How to hack men’s style

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How to hack men's style

Too many men look like hell and don’t need to. It’s not about being messy, some guys look great messy (most don’t). It’s about style. Most of us want or need more of it. Here are the hacks to get you there.

Personal “brand”

First. What is your personal brand? What are five words that describe you? Ask your friends for a few words to describe you. That is your current style. If that doesn’t work for you, what do you want instead? List those words.

How conventional are you? Do you take risks? Are you serious? Playful? My personal brand has a lot of humor, and I am pretty comfortable being the center of attention, so I can get away with wearing a bright pink sport coat, or four different patterns (coordinated, of course), but I fade into the woodwork if I’m wearing a grey suit, white shirt and red tie. That’s me. Who are you?

Look for other styles

Next, find magazines that speak to your style. Look at the ads and the photos. What are the guys wearing? Imagine yourself in that. Would that look good on you? (some of the things in magazines are to be avoided, by the way) Read the style articles, too, but don’t always believe them when they say that this or that trend is coming back. “Hats” have been coming back for almost 50 years, but have never quite recovered since the 1950s. Don’t buy one because they are trendy, buy one because you like it.

Go to a store (that fits your style…) and browse. I know, we’re guys, we prefer hunting over gathering. So, think of this as scouting for your prey. Take a friend whose judgment you trust and run ideas by him / her, but make your own decisions! (BTW, you will make mistakes. That’s OK, that’s how you learn…) If you don’t have a friend you trust with this stuff, walk up to someone else in the store and ask his or her opinion about the shirt / suit / shoes you are wearing. This is a fun way to meet people, too.

Get some professional help

Find a knowledgeable salesperson in the store and enlist his / her help. Remember, they may be on commission, so they may want to sell you stuff you don’t really want, you will need to use judgment here too. A good salesperson won’t do this, preferring to build a relationship instead. You want that too, so that they will tell you about upcoming sales and offer to put stuff aside for you. This is VERY important if you are in any way a non-standard size (says the guy who is 6’5″). Anyway…ask him / her what colors and cuts look best on you. Not everyone looks good in all colors and patterns. Blue is great for me, dark grey not so much. Similarly, bold patterns make people look bigger and broader, which is great if you are 5’6″ and 120 pounds, but not if you are 6’0″ and 350 pounds.

Lastly, enjoy the process. There is a science, as well as an art, and you can learn both. Don’t take it seriously (except for those few occasions when you must, like funerals).

By the way, that is me in the photo above, no stock photo could capture the mood quite right….

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

How to Hack Men?s Style

Too many men look like hell and don’t need to. It’s not about being messy, some guys look great messy (most don’t). It’s about style. Most of us want or need more of it. Here are the hacks to get you there.

Personal “brand”

First. What is your personal brand? What are five words that describe you? Ask your friends for a few words to describe you. That is your current style. If that doesn’t work for you, what do you want instead? List those words.

How conventional are you? Do you take risks? Are you serious? Playful? My personal brand has a lot of humor, and I am pretty comfortable being the center of attention, so I can get away with wearing a bright pink sport coat, or four different patterns (coordinated, of course), but I fade into the woodwork if I’m wearing a grey suit, white shirt and red tie. That’s me. Who are you?

Look for other styles

Next, find magazines that speak to your style. Look at the ads and the photos. What are the guys wearing? Imagine yourself in that. Would that look good on you? (some of the things in magazines are to be avoided, by the way) Read the style articles, too, but don’t always believe them when they say that this or that trend is coming back. “Hats” have been coming back for almost 50 years, but have never quite recovered since the 1950s. Don’t buy one because they are trendy, buy one because you like it.

Go to a store (that fits your style…) and browse. I know, we’re guys, we prefer hunting over gathering. So, think of this as scouting for your prey. Take a friend whose judgment you trust and run ideas by him / her, but make your own decisions! (BTW, you will make mistakes. That’s OK, that’s how you learn…)�If you don’t have a friend you trust with this stuff, walk up to someone else in the store and ask his or her opinion about the shirt / suit / shoes you are wearing. This is a fun way to meet people, too.

Get some professional help

Find a knowledgeable salesperson in the store and enlist his / her help. Remember, they may be on commission, so they may want to sell you stuff you don’t really want, you will need to use judgment here too. A good salesperson won’t do this, preferring to build a relationship instead. You want that too, so that they will tell you about upcoming sales and offer to put stuff aside for you. This is VERY important if you are in any way a non-standard size (says the guy who is 6’5″). Anyway…ask him / her what colors and cuts look best on you. Not everyone looks good in all colors and patterns. Blue is great for me, dark grey not so much. Similarly, bold patterns make people look bigger and broader, which is great if you are 5’6″ and 120 pounds, but not if you are 6’0″ and 350 pounds.

Lastly, enjoy the process. There is a science, as well as an art, and you can learn both. Don’t take it seriously (except for those few occasions when you must, like funerals).

By the way, that is me in the photo above, no stock photo could capture the mood quite right….

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Dear Budget Fashionista: I am a cash-strapped undergrad who is very tired of seeing hordes of banal A&E, Hollister, and Abercrombie zombies wandering my campus. What style advice do you have for men looking to make a tasteful and rather classical appearance with a minimum amount of damage to my pathetic wallet?

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College campuses, once the seat of all things cool and hip, now look like something the Gap threw up after a wild night of partying at the local bar. No longer is college the place to experiment and try out new things. Campus fashion has become as boring and as tedious as an 8:00 am class.

How to hack men's style

1. The book on men’s style

We suggest that you check if your bookstore will allow you to pass the book off as a “textbook” (tell them it for a class on reconstructing the current paradigm of the contemporary definition of masculinity through the use of apparel).

2. Shop used for men’s style on a budget

After getting the book, head to the nearest Salvation Army or Goodwill. “Sally” and “Goody” are the best places to score key finds like classic suit jackets, overcoats and more. Look for jackets that are fully lined, made of either 100% wool or cashmere. Leave the polyester alone. Tweed is always in for men, so pick up a few here.

These stores are also great places to land trench coats (think Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca) — a must for any classic male wardrobe. Take your thrift store finds to the nearest dry cleaners and have them tailored to fit you perfectly. In fact take all of your finds (whether they are from a thrift store or from Nordstrom) to a tailor. If you are daring enough, ask the tailor to throw on a couple of suede patches at the elbow for good measure.

3. The right pants for guys

As far as pants go, you can still shop at the same spots as your unfashionable brethren. Gap, Banana Republic, and Abercrombie are great places to purchase basic pants. Again, look for pants made of 100% wool, cotton, or other natural fabrics.

Pay attention to the rise (the distance between your crotch and waist). Your pants should hit you right at your waist. They should not be low risers, as is the current trend. The inseam (the length of the pants) is also very important. As a rule of thumb, the pant leg should “break” at the front of the shoe and approach the top of the heel at the back.

Cuffs add additional weight to help pants drape well. Make sure your tailor adds an additional 1/4-inch to the length. Pants, even when they are dry cleaned, tend to shrink a bit.

4. Accessorize

How to hack men's style

Now to complete the classic look, you need accessories. Wearing a tie is a classic option and is something that will definitely set you apart from your college mates. Learn how to tie a Windsor knot (the fat knots wore by bankers) and you might be able to score a free lunch or two from friends who want to learn how to make such a stylish knot. The tip of your tie should hit the top of your pants—no shorter, no longer.

If you can, adding end accessory from a major designer is a surefire way to up the ante on any outfit, especially if the accessory has a visible logo. Wearing a Gucci belt with your Dockers will instantly make the Dockers look more expensive. Or, adding a high-end watch with your Old Navy shirt will make the short look like it’s hot off the racks of your Saks Fifth Avenue.

Stay away from designers like D&G and DKNY, all of whom tend to be a little trendy with their menswear designs. Also, always wear a nice belt. You local Marshall’s or TJ Maxx is a great place to find these items.

For shoes get a pair of driving moccasins from If you are brave enough, buy a pair of Dexter penny loafers and put a dime in the shoe. Or, a great pair of loafers work, too. Try shoes from designer brands like Kenneth Cole or Cole Haan, and keep them shined. Find these shoes on sale at your Nordstrom Rack or even TJ Maxx.

Clean, collegiate, and classic.

5. Fit is king

Focus on finding garments that fit your body, not just your budget. Avoid high water pants (guys—your pants should break/fold about mid-foot), shirt/jackets that swamp your body, and shirts with sleeves that are either too long or too short (below your wrist joint).

6. Bring a friend

A second eye can be a fashion lifesaver.

7. Know your designers

Head to The Budget Fashionista designer guide and browse the world’s top designers. You should recognize a designer brand when you see it. Additionally, “expensive” looking shirt tags may indicate that an item is a designer piece.

8. Easy men’s style hack: Dress in monochrome

Wearing one color like black from head to toe is an easy way to dress in style and it’s also very slimming.

9. Choose quality over price

Cheap clothes look cheap. Focus on finding quality garments for less. If a garment has patterns check to make sure they’re matched up through out the garment. Look for lining in slacks and jackets. Make sure the fabric feels good against your skin. And, look for natural fabrics like wool/gabardine, cotton.

9. Wear tech as an accessory

You spent good money on the Apple Watch. Use it to up the cool, cutting-edge factor of your outfit.

10. Go easy on the logos

Avoid clothing with the brand name advertised largely across your chest.

11. Always buy a complete outfit

Buying the complete outfit will save you both time and money. Go a step further and hang the complete outfit together in your closet.

12. Bet on black

If all else fails, bet on black. Black looks instantly more expensive than other colors like brown and light blue.

Thursday 4th of November 2010

Follow this advice if you’d like to get beat up, stared at, and have no girlfriend possibilities ever. Penny in a loafer, classic!

How to hack men's style

Catherine Brock, Budget Fashionista. Featured on Fox2 St. Louis, ABC7 Chicago, CBS2 Los Angeles, WGN Chicago, and WCPO Cincinnati. See all press coverage.

4 Easy Fashion Hacks for Men | Men’s Fashion Tips Ollie Pearce | Men’s Fashion, Dating, Fitness & Nutrition Advice.

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THIS IS WHY MEN’S STYLE YOUTUBERS SUCK | Men’s Fashion Channels | StyleOnDeck

This Is Why SOME GUYS Hate Fashion Youtubers
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Video Topic: Why Do Style YouTubers Get Hate?

