self, you’ll need to measure and plan rigorously. Do you must’re hiring a fence company in Portland, they’ll do the measuring. Nonetheless, you might wish to make preliminary calculations before you establish a fence builder. Measuring will information you in setting a worth fluctuate and provide help to talk with the fencing company.

Correct proper right here’s how to measure your yard for a fence:

Uncover Property Traces

Have you ever ever learnt exactly the place your property ends and your neighbor’s begins? You need to verify the property strains. Don’t depend on a guess. In case your fence goes up on the neighbor’s aspect of the road, it will need to return once more down. It’s an costly mistake that occurs extra often than you’d assume. Verify county info or have a land surveyor take a look.

Look for Obstructions and Utility Traces

When you will have timber or fully totally different everlasting decisions, you’ll need to plan spherical them. Will the fence need to run close to the alternatives? In entrance of them? Behind them? You’ll furthermore need to look out underground utilities. These embrace gasoline, electrical and cable strains. In Oregon and Washington, go to the Utility Notification Heart or establish 811. The middle will notify somebody come to your property and mark the place of utilities. It’s a free service.

How to Measure Your Yard for a Fence

Now that the prep work is full, it’s time to start out measuring.

  • Mark corners with a stake. The corners are the place panels meet at a 90-degree angle.
  • Measure the perimeter of the world in ft. Use the stakes as a information. The tape need to be taut, so uncover a helper to make it simpler.
  • Divide the perimeter by the scale of the fence panels you propose to purchase. Typical panel sizes differ from six to eight ft. The next quantity will allow you to already know how many devices you’ll need to fence the world. Do you must’re organising a personalised or chain hyperlink fence , you will skip the division. The perimeter full is all you need.

How do i figure out how much wood i need for a fence

After taking a measurement of your yard, you’ll have a good concept of what to price fluctuate for the enterprise. Plan on measuring as quickly as further do you must’re going to assemble the fence. When you get into the nitty-gritty of organising, you’ll wish to mark the spot for every nook and line publish. You’ll furthermore run a string between the stakes. When you will have slopes and curves to account for, you’ll need extra detailed measurements.

Pacific Fence and Wire is a full-service fencing company in Oregon. We’d be glad to measure your yard, make an estimate and assemble a fence that offers magnificence and worth to your property. Contact us immediately to get began!

Selecting the best fence panels is the straightforward half. There are such a lot of choices to select from and you should have no hassle uncover a form that matches your property. Select from commonplace lap panels to featheredge or shut board panels. When you will have a little extra to spend you will resolve for ornamental panels. There’s a good selection to select from.

Chances are you’ll then need to resolve on what sort of posts you wish to organize – Timber or Concrete.

Timber posts are commonest, are extra pleasing to have a have a have a look at and are simpler to put in. Must you select an imported HC4 Handled Submit, these will attainable be a little costlier nonetheless you will depend upon this to closing 10-15 years. Concrete posts are costly nonetheless will closing much longer. They’re much much much less collaborating than timber posts and are more durable to deal with. Moreover, attributable to their weight, they may require a longer organize time as a results of the publish combine will need to be completely dry before you will organize your fence panels.

You then need to resolve in your gravel boards. As quickly as further, these could be timber or concrete and the an an identical pointers apply, relying on which look you wish to create and what your worth fluctuate is.

You may additionally wish to take into account a gate. There are a lot to select from and in addition you have got to have the ability to match your panel form and end.

After getting an concept of the type of fence you need, the following step is to measure up. You need to measure in a straight line alongside the fenceline you wish to create. When you’ve measured, you will then start to calculate how many posts and panels you’ll need.

Most typical panels much like Lap Panels are 6ft (1830mm) whereas most ornamental panels are 1.8m broad (1800mm). Along with, you need to permit for the scale of publish you will use – Three inch (75mm) or for a extra sturdy publish, Four inch (100mm).

Chances are you’ll need to permit for one publish for every panel, aside from the primary panel which is ready to even need a extra begin publish. In quite a few phrases, do you must measure Eight panels, you’ll need a full of 9 posts.

Use the slider to set the fence measurement you require, choose panel and publish width and the calculator will estimate the variety of panels and posts required for your fence.