How do i install a bifold door

How do i install a bifold door

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How do i install a bifold door

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  • Full Time: 20 minutes
  • Experience Diploma: Newbie
  • Estimated Value: $15 to $20

Bi-fold doorways have extended been a staple of houses as a outcomes of they’re light-weight, low value, and will be put in by one explicit individual. Whereas they don’t seem to be designed for privateness or to maintain up out intruders, they do a unbelievable job at offering one most important service: masking areas that you just’d have to not see, very like laundry nooks, pantries, closets, and customary storage areas.

Most bi-fold doorways are put in with {{{hardware}}} kits that will embody the door nonetheless usually are bought individually. An atypical package deal deal accommodates:

  • A door observe with mounting screws, a spring-loaded cease, and pivot information
  • A pivot bracket for the underside of the door
  • A sturdy pivot pin for the perfect of the door on the aspect that does not open
  • A curler pin with a nylon wheel on it, for the perfect of the door on the aspect that does open
  • An adjustable pivot pin that matches into the underside pivot bracket, on the aspect that does not open

What You may Want

Gear / Units

  • Pencil
  • Drill with a wooden drill bit and screwdriver bits
  • Hammer


  • Bi-fold door and {{{hardware}}} package deal deal


Install the Door Observe

Slide the pivot information into the door observe so the pivot-pin gap will face the hinged (non-opening) aspect of the door when the observe is put in. Place the door observe on the perfect jamb of the door opening, and mark the mounting screw holes with a pencil. Set the observe apart, and drill a pilot gap at every mark, utilizing the drill and a wooden bit that’s barely smaller than the mounting screws. Reposition the observe and fasten it in place with its mounting screws, utilizing the drill and a screwdriver bit.

Place the observe so the door might be recessed barely contained throughout the physique when it’s closed. You can too middle the observe contained in the physique if desired.

How do i install a bifold door

Install the Prime Pivot Pin

Get up the door and lean it within the path of the wall close to the door opening, contained in the place it’s going to be put in. Phrase the 2 holes on the perfect of the door, one on every door panel. Insert the perfect pivot pin into the outlet on the door panel that might be on the hinged (non-opening) aspect of the doorway. Push the pin all one of many easiest methods into the outlet, utilizing a hammer to faucet it gently, if wanted.

How do i install a bifold door

Install the Curler Pin

Match the curler pin into the outlet on the opposite door panel. Faucet it in with a hammer, if wanted, nonetheless watch out to not damage the curler or the within spring.

How do i install a bifold door

Install the Backside Pin

Fold the door in half and set it on the underside on its aspect edges. Insert the underside pin into the outlet on the hinged door panel; this pin ought to be on the same panel as a results of the pivot pin on the perfect of the door. Faucet frivolously with a hammer to seat the pin all one of many easiest methods in.

How do i install a bifold door

Install the Backside Bracket

Install the L-shaped backside bracket onto the door jamb on the hinged aspect of the door, following the producer’s directions. Drill pilot holes and fasten the bracket with its mounting screws.

Two screws pushed into the aspect jamb ought to be adequate, nonetheless an extra gap contained in the bracket is obtainable in case you need to screw it into the underside for added stability.

The middle of the underside bracket ought to be the same distance from the doorway fringe of the door opening as the middle of the perfect pivot bracket. This ensures the door might be precisely aligned with the jambs.

How do i install a bifold door

Install the Door Cease

Push the spring-loaded cease into the tip of the observe on the opening aspect of the door. It ought to snap in by hand. Don’t hammer it, as it will presumably break merely.

How do i install a bifold door

Grasp the Door

It’s your decision a helper for this step. Insert the perfect pivot pin into the pivot information contained throughout the observe. Swing the underside of the door into place in order that the underside pivot pin rests contained in the L-shaped bracket. If the door would not match precisely between the perfect information and the underside bracket, elevate or decrease the door, as wanted, by unscrewing or screwing contained in the adjustable pivot on the underside of the door.