Mens Fashion YouTubers are the best thing to happen to most of us within the community and for the most part we’re all just glad to be a little less ugly + more confident each time we gain new tips. But there are a few things that some guys just can’t stand! This video lists the Top 5 Reasons why we’re annoying to some people (and explanations as to why we do what we do)



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The BEST Outfit for $100 (Men’s Fashion Tips)

Let’s talk about men’s outfit ideas and what my favorite one is! We’ll go over the best outfits for men that will only cost $100. Follow me on Instagram @ rchangster

Brokerages and Cards that I currently use:

Watch the video at 1.5x speed and use the timestamps below if you want to watch more efficiently!

0:00 Intro and How to Shop Smarter
1:16 Outfit Item #1
2:06 Outfit Item #2
4:13 Outfit Item #3
5:27 Why this makes you look better + Try On
6:18 Misconceptions
6:45 Secret of Spicing Up Your Look
7:59 Outro

Shopping can be really stressful because there are so many different options and so many different stores. A lot of guys think that you can only look good and build a fashionable closet by spending a lot of money, but there’s an easy way to look stylish for just $100. There’s one outfit you can buy that will always look good, and you can wear it all year round. We’re going to talk about how you can put this outfit together yourself, and also talk about ways to spice it up and add your own flare!

Item #1
You’re going to need white sneakers to start off your look. White sneakers are great because you can dress them up or down, depending on the occasion. They look great for casual, streetwear, smart casual, and dressed up looks — and can even be worn with a modern suit. You never have to worry about matching white sneakers either because they go with everything. While there are a ton of options for different white sneakers, I recommend Vans Authentics. They go for about $50, but you can often find them on sale for $40 or $45.

Item #2
The next thing you will need is a pair of dark wash denim. Dark wash denim is great because they can be worn with t-shirts, and can be dressed up with more casual suits too. It’s really important to make sure that your jeans fit well though, because you want to have a clean silhouette that shows off your figure. Almost every store you can think of sells jeans, but a popular choice is American Eagle. American Eagle jeans go for about $30-40, and are a great place to start. It doesn’t matter what brand it is, as long as it’s a dark color and it fits you well.

Item #3
The last thing you need for your instantly attractive outfit is a well-fitted black t-shirt. When picking out clothes, darker colors are more slimming and are more flattering, so a black shirt is the best choice. But, the most important part of a t-shirt is how it fits on you. You need to make sure that it fits properly, as explained in the video, because otherwise it can ruin the rest of the outfit. Like the last two items, black T shirts are so important because they are versatile and can be dressed for different occasions. You can find black t-shirts everywhere, but just make sure that it fits you properly. My favorite t-shirt is from Uniqlo, and they for for $15 but they are often on sale for $10.

What’s special?
Style icons often wear all black or dark colors, and this combination is awesome because you know it’ll always match. These three pieces can act as the foundation for other outfits too, and no matter what else you add to your closet, you know that these three things will always go together and look great. They are all basic pieces to build a foundation, but they work so well and really flatter your body if they all fit well.

How to Level Up
If you already have all 3 of these items and they fit well, then the way to spice up your outfit and make it more stylish is not through more clothes — but through accessories. Accessories like a watch, necklace, bracelet, rings, and glasses will really make your outfit more interesting, and can help show off some personality in your look. You don’t have to spend that much on them either — whatever you are most comfortable. When I first started getting into accessories, the first watch I bought was the Timex Weekender and I got it on Amazon for $25. Knowing how to buy these three items and spice them up with accessories is how you can stay financially fashionable!

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Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor or a financial professional by any means. The content of this video is simply my opinion for entertainment purposes only — not financial advice.

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How to hack men's style

As a rule of thumb, you want your wardrobe to compliment your body – what you don’t want is for it to make you appear frumpy or disproportionate in any way. If you consider yourself on the heftier side, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that’ll help lean you out, so you look slimmer and more proportionate. As a wardrobe consultant, I’ve helped style an array of body structures and gained quite a few tips over the years on how to help the more rotund man look his best. Interested in knowing more? Then keep on reading!

Go for Darker Tones

I’m sure you’ve heard this a million times before – and for good reason! Darker tones are your best friend and one of the best tactics to help you appear slim and trim. Seek out dark colours such as navy, black, deep green, and chocolate brown to help mask problem areas like curves or bulges. For the ultimate body masking hack, go for a full-on monochromatic look. This trick will make you look longer by wearing tops and bottoms that don’t compete with each other. When there’s a hard break between your top and bottom half, you’ll read shorter and wider than you actually are.

“Keep your clothes simple, streamlined and in darker toning colours e.g., a navy bomber jacket with vertical jet pockets (avoid patch pockets), clean wash jeans, and dark brown trainers. This keeps your eye gliding up and down the body, giving the illusion that it’s taller and slimmer,” says Personal Stylist & Personal Shopper, Sarah Gilfillan.

How to hack men's style

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit Properly

It can be tempting to wear bigger clothes to cover up parts of your frame you’re not keen on, but it’s actually counterproductive. Ill-fitting or big clothing can look sloppy and throw your proportions completely out of whack. The main thing you want to do is find pieces that fit you best straight off the rack, then take them to your tailor to get them perfectly fitted to your body.

“Make sure your clothes fit you well and are cut for your size. Buying clothing you love and taking them to a tailor is a game-changer. Baggy or ill-fitting clothes tend to highlight a larger frame negatively. Dress tonally and avoid sharp contrast between the top half and lower half of your body. Contrast between the two cuts you in half making you appear wider, shorter and draws attention to your waist. Dressing in similar shades of the same colour is flattering and will also make you appear taller. Also, ditch the contrasting belt, it has the same effect,” says Men’s Style Consultant, Nick Hems.

How to hack men's style

Go with Bigger Prints

Maybe you’re tired of the same old solids and want to add some oomph to your look – good idea! The trick is to make sure the pattern compliments your stature. Any type of wide stripe will only make you look wider, and any type of horizontal stripe will just make you appear bigger overall, so steer clear of those. Also, skip the smaller patterns as they create too high of a contrast which only ends up spotlighting your rotund-ness, I suggest going with a print large enough to compliment your body.

Keep Your Jackets and Sweaters Open

Any of your day-to-day jackets like a bomber jacket or button up style sweater should be left open. This will help you maintain that longer leaner silhouette. You might think I’m wrong, but trust me, keeping your jackets zipped or buttoned up will only create unwanted mass in that area, drawing the eye directly to your midsection.

How to hack men's style

Seek Out the Right Fabrics

The wrong materials won’t do you any good. Really thick or heavy fabrics will instantly add extra pounds and create unnecessary heft — on the contrary, thin fabrics will stick to your body, highlighting things like a saggy chest or a protruding belly. Do your research and find out which brands work for you and keep them as your go-to. A good tip is to seek out mattifying materials that’ll help smooth you out.

“When a man feels his silhouette would benefit from visually appearing and feeling slimmer, there are style hacks to achieve this; using lighter fabrics to eliminate unnecessary bulk, applying straight and narrow cuts in jackets, wearing coats that are longer in length to elongate the torso, and most commonly, styling pieces with vertical stripe detailing,” says Film, TV & Personal Stylist, Nick Howard-Lanes.

How to hack men's style

Add on Layers

Adding on a well-fitting jacket or blazer can definitely work in your favour, but it has to be done the right way. There’s a myth going around that stacking on a bunch of layers will help you look leaner. You don’t want to do that because the more layers you have on, the bigger you’ll appear, so stick with two layers max. Try wearing a cardigan underneath your blazer but be sure to keep the inner layer buttoned while the jacket keeps unbuttoned.

“Try wearing jackets that are oversized in the shoulders but with tapered sleeves. This helps to balance your proportions. Avoid wearing baggy or skinny clothes, and stay away from ill-fitting clothes. Off-the-rack clothing never fits correctly and often makes you look bigger, so it’s worth visiting a tailor to achieve the best fit for your body. Avoid white or cream colours, especially if they are slim or tight-fitting,” says Personal Stylist Kolin Ekeocha.

How to hack men's style

Los Angeles-based Brandi is a wardrobe consultant who regularly helps professional gentlemen attract the right opportunities in life through improving style and increasing confidence.

If diet and exercise aren’t getting that load off your chest as quickly as you wanted, these dressing hacks offer another way.

How to hack men's style

What should man with moobs wear? (Photo: Pexels/Yogendra Singh)

Tan Wei Lin

Out of all the body hang-ups that guys are painfully conscious about, having man boobs is probably right up there on the list.

For those who have it, “moobs” pose a tough challenge when it comes to dressing oneself. Save for that baggy tee that looks like a sack, they show through most tops.

READ: Keeping abreast of man boobs: When you should see a doctor or hit the gym

While we are all for body positivity (yes, it’s not just a women’s thing), we’re not discounting the fact that some gentlemen may want to know how to choose clothes that can work around their heavier chest. And that inevitably means finding tops that can conceal or visually diminish it.

READ: Guys, it’s all in the shoulders: Tips on how to make your clothes fit right

Gentlemen, if cardio and bench presses aren’t helping out much, there are quicker and easier methods you can use. Learn to achieve it by making smart wardrobe choices and employing visual illusions with the clothing you wear.


You probably already know this – light colours will tend to emphasise the appearance of bulges. Which is why it’s best for you to stay away from white, bright and pastel colours, as these will do the opposite of concealing your chest.

However, that doesn’t mean that all you can wear is black. You can bring colour into your wardrobe by way of darker shades of all your favourite colours instead.

READ: 5 grooming hacks for guys: Elvin Ng’s makeup artist on receding hairlines and more


Soft fabrics that tend to drape, such as rayon and silk, will not flatter your physique. These will visually make bumps and bulges appear more prominent, even if the cut of your shirt is loose. Fabrics that have shine will have a similar visual effect, too, so stay away from tops that are made with them.

Look out instead for stiffer, thicker, matte fabrics like cotton, poplin, broadcloth or linen, which won’t cling and, at the same time, offer form and structure.

READ: Men’s styling hack: The right eyewear is the easiest way to score compliments


Some prints can actually help conceal moobs – there are no hard and fast rules as to which will do the job better, however.

Before a purchase, always try them on to see if they work for you – remember that the design may not look the same on you as it does on others or the model, as it depends on where the print sits on your body.

The same applies for repeated patterns like checks or plaids. You’ll need to be wary of stripes though, whether they be vertical or horizontal, as they can appear distorted depending on your body shape. They may appear warped across your chest or belly – basically anywhere that’s bulging – definitely not a look you’d want to wear.


Fitted tops are a no-go for obvious reasons, but don’t size up your tees or shirts by too much either, as doing so will only make you look sloppy and shapeless. The key is to find a size that fits you nicely without hugging the areas that you don’t want people to notice.


The easiest way to conceal moobs? Cover them up with outerwear. Admittedly, it’s not always achievable in Singapore’s heat. But when rainy weather allows for it or if you know you’re going to be spending most of the time in air-conditioning, a jacket – whether formal or casual – can be a great style tool for you.

Stay away from knits like sweaters or cardigans though, as they are soft and tend to emphasise body bulges.

READ: Ageing skin, fine lines, facial wrinkles: Do men really fare better than women?


Spanx for men – yes, it exists, and don’t mock it until you’ve tried it. A compression undershirt can work wonders for your physique while remaining invisible beneath your clothing.

Besides holding in the chest area, it’ll sculpt and lift other bits of your torso as well, and instantly help smooth things out generally. You can find compression shirts by sportswear brands too – these work well as undershirts, too, even though they are intended for sports purposes.

How to hack men's style

Women love and appreciate the little things, and that includes the measures men take appearance wise. With just a few simple tips you’d be surprised how much of an impact you can make on your style. It really doesn’t take much at all, just follow these simple recommendations and you’ll be sure to walk outside and showcase to the ladies that you’ve got your style game on lock.


Maybe you’re in a work environment that requires you to wear a suit every day, or maybe things are more informal. Either way, there’s sure to be a formal occasion pop up where you’re going to need to wear one (funeral, wedding, or any other special occasion). Just remember that a tailored suit is a definite showstopper, so women are going to turn their heads. If your suit is ill-fitting, it’s only going to make you look amateur and unkempt. The last thing you want is to look as if you’re a child playing dress up in a suit twice your size. Find the right tailor who will ensure the collar, shoulders, arms, midsection, and legs are the appropriate measurements and fit your body to perfection.

How to hack men's style


Exposing a bit of forearm is a beautiful thing to a woman. It’s such a simple style move but gives off a masculine vibe without looking as if you’re trying too hard. Let’s say you’re headed to happy hour after work, this would be a great time to relax a bit and roll up those sleeves to turn your dressy look into a more evening appropriate one.


A well-crafted watch is one of the best ways to take things to the next level, so don’t skimp on this! Just keep in mind that certain watches are made for certain occasions. For example, metal band watches are most appropriate for casualwear while leather ones are most appropriate for more formalwear (you can also wear leather bands with certain more dressy-casual outfits). This will help you to look more put together and show that you really know what you’re doing in the style department.

How to hack men's style


There’s something about a zip up jacket that gives off the ultimate combination of cool, casual and classy. I’m a big fan of bomber jackets in particular – there are so many different fabrics to choose from that’ll compliment every single man out there, regardless of your build or how tall you are. Style your jacket with crisp dark-coloured trousers and a pair of classic white sneakers and you’re bound to look great.


It happens more often than you think: wearing footwear that’s either too dressy or too casual for the situation at hand. This is a surefire way to kill an entire outfit in one punch. Remember, certain shoes are made for certain occasions. So, make sure your shoe isn’t too casual or too formal for the occasion at hand and women will surely recognise how cohesive and put together you look.

How to hack men's style


Not only do sunglasses protect your eyes from harsh sun rays but they also add a cool and discreet vibe to your look. What woman wouldn’t be attracted to that? Remember to ensure your shades compliment your face shape though, to ensure it enhances rather than detracts from your overall appearance.


As a wardrobe consultant, I make it a point to ensure my clients stay on top of their grooming. You can have all the fancy attire in the world, but if grooming falls behind, you’ll only look half as good as you could. So, make sure to keep yourself clean, trimmed, and well-groomed at all times. This includes hair (all over) teeth, skin, and nails. It sounds like a no-brainer, but life happens and sometimes a quick reminder every now and then helps. Incorporate a simple morning and evening regime to ensure you stay on top of these things because maintaining grooming is one the sexiest things you can do to hold a woman’s attention and keep it.

The cold season is finally passing, and now it’s time for a few hacks on your spring wardrobe and style.

A lot of men want to look good no matter what climate they’re in, but they also don’t want to spend a ton of money. So here’s your guide to making your spring clothes look good and work for you.


The key here is layering. This can work for any man, whether they’re in a warmer climate or the winter chill hasn’t quite left. And the best part is, there are plenty of ways to layer tops and look great.

A classic that every man should try is the button up and sweater. Now if you live in a place where things are just starting to heat up, find a thin cotton sweater (crew or v-neck, it doesn’t matter), that pairs nicely with your undershirt. Then, unbutton a couple buttons, let the collar lay loose, and you have a casual but great look.

Another way to layer your outfit is to pair your henley with an unbuttoned dress shirt. It’s a smart look and can look good when on a first date or going out with friends. You’ll appear well put together, but not too formal for any occasion. Roll the sleeves up if it’s a bit warm and unbutton your henely to look more casual.

Other layering options may include a bomber jacket, cardigan, or a blazer to pull off the entire look. It makes things either more formal or more fun, but either way makes you look amazing. Sometimes it may depend on your climate, but more likely than not, you’ll be able to find something that works for you.


Stay away from manmade materials like polyester and spandex. They don’t allow for any breathing and will make you sweat more easily. Go for light breathing materials like cotton, linen, or denim to ensure that you don’t overheat and feel your best.


When you apply these top two hacks, make sure that the lightweight layered looks have a color in them that pops. It’s a great way for guys who shy away from bright colors to experiment and make their look stand out altogether.

It shows that you can be playful as well as showing how well coordinated in style you are. Spring is a time for color, what with nature and holidays, it’s a time to have some fun with your wardrobe.

So wear that bright colored button up under your sweater, or pull off some colorful pants with a dark top and blazer. Attract that girl you’ve been seeing or show people you know what you’re doing.

Pairing these hacks together is a great way to ensure that you have your best look down when spring rolls around. Look for new ways to add a new touch to your outfits and give new looks a chance. Being adventurous is a great way to start off a new season. So instead of trying to make an outfit work, mix and match and see what outfits work for you.

If this post added value and gave you perspective on your wardrobe, then I’m glad I could help. However, if you didn’t feel like you were helped or didn’t find what you were looking for, email me or let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear your feedback on what you were hoping to get from this post and why it didn’t help you.

Snow is fallin’, all around you, children playin’, having fun, it’s the season, love and understanding, time to wrap up, everyone – as Shakin’ Stevens didn’t quite put it. But, if he had, he’d have a point: much like dressing for autumn, winter can be fun – but it can be cold, wet and miserable too. Here’s everything you really need to know about dressing for the most wonderful time of the year (okay, enough of the Christmas songs).

Your First Line Of Defence

Obviously, warm and cosy clothes are the order of the day during winter. Don’t wear them indoors; you won’t feel the benefit, as your mum once insisted. She had a point, too. One problem with winter dressing is the sheer disparity in temperature between indoors and outdoors, which leads temptingly to the conclusion that all you need is a gigantic, winter-ready coat. And, frankly, if there’s snow on the ground, that’s precisely what you do need.

Get serious about it: go for goose down (or a more ethical alternative) and be done with it. Yes, there are some excellent navy and camel overcoats on the market – and, realistically, you’ll definitely need one of these if you have to wear a suit to work or a function – while the peacoat is a nice crossover style. But none will come close to protecting you from the elements as something purposely designed for climactic extremes.

Winterproof Your Footwear

The same advice applies to your footwear: sturdy Goodyear-welted boots of a military bearing – a rounded toe, a toe cap, maybe even a moc-toe or heavy brogue – not only protect you, but they can take the battering from the weather.

Avoid suede and nubuck, snow is not their friend; keep your boots polished, it helps prevent road salt slush from permanently staining the leather; and stick to designs with Dainite-style, commando or rubber-finished soles for traction. Traditional leather soles can be like putting on ice skates.

Up Your Layering Game

How to hack men's style

Given the bulky, Yeti-esque silhouette you’re now sporting, there’s an argument that you have foregone style in favour of pure practicality. But there is an alternative, albeit one that takes more forethought. Layering is probably something you’ve grown attuned to since autumn crept in. Now is the time to think of it in the way a real outdoorsman might.

The three layer system considers base, mid and top layer, with the warmest stuff placed next to the skin. Cotton is a perfectly adequate choice for a base layer – it’s great at wicking away sweat, and sweat that can’t escape from your skin soon turns cold – but merino wool is the single most effective thing you can wear to keep warm. It’s a foundation of cosiness that gives you greater flexibility with the rest of your attire.

But it’s more effective still if the layers over it are built up not for heft, but in multiple thinner layers (which will trap heat between them). Follow your base layer with a long-sleeve shirt or tee; follow that with a knitted sweater, fitted cardigan or sweatshirt; then might come something softly tailored like an unstructured blazer or overshirt; finally, throw your choice of winter coat over the top of it all.

The trick is to pay attention to every layer you add, because once indoors any one of them might suddenly become the one everyone sees. You also need to make sure that you don’t add so many layers that your mobility is hampered, or so few that you’re entirely dependent on just your outerwear for warmth.

Focus on Texture

How to hack men's style

Personal style is, of course, personal. Do it your way. But, if you’re not sure, keep the colours of these various layers complementary – winter, after all, is one time of year when navy, charcoal and black at least doesn’t look out of place – and play on textures instead: coarse next to a smooth finish; slubbed next to a fabric with more of a sheen.

With this in mind you can, when dressing casually at least, pile almost anything on and look good.

Top It Off

Pile just anything on your head, on the other hand, and disaster awaits – at least in the realm of men’s style. Sadly, outside of the entertainment world, men have developed a resistance to wearing any form of headwear that doesn’t make them look like the lost member of a long-forgotten EMO band. Blame President John F. Kennedy. It was his aversion to wearing hats – they reminded him of his father’s generation, seemed out of keeping with the new dynamism of the 1960s and, what’s more, messed up his election-winning bouffant – that helped kill off the American hat industry, and saw the beginnings of the widespread association of a structured hat with old dufferdom.