Take a have a look at the opening between the door and the hinge-side jamb; whether or not or not it is uneven, change the place of the underside pivot pin on its bracket to make the door hole even.

Attain up and depress the spring-loaded wheel on the prime of the door, swing the door into place to align the wheel underneath the observe, then launch the wheel so it pops into the observe. Shut and open the door to substantiate for correct operation.

If the door binds within the path of the hinge-side jamb, swap the perfect pivot pin information and the underside pivot pin away from the jamb by an equal quantity. Swap the perfect information by loosening its screw, sliding the info sideways, then retightening the screw.

How do i install a bifold door

Do you need to flood your private dwelling with daylight? Hoping to revenue from the freedom that comes from being exterior with out stepping foot out the doorway door? Searching for methods utilizing which you will improve your property’s safety? Then now we have got some excellent news for you.

You might reap all these advantages everytime you analysis – and apply – be taught the best way to install a bifold door. These doorways make your private dwelling look slick and trendy with their luxurious design. Their availability in over 200 colours makes constructive that you possibly can be merely choose the colour that totally matches alongside alongside along with your inside.

Ahead of you install a bifold door

Correct proper right here’s what it is advisable to do:

Make the required preparation

How do i install a bifold door

Take away the sooner doorways (if any) and the {{{hardware}}} that saved them in place. Chances are you’ll ought to make use of a screwdriver, hammer and chisel for this course of. After you’d have taken separated the sooner door from the door jamb, you’ll be left with the door opening.

You may need to revive the door opening if the eradicated door stood for a few years. It’s going to require you to fill earlier screw holes with wooden putty. Use the chance to color the realm the place the door comes into contact with the physique, because it’ll be hidden after you’ve put throughout the mannequin new door.

Choose the appropriate type of bifold door

How do i install a bifold door

Two forms of bifold doorways is perhaps found on the market within the market: single bi-fold door and a pair of bi-fold doorways. You might need to select the sooner if in case you possibly can have a small opening. Inside the event you truly actually really feel that a small door cannot fill the size of the opening, select a pair of bi-fold doorways.

No matter its sort, guarantee that the bi-fold is manufactured from strong wooden or on the very least its core ought to be of strong wooden. That is essential as a outcomes of hollow-core bi-fold doorways aren’t as long-lasting and gained’t stand the look at of time.

Buy the door after taking measurements

Use a measuring tape to measure the peak and width of the door opening. Head residence to your native ironmongery retailer or Amazon to buy a new billfold door. The blended prime measurements of each the mannequin new doorways ought to be 1 to 2 inches lower than that of the opening.

Related ought to be the case with each the doorways’ blended width measurements. They need to b 0.5 inches lower than the width of the opening. The explanation why you’d be doing that’s to account for mechanical components that you just simply’ll want to affix the door to the physique.

What you’ll want for putting in a bifold door

Correct proper right here’s a report of the complete units and gear you’ll install a bifold door

  • Security glasses and work gloves
  • Bifold door observe package deal deal
  • Drill and drill bits
  • Hammer and hacksaw
  • Diploma and screwdriver
  • Snugger information
  • Paint brush, paint pail and putty knife
  • Sawhorses and tape measure
  • Observe and brackets
  • Paint and paintbrush
  • Door aligners

Step-by-Step Information on be taught the best way to install bifold doorways

Ahead of you apply the following steps, you possibly can need to do this video. It’ll function a primer to the below-mentioned information and make it easier with the intention to know (and implement) the step-by-step information now we have got listed beneath.

Step 1: Mark the middle of the opening

How do i install a bifold door

Use a measuring tape to measure the width of the complete opening. Then, mark the middle stage of the width with a pencil. That is the place you’re going to place the mannequin new door.

Step 2: Lower and install the observe

How do i install a bifold door

Bifold doorways want a observe and brackets for his or her prepare. Lower the observe in such a technique that there’s a 1/16’’ hole on each ends. Then middle the observe on the perfect of the header (physique), place its pivot bracket within the path of the jamb, and install the observe.