While you might not rush to wear a trilby, there are hats beyond the beanie – if, indeed, a bonce sock can truly be called a hat (accepting that it does have the advantage of covering your ears too). The watch cap – a shorter, more structured knitted woollen hat that had its origins in the style given to US and Royal Navy sailors on watch – is one currently fashionable option. But consider too the peaked flat cap and the pork pie hat – both styles that manage to work well with both casual and formal attire.

Accessorise Wisely

As a grown man, you should avoid anything with a pom-pom on it. That should go without saying. Likewise, mittens – of the kind that are fingerless or held together by string for toddlers – are another no-no, as are string-backed driving gloves, unless you happen to be driving a Jensen Interceptor.

That said, you should invest in your gloves and scarf. The fact is that when you’re cocooned against the cold from your toes to your chin, your accessories speak louder about your style than normal. Think lined leather for gloves, and silk or pure wool for your scarf. They shouldn’t demonstrate your team allegiance, but colour and pattern do go a long way here, especially if the rest of your outfit leans towards the sober.

Like ties, scarves can be knotted in a multitude of expressive ways too. If you’re prone to losing you scarf, may we recommend the so-called constrictor knot? It’s meant to be nigh on impossible to untie once tightened.

Josh Sims is a London-based men’s style writer contributing to the likes of The Times, Wallpaper and CNN. He is the author of several books on menswear, including the wildly popular Icons of Men’s Style. He is also the former executive editor of Arena HOMME+ magazine.

10 Simple Fashion Hacks The World’s Most Handsome Men Swear By

It’s easy to get bored of your appearance. The same clothes, the same haircut, day in and day out can get tiresome really fast. It always seems like there’s some other guy out there with a slick suit and a picturesque beard who’s getting all the girls and the promotions. Screw that guy.

Most guys don’t have the time to drop everything and completely overhaul their appearance or spend hours primping in front of the mirror every morning. There are, however, a few tricks that you can try to improve your appearance without spending too much extra time or money. Here are 10 easy, quick style and grooming hacks that can enhance your appearance right now.

Throw Out Your Old Clothes

Your ratty concert T-shirt isn’t going to be worth a lot of money on eBay one day. No matter how many times you wash that sweater, we can all still see the nacho stain. Quality fabrics can last a lifetime, but most clothes don’t have a very long shelf life — maybe a couple of years at most. Wearing clothes that are falling apart isn’t cool and vintage; it just makes you look frumpy. Keep a couple of old pieces for sentimental reasons or to wear around the house and send the rest of your faded, stained and hole-filled clothing off to thrift store heaven.

Shave Or Trim Your Facial Hair

How to hack men's style

Regular facial hair maintenance is one way to radically improve your appearance, and all it costs is the price of a razor and some shaving gel. If you’re rocking a beard, be sure to keep it regularly trimmed — long, scraggly caveman beards can make even the most stylish guys look unkempt. It’s important for fresh-faced guys to shave regularly too — there’s a fine line between a five o’clock shadow and the fifth day of a bender. Incorporate a shave or trim into your daily morning routine and keep yourself looking your sharpest.

Get Some Hair Product

How to hack men's style

If you’re anything like me, every morning is an uphill battle to shape your hair into something other than a boring, limp mass on the top of your head. Product (whether it’s wax, pomade, putty or gel) can help give you that just-stepped-out-of-the-barbershop look — without, you know, actually going to the barbershop every day. A once-over with a comb will leave your hair looking sleek. Spend some time figuring out what products and styles work for you. For instance, moisturizing products are good for dry scalps, but should be avoided if your hair is already naturally greasy.

Get An All-Purpose Pair Of Dress Shoes

How to hack men's style

Crappy shoes can totally ruin an otherwise great outfit. I’ve justified wearing many pairs of ugly shoes by claiming that they were more comfortable, but the truth is that it’s possible to find footwear that’s both stylish and practical. A classic pair of dress shoes made from a sturdy material will provide the comfort you need without making you look like a slob. A classic dress shoe is also versatile — you can easily wear them to the office or out on the town.

Get A Suit That Really Fits You

If the last suit you bought was for your cousin’s wedding when you were seventeen then you have a problem. A well-fitting suit is a staple for every guy’s wardrobe. A lot of suits come in a generic cut that isn’t actually super flattering for most guys. It’s possible to find a more custom-fit suit without spending an arm and a leg. The solution to this problem could be as easy as taking an old or less expensive suit to the tailor to have it revamped. It’s a simple process that could help your formal wear look a little less junior high dance and a little more Mad Men.

Upgrade Your Crappy Backpack

How to hack men's style

Why are you wearing some dumpy backpack like an acne-soaked 10th grader? A sure-fire way to improve your look is to ditch the old double-strap backpack for something a little more adult, like a briefcase or messenger bag. These alternatives have the same storage capacity as most backpacks with an added touch of class. If you’re loyal to the backpack, consider investing in nice leather or canvas one — the solid material will hold up better than your average department-store bag.

Get A Few Accessories

Adding accessories into your wardrobe is a great way to improve your appearance. A simple bow tie, a pocket square, suspenders and cufflinks are all good accessories to spruce up a boring suit. The key here is subtlety — don’t just dump all your accessories on at once (unless you’re auditioning for the circus). Less is always more, and the small gesture of a single accessory will show off your sartorial savvy without being a showboat about it.

Invest In Some New Socks

The only thing that can ruin an outfit more than crappy shoes are crappy socks. Repeat after me: If a sock has a hole in it, it has to go. Ditto if they droop because the elastic is too worn-out to hold them up. If you can smell them from across the room, it’s time for a new pair. Refusing to buy and wear new socks shows laziness and a lack of consideration for personal hygiene. It’s only a couple of tiers below dingy underwear on the gross-out scale. If you want your appearance to impress, you should start with nice socks.

Update Your Glasses

How to hack men's style

Glasses have the power to totally alter your face. If you’re unsatisfied with your appearance and wear glasses, the answer may be as simple as changing your frames. If you’ve been wearing the same pair since high school or have been taping up the cracked nose bridge, it may be time to buy some new ones. Horn-rimmed glasses are usually a stylish bet, but shop around until you find the ones that are best suited to your face.

Take Care Of Your Clothes

The most crucial tip for improving your appearance is to take good care of your clothes. Even the most stylish stuff looks crummy when it hasn’t been kept in good condition. Giving your clothes a little TLC will go a long way to improving your appearance. This involves small details like paying attention to the washing instructions of clothes or making a trip to the dry cleaners every once in a while. A quick run-down with an iron will make almost any article of clothing look crisp and fresh. Looking good isn’t all that hard — it just take a bit of effort.

Posted by Men Style Fashion | Dec 14, 2019 | Body

How to hack men's style

A hectic lifestyle is often unavoidable – but prioritizing your health and fitness is unavoidable, too. In order to keep up with your busy schedule, your body and mind need to be best equipped to tackle anything life throws at you. Here’s how.

Plan a Fitness Retreat

Even if you have an exceptionally busy day to day schedule, chances are you still make time for at least one vacation a year. Opting for a fitness retreat means you get the best of both: a relaxing, scenic holiday whilst also having the opportunity to care for your fitness and health through boot camps and health-focused activities. This can be perfect for those who feel as though their fitness has been neglected due to a busy lifestyle, and a fitness retreat offers an opportunity abroad away from all usual distractions.

With an Ultimate Fitness retreat, you can pick your ideal location for the Bootcamp to be based in.

How to hack men's style

Exercise on the Job

If you simply can’t pinpoint a set amount of time you can reserve in which to dedicate for exercise, then exercising on the go might be the best option. It’s surprising how easily better fitness practices can be fit into a hectic schedule.

If you travel frequently for work and find yourself staying in various hotels, why not take exercise equipment which you can make use of in your room? This could be weights or a fitness rope – anything you find suitable. Or, if you’d prefer, try choosing an accommodation which has an onsite gym which you can make use of while you’re away from home.

If you work in a busy office or at a desk, try certain exercises you can do while in your chair, such as leg lifts and stretches.

Or, take a walk for ten minutes during your lunch break. If your career sees you on the phone a lot, walk around whilst you’re talking, or use loudspeakers so you can move around whilst you’re holding the conversation. Even a small lap around the office will make a difference!

Combine Exercise with Down Time Habits

If your busy schedule sees you wanting to hit the couch rather than hit the gym, better fitness doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your hobbies or how you like to spend the free time you actually do have. Try and think creatively how to combine the two: if there’s a particular TV show you like to watch after a demanding workday, why not set up home exercise equipment which you can use in front of the TV, such as a treadmill? That way you can position it to workout whilst you’re watching.

It can often seem impossible to have a set fitness routine with a demanding and busy lifestyle. However, the absence of a set routine doesn’t mean that you can’t fit in great fitness habits wherever possible. Even if it’s in between work and busy tasks, as long as you are taking the right steps to be more active, it doesn’t matter how or where you fit it in.

We’ve all been there – more collars means more uncomfortable bunching in the sleeves. We are here to save the day with stick ’em in collars. Yeah you heard us; a little Velcro will do the trick!

Let’s get poppin’!


– your best collared shirts



1. Cut out the collar of the shirt.

2. Stick Velcro onto the front and back.

3. Stick em’ together.

Choose your best button-down and stick the fluffy side of the Velcro to the inside collar of the shirt.

Got shirts with stains? Don’t we all. Cut just the collar off and stick Velcro on. You’ll want the fluffy side of the Velcro on the outside of the collar and the rough side on the inside of the collar.

Yeah that’s a lot of button downs.

Just stick them in!

This royal blue button down is so dope. Are your sleeves were getting too tight from all the reps at the gym? Cut them off and velcro in the collars!

Seven collars dude. Pimped out real good.

This is the perfect outfit to rock in your new Linkedin profile picture.

One popped collar = bro. Six popped collars = god.

What’s the max collar count you’ve ever repped? Tell us in the comments below!

Boyfriend T-shirts are God sent for every lazy girl out there who loves to stay in her comfort zone.