Step 3: Fasten the bracket to the jamb

How do i install a bifold door

Each jamb might want to have a bracket to attach it with the door. The bracket doesn’t come pre-installed with the jamb so it is advisable to connect each afterwards. To do this, middle the bracket on the underside, drill pilot holes into it after which fasten it to the jamb with screws.

Step 4: Paint the mannequin new doorways

How do i install a bifold door

Put the mannequin new door on the sawhorses because it’ll be easier to color it there. It’s best to make use of every a paintbrush or paint spray gun for this goal. We suggest you go for the sooner as a result of it is comparatively straightforward for DIYers to comprehend a easy and daring end with a paintbrush.

After you possibly can have given the door ample time to air dry, use a hammer to faucet the pivots into the holes that might be there on the prime and backside of the door.

Step 5: Install the door

How do i install a bifold door

To install the doorways, first insert the perfect pivot into the brackets and observe it up by seating the underside pivots inside the underside brackets. Afterward, fill the observe with the snugger information. To make sure that the info pivot is rotating securely contained in the door, squeeze it into the perfect of the door, slide it underneath the observe and launch the snugger information.

Step 6: Modify the door

How do i install a bifold door

Make it potential for the door isn’t coming involved with the header jamb (on the prime). It shouldn’t rub on the underside every. If any of the 2 components exist, rectify it by lifting the door and rotating its backside pivot. You’d then must make the door plumb.

You might do this by lifting the door and sliding it into its place on the jamb bracket. Loosen the screw on the prime of the pivot bracket, and push the door till it’s plumb, after which it is best to as rapidly as as quickly as additional tighten the screw.

Closing Step: Be part of the {{{hardware}}}

How do i install a bifold door

You gained’t have to connect any {{{hardware}}} in case your bi-fold doorways embody pre-installed pulls. If that isn’t the case, pinpoint a prime on the door the place your hand can attain comfortably. Mark it with a pencil. Preserve the {{{hardware}}} in your hand, press it within the path of the door, and insert the screws into the holes.

Subsequent, be part of the aligners as they assist shield bi-fold doorways closed. Loosely be part of them on the room-facing aspect of the door, about 1 foot above the underside. Keep it up adjusting them so long as the doorways don’t snap shut. Then tighten their screws.


Since they fold as soon as extra into sections, bi-fold doorways save a lot of residence and as a consequence of this actuality function a unbelievable assorted to sliding doorways. Their prepare course of will be a bit strong, nonetheless in the event you occur to happen to fastidiously observe the complete steps talked about above, you’ll have the ability to install your bi-fold doorways in a matter of hours.

Putting in a bifold closet door is a pretty fast and simple DIY endeavor so long as the door opening you are attempting to install it into is the acceptable measurement and pretty sq..

Measuring your opening first will show you how to to resolve if you should buy a single door or pair of doorways which can match with out every chopping the doorways to go effectively with or modifying the opening to measurement. The widths of completed openings which can enable the straightforward install of bifold doorways are: 18″, 24″, 30″, 36″, 48″, 60″, 72″.

The doorways when measured are literally barely narrower to permit for them to clear the sides of the opening after they begin to fold whereas opening or closing. The identical outdated completed opening prime on all of those doorways is 80-3/4″. There is also some adjustment in prime which can be made on the door {{{hardware}}} so +/- 3/8″ from the 80-3/4″ is do ready with out chopping the door.

Units Required

  • Cordless drill
  • Multi-end screwdriver
  • 3/16″ drill bit
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Hammer

Offers Required

  • Acceptable measurement door

Organize Directions

TIP: If the opening you need to use is a little higher than wanted, you possibly can usually add a trim piece of wooden all through the outer inside fringe of the opening to cowl the truth that the door wouldn’t truly attain the outer edges of the opening.

Inside the event you need to lower the width of your doorways all the best way right down to go effectively with, I do not advocate chopping higher than 1/4″ off of every outer finish, as this makes the door function poorly.

TIP: As rapidly as you determine how a lot it is advisable to trim off the width, do not lower all of it off of 1 edge. Divide it in two and take even parts off every exterior edge.

Whether or not it’s advisable to attenuate the peak off the doorways watch out to not lower an excessive amount of off as there are holes predrilled contained in the prime and backside that door {{{hardware}}} suits into and likewise you want this to stay structurally sound to make it possible for the door to function and supreme a few years. Inside the event you need to lower to a lot off that, these gap become weak, then take away the weak piece and glue in a substitute piece of wooden and drill new holes to match.

So now that you’ve got your doorways prepared to hold it’s vey easy. First alongside the perfect fringe of the door opening mark a straight line from one aspect to the opposite measured in at 2″ from the doorway edge. Then determine which aspect of the opening the door will fold open to. On this aspect on the underside mark a small line in 2″ from the doorway fringe of the opening. Take away the {{{hardware}}} that purchased proper right here with the door from it is packaging and insert the plastic prime slide into the metallic observe then protect that observe centered on the freeway you marked on the perfect of the door opening (the metallic bracket goes on the tip the place the door folds to when opening it up).

How do i install a bifold door

The metallic observe is often a little sorter than the width of the opening so middle it contained in the width of the opening. Use 3-Four screws to carry it in place. Now take the “L” formed metallic bracket and middle it on the mark you place close to the underside and place 2 screws (flat head) by it into the wall and 1 into the underside if doable. Now lay your door down on the underside and insert the pivot pins. There are two prime pins and they also’re spring loaded, place one in every gap you uncover contained in the prime fringe of the door. The underside pin is treaded into a plastic sleeve. Take a take a have a look at the underside of the door and insert it inside the outlet which works to be on the same aspect of the door that the door will fold to when opening. Chances are you’ll ought to faucet these with a hammer frivolously to go effectively with them into the door holes.

How do i install a bifold door

Now that the pins are in and the perfect observe and backside bracket are put in it’s time to install the door contained in the opening. Stand the door up on finish and fold it in half on the hinge, choose the door up barely and set the underside pin down onto the underside bracket. With the door pin resting contained in the bracket use your fingers to depress the 2 prime pins and align one with the outlet that’s contained in the metallic bracket on the observe and one into the sliding information contained in the observe. To manage the peak barely elevate the door and tread the underside pivot pin the path it is advisable to modify the door. To manage the door aspect to aspect barely elevate the door and alter the place of the pin inside the underside bracket loosen the set screw contained in the prime pivot bracket and slide door the retighten set screw.

The door {{{hardware}}} ought to have included a knob, you might greater than seemingly uncover it to be actually low-cost wanting so what I do is use a kitchen cupboard knob that I purchase individually. You may should drill a small gap merely sufficiently massive for the mounting screw on the knob you acquire (often 3/16″) by the precept door panel about 36” up from the underside and relying on the type of door you’d have about 1” from the aspect the place the hinges are (see {{photograph}}).

How do i install a bifold door

You’ll uncover this seems as if a lot to recollect when studying this textual content material, nonetheless after you possibly can have the door in entrance of you and the complete {{{hardware}}} every little issue I’ve acknowledged ought to make a lot additional sense. This isn’t laborious considerably in case your opening measurement is true to start out with. One completely totally different challenge you may need to do after you possibly can have mounted the door and every little issue appears good, take away it and paint it. If the door has a embossed wooden grain texture to it, I uncover it a lot easier and a nicer end if I profit from a small electrical airless sprayer to utilize the paint.

Accurately good luck I am constructive you should have no troubles succeeding on this DIY endeavor!

How do i install a bifold door

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Bifold door fashions embody two pairs of hinged doorways, every with a curler that travels in a observe on the prime of the opening. While you open and shut the doorways, stabilizer pins contained in the outermost doorways protect the doorways in alignment. The pins on the prime match into pivot brackets contained in the observe. The underside pins match into L-brackets which can be designed to connect on the sides of the jamb and the underside. Nonetheless you possibly can keep away from drilling into a tile flooring by the utilization of a methodology that has proved dependable amongst professional installers.