Boyfriend T-shirt is basically an oversized T-shirt and is derived from borrowing an ill-fitted, masculine structured T-shirt from your boyfriend’s closet. Whether you are ready to commit to a boyfriend or not, you should definitely commit to this comfortable clothing option, and you will probably never go back to wearing fitted clothes. The secret to rocking the boyfriend T-shirt depends on how you style it. Since it has a loose and big silhouette, it may be a challenge to style it in order to make it look appealing and fashionable. You can wear it as a dress, with a skirt, with jeans or with shorts. There are endless possibilities of infusing the boyfriend T-shirt in your everyday wardrobe. Here, we have a few different and super easy ways that will help you style a boyfriend T-shirt.

Kareena Kapoor Khan

How to hack men's style

The easiest way to amp up a boyfriend T-shirt is by knotting it up in a stylish way. The evergreen, Kareena Kapoor Khan never fails to make heads turn. She was seen sporting a black graphic boyfriend T-shirt that she had knotted up and she paired it with basic blue jeans. Bebo rounded off the soft look with classic white sneakers. To add an extra dose of oomph to the chic look, she opted for hoop earrings that you can never go wrong with.

Pair It With Mom Jeans

How to hack men's style

Mom jeans are the best option for a comfy, classy yet stylish work from home outfit. Deepika looked impeccable as she nailed the basic look with high-waisted mom jeans that were rolled up to the ankles paired with a simple black boyfriend tee. The actress tucked the tee into her jeans and rolled up the sleeves for a breezy look. The baggy silhouette was cinched at the waist with a yellow Off White belt. She finished the look with a chunky gold necklace and black strappy heels.

Tuck It In With Shorts

How to hack men's style

If you are looking for a perfect summer vacay outfit that is super comfy yet stylish, then Anushka Sharma has got your back! She was seen smiling wide as she tucked in a graphic boyfriend T-shirt with washed denim shorts. She completed the look with a black belt and chunky white sneakers. The PK actress took the casual ensemble up a notch by accessorising it with black sunglasses, gold hoops and a dainty bracelet.

Pair It With Distressed Shorts

How to hack men's style

Being the flag bearer of the Gen-Z fashion, Ananya took the athleisure wear up a notch. She sported distressed, high-waisted, white shorts paired with a relaxed fit boyfriend tee in an earthy tone. The graphic boyfriend T-shirt looked extremely comfortable and uplifted the style game. The actress teamed the outfit with colourblock sneakers.

Go Sporty With Biker Shorts

How to hack men's style

The incredibly poised and sophisticated Tara Sutaria literally looks good in any outfit she dons. She was seen nailing the casual look as she stepped out in a plain black boyfriend T-shirt, paired with snug biker shorts that peeked out from underneath. The young actress amplified the look with her choice in accessories. She combined two mini handbags – one black shoulder bag, and a clear neon pouch. Tara chose black sneakers and added a golden chain link necklace with a pendant, and a matching ring to the all-black outfit.

Who styled the boyfriend T-shirt the best according to you? Let us know in the comments below.

For more Fashion & Beauty updates, follow @pinkvillafashion

How to hack men's style

As the cornerstone of almost everything you do, your testosterone — literally — is what makes you the man you are.

With a quarter of men over 30-years-old having low testosterone, how best to up your T-level count is a question we’re often asked. Thankfully, turning the tap on can be easier than you realise. By doing so, you’ll ramp-up your sex drive, build muscle more easily and, more broadly, be a better human being.

Here, we needle in (not literally, mind) on the advice you need to know about upping your man-making hormone.

How to hack men's style

1. Change your shopping list

You’re likely to be familiar with the adage that six-pack abs are made in the kitchen. Well, handily, so is your supply of testosterone. Re-calibrating your shopping list to contain more sweet potatoes, kale, eggs and brazil nuts will help your numbers climb.

Similarly, swerving sugary drinks — some can drop your T-levels by 25 per cent — and waist-expanding pastries will make your strife less of an uphill battle.

How to hack men's style

2. Start skipping leg day

Not literally, but swapping out the archetypal weekly bro-split (chest-and-tris, back-and-biceps, shoulders, abs and legs) for a few HIIT sessions will fast-track testosterone the all-natural way.

By producing short-term oxidative stress and stimulating growth hormones, you’ll also fast-track your body into a sky-high metabolic rate, torching fat for hours after hitting the shower. But, if you can’t bear to separate from the barbell, opt for compound movements — deadlifts and squats reign supreme here — to do the real heavy lifting.

How to hack men's style

3. Stop drinking (sorry)

Great for your skin, even better for your testosterone — giving up the sauce has myriad perks, but this may be the best one yet. With binge drinking found to cause your testosterone levels to plummet, it may be best to stick to softer stuff.

But if that’s not totally impossible — and yes, we can sympathise — stick to a three-drink limit for the best of both worlds.

How to hack men's style

4. Change the way you eat

Testosterone pills will get you nowhere fast, except maybe an empty wallet. It’s also a good idea to abandon any hopes of a beneficial crash diet, as your brain goes into starvation mode, turning off your testosterone tap.

It’s far better to graze on healthy snacks throughout the day and eat at least three solid meals. Something to chew on, you’ll agree.

How to hack men's style

5. Lose some ‘insulation’

Excess body fat ramps-up your levels of oestrogen (the female sex hormone) and tanks your T-levels. Lose the insulation (clue: point #3 can help) to increase your confidence, boost your libido and crucially, get your testosterone soaring.

How to hack men's style

We have seen girls obsess over a small pimple on their faces, but what about boys, do they also obsess over pimples and want acne-free, glowing skin? If yes, then read on.

The South Korean actor and singer who also wrote a book about skincare called ‘Beautiful Skin Project’ definitely knows his way around perfect skincare routines. The ‘Descendant of the sun’ actor has a ritual for cleansing his face with raw milk every night which is a natural facial cleanser that pulls out all the dirt from within clogged pores thus preventing acne and blackheads.

2. Kim Taehyung from BTS

His recent Korean drama, ‘Itaewon Class’ is rocking the charts and he could not look any younger at 32. The reason behind this actor’s glass-smooth skin is one sheet mask per day. The sheet mask is infused with soothing and freshening serums and elements like tea tree oil, aloe vera, cinnamon, and salicylic acid which helps in preventing breakouts and makes your skin glistening, and gives a cooling effect that is best after a hot summer day.

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SWEATY underarms can entirely ruin a well-curated outfit and leave you feeling self-conscious.

Luckily, TikTok user Keeley Palmer has shared her ultimate way of keeping the perspiration at bay, and it’s not what you’d think.

How to hack men's style

How to hack men's style

“Sorting out the sweat patches,” the woman wrote in her TikTok video that’s been viewed over 349k times.

Using sanitary pads, Palmer put one under each underarm to combat her sweat.

“No one will know,” she said confidently.

While some people were grateful for the tip, others had some advice of their own, a few confirming that they’ve tried the hack in the past.

Read more on laundry

How to hack men's style

I’m a laundry pro – how to remove grease stains using products you already own

How to hack men's style

I’m a laundry expert – my free towel trick will save you cash on your energy bill

“Have you tried dove maximum protection roll on? Game changer!!” one person advised.

“That’s such a good idea. ” another commented.

“Been doing this for ages lol,” a third added.

Giving another solution, someone said: “You can buy underarm sweat pads, been using them for years.”

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Cleaning experts reveal four things you should NEVER put in your dishwasher

How to hack men's style

I bought a sexy top from Shein but I was sure my boobs would knock someone out

“Never thought of that. Could be a game-changer as [I] always have to wear white or black.”

“Why haven’t I thought of that before?”

“Omg, that’s such a good idea.”

“Or just buy some perspi-guard from Amazon,” someone suggested.

“Try panty liners instead, they are better,” a final person shared.

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Super easy styling cues for men with a paunch to help cover it up.

A Common ‘Pain’

It is very normal for Indian men to develop a paunch, even though they may be as fit as a fiddle. Moreover, given our lifestyle, getting rid of it is far more difficult than getting one.

Image Credit: Unsplash

The Unlikely Saviour

A few styling cues and hacks can easily turn your outfit into something that flawlessly hides your paunch, almost making it disappear. How exactly, you ask? Read on.

Image Credit: Pexels

Stay Away From Tight Fitting Clothes

Tight-fitting clothes have a way of exaggerating a paunch. If you have a fluctuating weight situation, it’s best to get clothes that fit you regardless of your shifty sizes.

Image Credit: Pexels

Pay Attention To The Print

Avoid thick horizontal stripes, as they will always make you appear bloated. Instead, wear something rustic, like plaid checks, or vertical stripes.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Layering Your Outfit

Layering is a great way to hide a paunch. Do pay attention to the material, and more importantly, the colour. Try wearing some contrasting colours, and keep the darker or earthy tones outwards.

Image Credit: Pexels

Go For Mid-Rise In Trousers

Mid-rise trousers sit just under your belly button. A properly fitting, mid-rise trouser drapes just the right way around your tummy and crotch, avoiding unwanted creases.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Avoid Loose Fits

Loose-fitted clothes might seem to be a great solution, but they aren’t. Loose clothes make you look like you’re taking up a lot of space. The baggy structure make you look bloated.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Take Care Of Your Posture

You also need to fix your posture. It contributes in a big way of how you come across. A straightened back has a slimming effect on the body.

Image Credit: Unsplash

Accessorise Smartly

Accessories are the best tools to throw in a distraction and cover-up a paunch. A scarf, a stole, or a bag like a messenger’s bag are great accessories, and have their own charm.

Can a makeup hack somehow make a man fall in love with you? This TikToker seems to think she’s proven that it’s really that easy.

Michelle Diaz (@bymichellediaz) shares all sorts of dating tips on her TikTok — from advice on how to live your best life no matter your relationship status to what to do when you feel the ick. But her most popular series of videos has to do with a very simple eye makeup look that apparently “enchants” men.

“I’m telling you, you’re going to hypnotize every single man who looks at your face,” she said in one TikTok.

The makeup look in question is just four white dots around each eye.

“It’s super, super easy,” she explained in a tutorial. “All you gotta [have] is your white eyeliner.”

Diaz then marked four white dots around both of her eyes.

Reply to @zenongirl21c #greenscreenvideo #PepsiApplePieChallenge make sure to send me/tag me on your looks bc I love to see them ❤️ #makeuptrick

“I tried the two dots on my eyes recently when I went on a date, and giiirlll let me tell you, lol this man was like, I can’t stop looking at you,” the DMer wrote. “He loved it so much and even asked where I got my inspiration from.”

in this channel we DONT GATEKEEP tips to make men crazy for us 😌✨❤️ #makeuptrick #whitedots #michellediazdots #IDeserveTuitionContest

Commenters were beside themselves with excitement over an achievable makeup look that could possibly attract positive attention during a night out.

“I did this tonight, and I kid you not, every guy that came up to me couldn’t stop looking,” one person wrote. “It’s powerful.”

“Ever since you talked about it, I use this and feel so pretty and feminine,” another said.

“I love doing these dots!” a commenter added. “I’ve been told so many times that people are mesmerized by my eyes. I do one in the corner, one under and one by my [eyeliner] wing.”

But the powers of this eyeliner trick might be limited to specific eye and skin colors. It’s also not discussed whether it’s been tested outside of a heteronormative context.

“I feel like this looks absolutely stunning on brown or hazel eyes, but I have blue eyes, and I feel like it may not look as good,” someone commented. “Do you have any other tips for blue eyes?”

“Is there a version of this for Black girls?” another commenter asked. “When I use the white, it’s too much and doesn’t come off cute.”

Diaz also suggested gold eyeliner or rhinestones as alternatives in the comments, but not everyone was necessarily on board with the trend — no matter how “powerful” it was.

“I did this, and my parents said I looked like a clown,” a commenter joked.

How to hack men's style

During the summer, dresses are my go-to. Belts are a great option to give yourself some shape and upgrade your outfit. Let me show you how to wear a belt with a dress and show you how big of a difference it makes!

Let me show you how to wear a belt with a dress

I’m living in summer dresses lately. They’re such an easy choice for the summer, and make me feel put together. I’m also constantly wearing them with belts and you guys have been asking about them. Let me show you how to wear a belt with a dress.

A quick and easy way to upgrade any dress

I’m serious, adding a belt to a dress is the easiest way to upgrade any outfit. I’ll show you a few examples of how it takes an outfit to the next level.

But first, here are three reasons to belt your dress

Adding a belt instantly creates a waistline

A belt gives shape to a boxy dress

Chic belts instantly upgrade your look

Which dresses should be belted?

Honestly you can belt basically any dress. But these are the ones that will give you the most bang for your buck:

  • Shirt dresses. They often come with a belt, so just swap it out for a leather belt. Instantly chic.
  • T-shirt dresses. They’re shapeless by nature, so adding a belt gives you a waist and makes the outfit feel a little nicer.
  • Fit and flare dresses. Dresses that already have a defined waist are totally a great option, even if the the shape is already defined. It just adds a little something special and breaks up the dress.
  • Maxi dresses. These long dresses often need something to break up all that fabric. A little belt in the middle is the perfect way to do that.

Are there any dresses you shouldn’t belt?

I’d say the only ones I’d be careful with are dresses with an elastic waistband built into the dress. It can definitely work, but the belt will more easily slide around and expose the elastic waist throughout the day, since the belt won’t be sitting on smooth, flat fabric. Make sense?

Also dresses with a lot of volume and fabric get very bunch-y when their belted.

It’s more of a case by case basis here, and these styles of dresses can totally still work, just be aware that you might have these issues with these styles of dresses.

It’s easy, and doesn’t require a single jog

How to hack men's style

For a lot of guys, man boobs are a nagging source of shame and self-loathing.

There are a number of reasons why they appear. Often it’s because of a hormone imbalance called Gynaecomastia, where high levels of estrogen causes breast tissue to form. Other times its due to an over-indulgence in fatty foods and alcohol.

But whatever the origin, ‘moobs’ can make us paranoid about our fashion choices. After all, it’s hard to feel confident and comfortable with a fleshy albatross weighing on your chest.

To help out, we decided to consult Thread personal stylist Kasia Katner and find out her expert tips for hiding man boobs and regaining some sartorial confidence…

1 | FIT

How to hack men's style

“Avoid the extremes when it comes to fit,” says Kasia. “Anything too fitted will only enhance the curves of your chest – but if you go too far the other way you’ll end up adding volume, which will make you look bigger all round.”

To that end, aim to gift your chest a little room from the fabric (but not too much, lest you look like you’re wearing hand-me-downs.) If necessary, buy a size up and get the shoulders and waist tailored down to your specifications. That way it’ll feel bespoke, but not constricted or chest-hugging.


How to hack men's style

“Generally speaking, shirts are a better choice, because they have more structure,” says Kasia. “They’ll sit better than t-shirts, which tend to cling.”

Opt for a denser fabric over clingy or sheer fabrics, which will only draw attention to your moobs. Heavier weaves like twill or oxford cloth are a better choice than thin poplin.


How to hack men's style

White shirts are more likely to display evident moob shadow than a blue or grey number, which will better blend with the shade.

“Darker tones are certainly flattering, but don’t feel like you have to avoid lighter colours. Especially if you choose the right fabric.”


How to hack men's style

This is where it gets a little more complicated. “Pockets can go either way. They can provide additional structure to a shirt and this disguise the problem area, but then bulky, heavily detailed pockets will only draw attention to the chest.” The lesson is: choose your top pocket wisely.

Visual trickery can also be of help. “Smaller patterns are really helpful as they create an illusory effect,” says Kasia. “They draw the eye to the pattern, rather than the body shape.”


How to hack men's style

No, it’s not a girdle, so stop panicking.

This is a last resort, but compression vests are widely available, cheap and do a great job of comfortably suppressing heavy chests under everyday clothes.

Their low, scooping necks mean that they’ll never be spotted (unless you’re a ‘four buttons undone for the ladies’ kinda guy), and even if someone sees it, most budget offerings look almost identical to a performance sports vest.

Of course, you could always try whittling them down with our expert manboob-busting fitness guide.

There are two conflicting definitions of the phrase internet troll, just as there are two conflicting origin stories. The more refined definition comes from the fishing technique of trolling (dragging a fishhook behind a boat) and is a synonym for trickster. This type of troll knowingly strings others along, often by aggravating them, by pretending to take a ridiculous attitude or position. Ideally, they cause no harm, other than what the target inflicts upon themselves. Trickster trolling is a skill—a skill I will teach you.

And he saith unto them, Follow me, and I will make you fishers of men.

The looser definition of troll, increasingly popular because people are afraid to say “bully,” refers to people who are just shitty online—like ugly bridge trolls. Their “trolling” takes the form of harassment, threats, insults, or simply annoying behavior. Some of these trolls think they’re the trickster kind; others don’t even realize how aggravating or offensive they’re being. Either way, bully trolls are the best target for the trickster trolls.

When someone frustrates or offends you online, it can be tempting to respond with your own vitriol. Sometimes this is an appropriate reaction! But sometimes you’re just letting this person ruin your day and encouraging them to ruin it further. Instead you can run circles around them, to the delight of yourself and others. Handled right, trickster trolling is a great way to relieve the pain of bully trolling. It helps you re-cast yourself from victim to empowered jokester who is not to be fucked with.

Put on a Friendly Face

Trickster trolling is like comedic acting. The beauty of the troll lies in the gap between the character and the actor. If your aim is to frustrate your target, you should present yourself as helpful and cooperative. This sometimes wins the troll over, which can leave everyone feeling happy. But often the troll just digs deeper, exposing themselves

How to hack men's style

Almost 200 options to choose from
Summer has officially arrived, so experiment with new patterns and shorter inseams at this very nice price.

The faux helpfulness also an act of self-care; you’re building a buffer between yourself and the hate you want to direct back at your troll—but you’re not actually accepting their behavior on their terms. Most importantly, it’s fun as hell.

Play to the Audience

There’s a spectrum, not a dark line, between trickster trolling and bully trolling. One way to make sure you’re on the right side is to keep in mind what a third party would think. In fact, if you can, do your trolling in public, where you’re staying more mindful of your behavior. Third-party reactions will help you determine whether your trolling is ethical, and when it’s time to stop.

If your trolling pokes at widespread annoyances or bigotry, making it public can help others. Coder and satirist Jen Schiffer, in her impeccable how-to presentation on trolling and satire , gives examples of women in tech who were deeply satisfied to see self-important men fall for her jokes. By playing to an audience, Schiffer exposed the sexism of these men, who couldn’t grasp the concept of a smart and funny woman playing a joke. Some of these men managed to recognize their sexism and, hopefully, improve themselves.

Always Give Them an Out

If you’re trolling a troll, they’ve usually made the first move. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you can go nuclear. Sometimes you should—Nazis need punching! But if someone is just being kind of a dick, you’ll probably feel better if you switch things up on them, rather than responding at their level of energy and vitriol. The process should take less out of you than it takes out of them. (This doesn’t mean you can’t put effort into it; if you’re running an extensive Photoshop troll, but the work energizes you, go for it.)

Give your troll an out—some way they could stop engaging. This is another way to ensure you don’t become the bad guy. There’s usually no benefit to harassing your harasser when they’ve already abandoned the fight, and it’s not a good look.

Recently, a Lifehacker reader emailed me, demanding I give up my “entire fucking career as a writer” because he didn’t like my photo choice on an article. “You’ll find out your career isn’t the only thing you could lose,” he wrote under his full name, calling me “another self-impressed white boy trying to virtue signal” before blaming me for the Trump presidency.

While I knew that good-faith discussion would be fruitless, I was interested to hear more, so I responded in an appropriate length: one character, lower-case.

He replied, at the length to which he is accustomed. I replied, at mine. After three iterations, he realized he didn’t actually have to reply, and took his out.

Never Let Them See You Bleed

Trolling a troll is, at its heart, a game of who could care less. If you actually care more, you should consider a different approach. If you work extremely hard to demonstrate that you care less, maybe you actually care more. You don’t want to look like the guy in the classic rage comic:

You don’t have to have the last word. Sometimes you actively don’t want to. Do I wish I hadn’t sent that final “k” email? Absolutely, and in admitting so, I have now retroactively lost that fight. Troll-on-troll combat is not a boxing match; it’s a game of hot potato. The last man standing loses.

The term sprezzatura may or may not apply here, but it’s Italian and I want to use it, so let’s say it does. Sprezzatura is a studied carelessness, the kind the trickster troll strives for. To succeed at sprezzatura is to convince everyone that all this really is a joke to you, while it’s deadly serious to your would-be bully.