Measure the outlet all by means of the face of the higher doorjamb from finish to finish. Deduct 1/8-inch for clearance when turning into the observe into place. Lower the equipped observe to measurement with a hacksaw. Contact up the burrs on the lower finish with a sanding block.

Loosen the setscrews on the equipped pivot brackets with a screwdriver. Insert the brackets contained in the observe from one finish and slide them collectively close to the center of the observe.

Arrange a energy drill or cordless drill with a screw-tip attachment. Place the observe all by means of the higher jamb and middle it between the within and out of doors edges of the jamb. Be part of it utilizing the equipped screws at every of the machined holes.

Slide every pivot bracket within the path of the corresponding outer ends of the observe. For 1-inch-thick doorways, place every with the machined gap for the stabilizer pin 3/Four inch from face of the corresponding jamb. For 1 1/4-inch doorways, place the machined holes 7/Eight inch from a jamb. Tighten the setscrews on every pivot bracket.

Place one in all many L-brackets on the intersection of the underside and one aspect of the jamb. The slide-adjuster is dealing with up and the inside leg of the bracket is within the path of the jamb. Loosen the setscrew on the adjuster and slide it to the outer finish of the decrease leg.

Coronary coronary heart the L-bracket between the within and out of doors edges of the jamb. Be part of the inside leg to the jamb with two 1 1/2-inch-long pan-head screws at every of the machined holes. Drive the screws fully so that they penetrate into the wooden framing behind the jamb. Repeat the tactic and fasten the remaining L-bracket on the intersection of the underside and reverse jamb.

Place one pair of bifold doorways on the opening with the stabilizer pins on the jamb aspect. Insert the perfect pin into the outlet on the pivot bracket. Insert the underside pin into the outlet of the slide-adjuster. Insert the curler on the prime of the innermost door into the observe.

Ask an assistant to frequent the doorways. Push the underside fringe of the doorways within the path of the jamb till the vertical hole on the perimeter of the outermost door is uniform from prime to backside on the jamb. Tighten the setscrew on the L-bracket adjuster. Repeat the tactic and install the remaining pair of doorways on the reverse aspect of the opening.

How do i install a bifold door

Bifold doorways make a sensible assorted to the standard French door, glass door, strong wooden door, or sliding closet door. They’re turning into an rising variety of commonplace closet doorways as a consequence of their modern type and space-saving effectivity in contrast with an earlier door. An inside bifold door is made up of a number of leaves which fold as soon as extra on themselves with a operate to open up a full aperture. The doorways are fitted to runners, and when opened, they slide and fold on the identical time for seamless operation. Which suggests you don’t must make as a lot residence for the closet door to swing open as frequent hinged door {{{hardware}}}.

So how do you install a bi fold door on laminate flooring? One among many benefits of selecting a bifold door is the straightforward prepare. Most homeowners choose to install one in all these inside door by themselves. A bifold inside door will be put in utilizing a easy two-hole system. It’ll require drilling holes in your laminate flooring and inserting the monitoring for the bifold door.

How to Install Bifold Closet Doorways on Laminate Flooring

Bifold doorways are typically used as a closet door, wardrobe door, inside door, and exterior door. With their versatility, bifold doorways are furthermore used as a bypass door, patio door, barn door, and storage door. Organize of a bifold door is analogous as on any hardwood flooring and wooden flooring flooring. With a bifold door prepare package deal deal, you’ll uncover that each one the {{{hardware}}} and screws you want are included. Bi fold closet doorways are pretty straightforward to install. Householders ought to ponder the match of a bifold door and the have an effect on it’ll have on their laminate flooring.