But you can only show, not tell, sprezzatura. The more you try to prove that you don’t care, the less convincing you’ll be . As literal professional trolls Felix Biederman and Virgil Texas put it, “One way to assert authority when you’re mad is to say this entire time you’ve merely been pretending to be terrible, perhaps as a social experiment or for your own amusement.”

This caring-about-not-caring might sound exhausting to you. If so, be free! Block and report your trolls! But if you enjoy it, troll-trolling can be a rewarding and calming hobby, like building model airplanes: crafting little simulations of actual conflict, in your basement, until you get high off the fumes.

How to hack men's style

How can one bit of material be so darn useful? The multifunctional headwear that is the Buff, is one of the most simple bits of outdoor kit you will ever buy, and there are more ways of putting it to good use than you might realise. So if you want to join the headband heros of the outdoor world and get yourself buffed up, then it’s important that you know all the different methods of how to wear a Buff properly.

But before we demonstrate how to get in the buff, it’s worth noting that there’s not just one type of tubed cosiness to cover up with. Since the dawn of the Original Buff back in the 90’s, loads of different and very cool Buffs have been created: fleece-lined, windproof, Merino, long, reversible, knitted and even a UV buff that offers protection from UV rays – to name but a few.

Why are Buffs so great?

Well, aside from their innate versatility, they are also pretty good at controlling the temperature of your head. The moisture-wicking properties keep sweat under wraps, preventing the cooling of excess moisture and thus lowering the chances of losing body heat. They are thin enough to fit under helmets easily with no uncomfortable seams, and are made from non-itchy microfibers.

How to wear a Buff

How to hack men's style

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The Buff in these images is made from 100% Merino wool; a natural and sustainable fabric that, as well as being breathable, has excellent thermo regulation properties.

How to hack men's style

1) Neck Buff

Unlike more conventional scarves, the neck Buff doesn’t become irritable or itchy, and there’s no chance of it unravelling or loosening leaving chilly drafts down the back of your neck.

How to hack men's style

2) Face mask

If the conditions are really cold, pull it right up over your nose and mouth; the breathability of the fabric also applies to your own breath and it won’t get wet and sticky like other fabrics.

How to hack men's style

3) Balaclava Buff

For ultimate head protection in winter conditions, rock the balaclava Buff. It sits well underneath helmets without any uncomfortable seams or creases. Check out the video at the bottom to see how to wear a Buff balaclava.

How to hack men's style

4) Sun protection

This simple setup prevents sweat rolling down your forehead on hot summer expeditions. The tail at the back also protects the back of your neck from the sun. Choose a UV Buff for added protection.

How to hack men's style

5) Sweat band

Great when out jogging to prevent sweat from dripping into your eyes. The Buff band makes you look the part too!

How to hack men's style

6) Headband Buff

Folded into thirds, the headband Buff is a good option when you don’t want a full Buff beanie on but still want some protection over your ears.

How to hack men's style

7) Buff bandana

Wearing a Buff bandana works well under a cycling helmet, and the ingenious and simple twist can be adjusted to fit.

How to hack men's style

8) Buff beanie hat

Twisting the middle of the Buff makes a great fitting and stylish double-lined Buff beanie. It can be worn with a helmet and is also good under the hood of your jacket to add some layering when hiking in the winter.

How to hack men's style

9) Bobble hat

For a single-layered Buff beanie hat with a bit of style, simply tie a loose big knot in the end of the Buff.

How to hack men's style

10) Legionnaire style

This way of wearing a Buff provides excellent protection from the sun to your head and neck. Saturate it with water and the cooling properties will remain as the water evaporates.

How to hack men's style

11) Hair tie

Embrace the scrunchie style ‘do’ and get those unruly locks under control. A hair Buff is ideal for big hair days!

How to hack men's style

12) Hair band

Wear it as a hair band to keep your hair out of your face. Also a good option if you have wet hair in cold conditions – the band will leave much of your hair free to dry whilst still providing some warmth to your head and ears.

How to hack men's style

13) Wrist sweat band

Use to wipe away sweat or wear it on your wrist just in case you might need to use it in any of the other ways listed above!

How to hack men's style

14) Dog Buff

Yes, there are also dog-specific Buffs available. Well if you’re camping with your dog then you don’t want them missing out do you?!

Now that you know your options for how to wear a Buff, check out this video which shows all the twists and folds you might need to get the most out of your multifunctional headwear.

How do you wear a Buff?

With all these different ways to wear Buff headwear kicking around, we’re sure that there must be even more out there that we don’t know about. So if you happen to know how to tie a Buff bandana in a way that we don’t, or you have the latest styling tips on how to wear a Buff with long hair, then we’d love to hear from you.

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About the author

How to hack men's style

Joey Holmes is based in Cornwall, UK, and runs Cool of the Wild. She can’t get enough of being outdoors – whether that’s lounging around the campfire cooking up a feast, hitting the trail in her running shoes, or attempting to conquer the waves on her surfboard – she lives for it. Camping is what she loves to do the most, but has also spent many many hours clinging to the side of a rock face, cycling about the place, cruising the ski-slopes on her snowboard and hiking small mountains and big hills.

How to hack men's style

According to market research, the majority of Russian men favor athletic apparel and casual clothing

There are as many stereotypes about Russian men as about Russian women, but the former phrase does not necessarily conjure up as positive an image. According to one popular belief, the Russian man wears a sheepskin coat year-round, engages in a good deal of drinking and enjoys waxing nostalgic to the tunes of a balalaika.

I can’t speak to the drinking and waxing nostalgic, but I can challenge the sheepskin coats. According to market research, the majority of Russian men favor athletic apparel and casual clothing. These two categories of clothing accounted for more than half of all men’s apparel sold domestically last year.

This can be confirmed through casual observation. Male office workers can increasingly be seen in shirts without ties and sweaters instead of suit jackets. Those who have to look formal in the office often wear jeans to work and change upon arriving.

There is another category of men under 35 who are perpetually clad in sweatpants, Timberland boots and cropped padded jackets no matter the occasion and setting – in class, on a date, hanging out with friends or out shopping.

Today, walking down the street in a major Russian city, you will hardly ever run into the stereotypical Russian man from the 1990s, when Adidas tracksuits, Turkish jeans, leather caps and coats were considered the pinnacle of chic, paired with designer leather shoes and indispensable man-purse.

How to hack men's style

An ‘old school’ Russian man

Ruslan Krivobok/RIA Novosti

Fewer and fewer Russian men wear sandals over socks (a nationwide fashion in the not-so-distant past) or cargo vests abounding with exterior patch pockets and interior slip pockets.

However, by and large, Russian men are still not what you would call stylish. It has been a long-standing unspoken tradition that a true Russian man does not fuss over his appearance.

Even though Pushkin wrote that “being a sensible type is not at odds with tending to the beauty of one’s nails,” it seems most modern Russian men would not agree with him.

But in all fairness, it should be noted that conscious nonchalance is not the same as slovenliness. An old, but beloved sweater will be kept freshly washed and tidy and a pair of boots that has suffered through the muck of several Russian winters will be shined to look like new.

There is, however, a separate – rather small, but rapidly growing – class of dandies.

How to hack men's style

Moscow. USSR. Boys prepare to dance rock-n-roll in Old Arbat Street

This group of men, who pay attention to fashion trends and carefully cultivate their appearance, can be traced back to the hipsters, or stilyagi , of the 1950s Soviet Union.

Those young people deliberately adopted elements of Western, primarily American, style such as brightly colored shirts, semolina-crusted shoes (quite literally – the fine grain was professionally caked onto otherwise regular shoes), and short skinny pants with colored socks peeking from underneath.

The Soviet mass media habitually ridiculed them and criticized them as idlers and layabouts, and while many of them did indeed look ridiculous, their style was in the name of rebellion, not for a lack of taste.

The original stilyagi have faded into history, but young people with a penchant for unconventional fashions, jazz and creative professions do remain.

How to hack men's style

A young man enjoys badminton in a Moscow park

Today’s Russian hipsters give preference to minimalist designs and high-quality casual shoes. They accessorize with oversized scarves, quirky horn-rimmed glasses, and bow ties with mind-boggling prints.

By Amos Amsterdam | Submitted On November 21, 2008

Who else want to talk about permanent penis enlargement? The truth is MANY men certainly do. EVEN if they won’t admit it out loud! As one of the primary contributors to a popular online men’s health blog, I can tell you first hand that among the MOST frequently asked questions and advice requests are always on penis enlargement issues. Why is this? In our view, it’s quite simple: There is a huge amount of pressure on men to be strong, long and powerful in bed, yet. there REMAINS a social stigma about being a small guy. Interestingly, this completely transcends culture, country and more – as men in the USA are EQUALLY as concerned about being small as our brothers in other countries, continents and cultures! And I can vouch for this firsthand. as MANY of the very same questions come from locales near and far alike!

Okay – so what IS the Best Way to Permanently Enlarge Your Penis?

Hard work and all natural male enhancement exercises is the very BEST super size solution that I know of. Exercises that expand the tissue in the penis, as well as allow for a greater flow of blood are VERY effective, are NOT painful, and do NOT require embarrassing and unnecessary trips to your local doctors office to boot! There are in fact lots of other lifestyle changes you can make – believe it or not, you diet DOES in fact play a role in how long and strong your erections become (with antioxidants found in Dark Chocolate, Berries and even Green Tea helping dilate blood vessels) and in conjunction with a natural work out regimen, you WILL get great gains in a hurry!

As with everything else in the Men’s health domain, knowledge is POWER, and information is EVERYTHING!

And remember, with our modern day understanding of anatomy, and the variety of holistic, alternative, natural approaches to OPTIMIZING our bodies in all sorts of ways. it is now common practice for men everywhere, who know how – to systematically improve, build and increase our penis size [] and do it quickly.

The need for creams, hanging weights and other esoteric methods are not only strange and potentially dangerous – they are also finally completely obsolete and unnecessary.

Learning how to last longer in bed is one of the most common reasons why men seek out my sex therapy services. Just about every man worries about orgasming too quickly, regardless of the actual amount of time he tends to last. Fortunately, there are a few straightforward, actionable strategies for lasting longer during sex.