Units and Offers Wished

  1. Electrical drill
  2. Bifold closet door information and prepare package deal deal
  3. Tape measure
  4. Metallic sleeve
  5. Masking tape

Putting throughout the Bifold Closet Door

  1. The very very very first thing you’ll ought to do is put masking tape in your laminate flooring across the place you is perhaps inserting throughout the doorways. It’s going to defend your laminate flooring everytime you drill the holes for the bracket.
  2. As rapidly as a result of the tape is down, you’ll ought to place the underside bracket subsequent to the door jamb inside the middle. Use your pencil to mark a gap for the screw. This might be the outlet that holds your flooring to the underside.
  3. Take the smaller drill bit and drill a gap the place your pencil mark is. The opening you drill should be about an inch huge and may have to endure the laminate and into the subfloor. Subsequent, it is advisable to drill a second gap. This gap ought to solely endure your laminate, and it’ll assist guarantee your floating doorways can swap as they need to.
  4. The subsequent step is so as in order so as to add the monitoring for the doorways. You’ll be along with this to the perfect of the doorframe so it is advisable to position the monitoring in place. Use your pencil to mark the place you is perhaps along with the screws and drill the holes as wanted. Screw the observe onto the door physique.
  5. Insert pivot plates on the perfect and the underside of each the appropriate and left doorways. The pivot plates are the pins that stick out of the door and into the door observe, defending the bifold door on observe. The pins slide alongside the observe in the event you occur to open and shut the door. The producer’s directions would assist with the place to the place it is best to install the pivot plates so the door glides open and shut merely.
  6. Make sure that this goes all one of many easiest methods in. If the pins don’t go all one of many easiest methods in, it’s useful to make the most of a hammer and faucet it frivolously. That you must have one ultimate pin which is meta with ridges on. You need to put this pin on the same aspect as a result of the graceful metallic pin, nonetheless on the underside of the door. As rapidly as the complete pins are in, the ultimate phrase step is to place the door in place.
  7. Install the panel door contained in the observe on prime first. Then push inside the underside pins; line them up and snap them in place contained in the pivot bracket. Press the pivot bracket pins down, place the doorways underneath the observe, after which let go of the pin. The pins ought to bounce up contained throughout the observe.
  8. After you put together the door panel, the final word step is to install the door pulls that embody your doorways. Drill a screw by the as soon as extra of the door the place you need to install the door pulls, then rotate the door pull clockwise on the screw from the opposite aspect. Rotate the door pull till it’s tightly secured to the closet door {{{hardware}}}.

Advantages of Having Bifold Closet Doorways

How do i install a bifold door

1) Baby-Good and Straightforward to Carry out

Excessive-quality bifold closet doorways furthermore usually have child-safe decisions to stop little fingers from getting trapped between leaves when the doorways are folded open. This makes bifold doorways a sensible choice for households with youthful youngsters or adults with restricted mobility as a outcomes of they open and shut terribly merely.

2) Capable of Maximize House Indoor and Exterior

Not like your typical sliding door, a bifold closet door means you possibly can fold your wall away to give you additional room. A bifold closet door will be opened as a lot or as little as you’d want for door opening. They supply much more flexibility to fit your life-style. When opened, bifolding doorways take up hardly any residence, which is correct if in case you possibly can have a small home.

3) Low-Upkeep

While you determine to install a bifold door, you’ll income from minimal repairs. Every leaf consists of an exterior physique and a single pane of glass which makes it quite simple to simply wipe them down as quickly as in a whereas to maintain up them clear. Bifolding doorways are designed with longevity in concepts.

4) Huge Number of Provides to Select From

With a huge number of folding doorways, you’d have a huge differ of colours and gives to select from. You might select from wooden, aluminum, composite, and glass bifold gives.

At Zothex Flooring, we be sure that all our flooring merchandise are made to final for a few years. They’re furthermore sturdy and versatile for any door that’ll be put in very like bifold doorways. We provide a huge number of gives made of various sorts of wooden. In your subsequent flooring or folding door endeavor, contact Zothex Flooring now.