Change Your Masturbation Habits

Your masturbation habits play an enormous role in what partnered sex is like for you. Unfortunately, most men don’t seem to realize this. If you want to learn how to last longer in bed, you have to take an honest look at your masturbation habits. Here are some dynamics to address:

How long you masturbate

Most guys masturbate to get the job done. It’s a purely utilitarian experience, usually accomplished as quickly as possible. (It may also be a pattern that stemmed from your early childhood experiences, trying to masturbate quickly before your parents walked in on you.) But if you masturbate quickly, you’re training your body to reach orgasm quickly. Instead, you want to try to draw out your sessions and make them last much longer. Think about how long you’d like to last with a partner, and be thoughtful about that timeline when you masturbate.

How to Deal With Penis Size Anxiety

There are few topics that can evoke such widespread and intense anxiety as penis size. Just about…

How focused you are on orgasm

If you’re a utilitarian masturbator, you probably also aim to take a straight path to orgasm. But again, this only serves to teach your body to take a straight path to orgasm when you’re with a partner. Instead, try to build some teasing into your masturbation practice. Think of arousal on a 1-10 scale, with 1 being barely turned on and 10 being orgasm. Get yourself to a 6, then back down to a 3, then back up to a 7, then down to a 5, then back to a 6, then down to a 2, then up to an 8, and so on. (It doesn’t have to be that exact pattern; that’s just an example.)

How to hack men's style

Almost 200 options to choose from
Summer has officially arrived, so experiment with new patterns and shorter inseams at this very nice price.

Find your point of no return

If you aim for an immediate orgasm, you probably have no idea what happens in your body in the moments leading up to an orgasm (otherwise called your “point of no return”). That means you’re likely to get caught off guard by an orgasm when you’re with a partner. When you masturbate, try to get a better sense of what happens in your body as you near an orgasm.

Take a Porn Hiatus

To be perfectly clear, I think that porn can be a part of a healthy sex life. But I think most people aren’t particularly thoughtful about how they use porn in their solo sex life. Porn can make it a lot harder to be in touch with your body as you masturbate, since you’re watching the screen in front of you. That makes it more difficult for you to understand where you are in your arousal process, and more likely that you’ll actually get caught off guard by your orgasm. As you’re learning to be more in tune with your arousal, it can help to masturbate without porn for a period of time.

How Men Can Have an Ejaculation-Free Orgasm

Men have long bemoaned the idea that women can have multiple orgasms, but men can’t. Men, after…

Learn to Manage Anxiety

Not being able to last as long as you want in the bedroom can cause a great deal of anxiety. That anxiety, of course, only serves to make you orgasm faster. If you want to last longer, you have to learn how to manage that anxiety. I know this isn’t the “sexiest” sounding piece of advice, but one of the best ways to help yourself last longer during sex is to start some sort of mindfulness or meditation practice. 10-20 minutes of mindfulness practice every day can work wonders for addressing performance issues. Fortunately, Lifehacker has you covered with plenty of resources .

Focus on Your Partner’s Pleasure

One of the ironic things about performance issues is that many men end up over-emphasizing intercourse – the one sexual activity that actually requires the cooperation of your penis. But the reality is that you can pleasure your partner in so many other ways. (And if you’re having sex with a woman, it’s more likely that you’ll be able to pleasure her with your hands or mouth better than you can pleasure her with your penis.) If you’re concerned about not being able to last long enough, make sure you help your partner feel pleasure or an orgasm before moving on to intercourse. That will also help give your confidence a boost.

How to Play With Breasts

Breasts can be pleasurable to play with for the one doing the playing and the breast-haver alike.…

Take Breaks and Switch Things Up

During the actual act of intercourse, you can help yourself last a lot longer by not rushing your way straight through. Here are some ways to do that:

  • Try to replicate the same 6 to 3 to 7 to 5 pattern I mentioned above. (Again, you don’t have to copy that exact pattern, just the general idea of letting your arousal rise and fall.)
  • Change the pace of your thrusting. Alternate between slow and fast.
  • Change the depth of your thrusting. Alternate between deep and shallow.
  • Take breaks from intercourse to go back to manual stimulation or oral sex.

Switching things up in this way keeps your partner on your toes, so it won’t feel like you’re doing this just to delay your orgasm.

Don’t Use Numbing Sprays

Finally, a note about numbing sprays and creams. These kinds of products make you last longer in the bedroom by dulling the sensations that you feel. They can sometimes be effective, but they’re far from a foolproof option. But the problem is that they’re just not that pleasant to use, and they don’t address any of the underlying issues that cause early ejaculation. They’re just not a great long-term solution.

These simple style hacks make every outfit cooler.

How to hack men's style

1. Wear your vest on top of your coat, so everyone can see it.

It’s a great way to dress up a basic, inexpensive jacket. Choose a puffer in a bright color for a fun, sporty look, or go glam with fur or feathers.

How to hack men's style

On the right: Gray Wool Coat, H&M, $80; Blue Plaid Top, JOIE (Available at Bloomingdale’s), $181; Blue Plaid Skirt, JOIE (Available at Bloomingdale’s), $157; Transparent Loafers, JEFFREY CAMPBELL, $135; Navy Fur Vest, CLUB MONACO, $199; Black Shoulder Bag, COACH, $425

2. Pull your jogger pants down around your hips, instead of wearing them up around your waist.

Joggers, drawstring pants, and silk pajama pants are meant to be worn low across your hips, not up around your natural waist. Keep your top loose and blousy, then add some structure and sophistication with a tailored jacket, high heels and a boxy bag.

How to hack men's style

3. Emphasize your waist, even in a shapeless sack dress.

You don’t have to wear something tight or cinch in your waist to create a flattering silhouette. Layer a cropped jacket over an otherwise shapeless dress for instant waist emphasis without a belt.

How to hack men's style

4. Give your jeans a rest.

Wearing an oversize sweater with a pair of skinny jeans is so boring! Add a hefty dose of romance and glamour to that big, cozy sweater by layering it over a long, flowing dress or skirt. You’ll still flatter your figure but the overall look will be more comfortable and infinitely more beautiful.

How to hack men's style

On the right: Black V-Neck Sweater, EXPRESS, $50; Black Lace Skirt, FREE PEOPLE (Available at Bloomingdale’s),$128; Black Stretch Sandal Heels, CLUB MONACO, $199; Stone Statement Collar, A PEACE TREATY, $298; Two-Tone Stone Gold Cuff, LELE SADOUGHI, $195; Studded Black and Silver Cuff, DANNIJO, $395

5. Play with proportions to make your outfit sexier and more fun.

Instead of a basic, hip-length sweater, try layering a cropped sweater over a woven top or blouse. Then switch out those basic black tights for a pair of over-the-knee socks. Layer a pair of sheer, nude tights underneath, and it will look like you are flashing a little bit of skin even though you will actually be completely covered up.

How to hack men's style

On the right: Black-and-White Miniskirt, ALICE + OLIVIA (Available at Bloomingdale’s), $198; Black Pumps, JEFFREY CAMPBELL, $145; Black Over-the-Knee Socks, AMERICAN APPAREL, $13; Cream Cropped Sweater, CLUB MONACO, $140; White Silk Top, CLUB MONACO, $150; Black and Gold Studded Crossbody Bag, MILLY,$245; Gold Embellished Pendant Necklace, CC SKYE (Available at Glam Boutique), $185; Gold Pearl Necklace, LELE SADOUGHI, $265; Gold Three-Ring Stack, CC SKYE (Available at Glam Boutique), $175; Gold Hexagon-Shaped Ring, GORJANA, $58; Gold Bar Ring, HOUSE OF HARLOW 1960 (Available at Glam Boutique), $58

6. Don’t let one awesome accessory completely dominate your outfit.

It’s easy to fall in love with an amazing pair of shoes or a fun bag when you are out shopping, but actually wearing them can be a little intimidating. The easiest thing to do is just wear all black and call it a day, but then your whole outfit becomes about that one accessory. Suddenly your shoes are the star of your outfit, when that role should be played by you.

Keep the black dress, but add a little white to help break up all that black and add a few more fun, colorful accessories into the mix to help balance your look and distract from those fabulous shoes, thus keeping the focus where it belongs: on you!

How to hack men's style

7. Wear your jacket on your shoulders, not on your arms.

And while you’re at it, stop pulling your boyfriend jeans down around the tops of your shoes. Instead, give them a little cuff to show off your ankles, and wear them a low on your hips for a little extra slouchiness. The volume of the jacket will help balance the volume of the jeans and create a more flattering look.

How to hack men's style

8. Save the big necklaces for when you’re older.

Jeweled statement necklaces are hugely popular, but they are a little costume-y and big necklaces in general are a very mature look, better suited to women in their 50s than those in their 20s. If you want to bling up a basic blouse or sweater without aging yourself 30 years, leave your neckline unadorned and try a cool ear cuff, or ring, or bangle instead. Anything, really. Except a brooch. That’s some major granny territory.

How to hack men's style

On the right: Light Blue Coat, FOREVER 21, $34; White Button Down, DEMYLEE (Available at J.Crew), $170; Crystal Earcuff, ZARA, $18; Silver Pave Stack Ring, NOIR, $50

9. Stop belting your tops.

If you want to draw attention to your waist in an otherwise curve-obliterating top, your best bet is to tuck the top into a high-waisted skirt or a pair of high-waisted pants. It’s a younger look and it elongates your legs, which is never a bad thing.

How to hack men's style

On the right: Black Wrap Pencil Skirt With Buttons, NASTY GAL, $78; Red Cashmere Sweater, LORD & TAYLOR, $100; Black Perforated Booties, SHOE CULT BY NASTY GAL, $130; Black Embellished Sunglasses, MIU MIU (Available at SunglassHut), $445; Black Faux-Crocodile Bag, AUXILIARY (Available at Aritzia), $325; Gold Triangle Prism Earrings, SARAH MAGID, $148; Gold Pearl Cuff, LELE SADOUGHI (Available at Net-A-Porter), $300

10. Stop pulling your shirt down over your hips.

Pulling your top down like that draws a line right across the widest part of your body and makes you look larger than you really are. It can also cause unfortunate muffin-topping on even the most toned of bodies. Instead, go for a cropped sweater to bring the attention up toward your waist and get yourself some high-rise jeans to help shape and cover you from the waist down.