How to search everything on facebook

How to search everything on facebook

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Facebook is old enough that it is truly a time capsule for your own life. With the timeline feature, users can re-discover some of the greatest links and moments. It can also be an easy way to track your own progress and improvement within certain categories as well. Finding this information can be nearly impossible unless you have a search program, like Facebook QSearch, which can do it for you.

Used as a chrome extension, Firefox Add-on, or Facebook application, QSearch has one goal in mind: timeline search for Facebook. Here are some of the ways that you could use this application tool for your own benefit:

How to search everything on facebook

1. Track your progress – if you are trying to hack your attitude, mentality, or lifestyle in general, one of the best ways to do this is to check what type of links and comments you were making throughout the past few years.

2. Find great links – sometimes over time you can forget the great videos or articles that you enjoyed. You may feel they are lost to the abyss, but that is no longer the case.

3. Search something specifically – looking for verification of a fact? It may have been years ago, but if you can make a quick QSearch query with your Facebook timeline, it will be far more effective.

Download Facebook QSearch Here

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How to search everything on facebook

When you think of Facebook, search probably isn’t the first thing to come to mind. And to be fair, for a long time Facebook’s search function was pretty terrible.

That’s not the case anymore, though. A number of changes in recent years have made Facebook’s search function really easy to use, and quite powerful, all at the same time. Here are a few things you can find quickly with this function, along with some tips to keep in mind.

Search for People

The most obvious use for Facebook’s search functionality is searching for people, so let’s start with that. Just type the name of the person you’re looking for, and you’ll see a list of results:

How to search everything on facebook

Of course, it’s rare to find the exact person you’re looking for on the first try, which is why Facebook lets you use other criteria. For example, you can type someone’s name and city, and Facebook will figure out what you mean.

How to search everything on facebook

You can specify basically any attribute and Facebook will drill down, assuming whoever you’re looking for publicly features that information. For example, you could type someone’s name and:

  • The place they live, or used to live.
  • Someone’s career title, e.g. “Farmer” or “Journalist”.
  • The place they work, or used to work.
  • Any schools they attended in the past, or are currently attending.
  • Any organization the person is affiliated with, including churches or nonprofits.

Include these bits of information and Facebook will try to find people who match all the criteria listed. It does a surprisingly good job of parsing that information.

In some cases, you don’t even need a name. For example, if you work at Jack’s Coffee Shop, you could search for “Jack’s Coffee Shop employees” and scroll through a list of people who’ve publically stated they work there. Or if you have someone’s email address, you could try searching for that to find their Facebook profile.

You can even search for groups of people based on criteria like this. For example “friends in los angeles” will show you all your Facebook friends that live in Los Angeles—perfect for planning all your outings on your next visit.

Search for Specific Posts

Have you ever found yourself trying to find back a specific Facebook post, or conversation, from a few months or even years ago? Facebook’s search can help with that. Just type a few keywords from the conversation into search, then click one of the “Posted By” buttons in the left column.

How to search everything on facebook

In this example I found an important post I wrote a few months ago, but you could use this feature to find all sorts of things. Maybe there’s a picture of your granddaughter, or a specific recipe, that you remember scrolling past but can’t find back. This can help you find those things. You can even click the “Choose a Source” button if you know who precisely posted the thing you’re looking for.

If this isn’t enough, you also have to option to specify a range of dates, or the physical location the post was made from.

Search for Pages

There are other things you might be searching for on Facebook—pages, for example. If you want to search for the official page for an organization, just type it’s name. The top result will usually be official.

How to search everything on facebook

See that blue checkmark beside the page’s name? That means it’s an official page. If you want to find some unofficial pages to like as well, click the “Pages” tab above the search results.

How to search everything on facebook

This lets you search every page on Facebook, and is a great way to find new public pages worth watching.

Search for The Latest Headlines

Facebook probably isn’t a great place to get your news, but the “Latest” tab will show you a bunch of recent posts related to whatever your search query might be.

How to search everything on facebook

If you want to know what’s happening related to a certain subject, this is a quick way to see conversations about it from all over Facebook.

Clear Your Search History

You might notice, as you start searching, that your entire search history is saved by Facebook for future reference. This can be practical: if you search the same thing a lot, Facebook can give you faster recommendations. But it can also feel somewhat creepy. If you want to clear this out, click the “Edit” button to the right of the search bar.

How to search everything on facebook

This will take you to the search history page, where you’ll find a “Clear History” link.

Click this and Facebook will delete all of your search history, potentially hiding all sorts of things you shouldn’t have searched for in the first place.

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How to search everything on facebook

Facebook keeps an Activity Log of absolutely everything you do—tracking things you like, post, or share on someone’s Timeline. You can view that Activity Log anytime you like. Here’s how.

What Activity Log Is Useful For

While being able to scroll back through every Facebook interaction you’ve ever had might seem a little terrifying (yes, you really did like that many cat photos) and even creepy, it’s actually useful.

Look at your News Feed and you’ll see dozens of posts your friends have liked or commented on. If they haven’t shared them, those items don’t appear on their timeline. Your friends get all the same notifications from you. The only way you can see what they all might see is through your Activity Feed. Just look at each item and you’ll see who can see it. In the screenshot below, for example, all of Ferdy’s friends can see that I’ve commented on his post. It’s likely that Facebook’s algorithm has shown that activity to some of our mutual Friends as well.

How to search everything on facebook

Activity Feed is also good for making sure apps aren’t doing stuff without you knowing about it. Our editor, for example, says he checks it every time he gives a new app permission to do something, just to make sure it hasn’t posted to his timeline or done something crazy. You can see below that, although Spotify has pushed something to Facebook, only I can see it (the lock icon indicates that it’s private).

From the Activity Feed, you can even undo anything you’ve done on Facebook. Click the “edit” button (the little Pen icon) next to any post and you can unlike, delete, or hide that post. If someone decides to “frape” you by liking a few hundred Justin Bieber fan pages, Activity Feed is the simplest way to undo the damage.

How to Access Your Facebook Activity Log

Log in to Facebook, head to your profile, and then click the “View Activity Log” button at the bottom right of your cover photo.

How to search everything on facebook

Now you’ll see everything you’ve ever done on Facebook in one big list.

How to search everything on facebook

If you’re looking for specific posts, you can use the “Activity Search” box. You can also filter the feed so you just see specific posts by selecting one of the options in the sidebar on the left. And you can navigate by year with the sidebar on the right.

How to search everything on facebook

You can also view your Activity Log in the mobile app. Head to your profile and tap “Activity Log” underneath your cover photo.

When you search for something on Facebook, the site automatically saves your queries to make it easier for you to find things later. You, and only you, can see what you’ve searched for.

At least, that’s the intention.

For the paranoid out there, this tallied list of everyone and everything you’ve ever searched for on Facebook is an embarrassing treasure trove just waiting to be discovered. Think about how often you accidentally leave your account logged on on someone else’s computer.

Sure, searching and stalking the profile of your ex wasn’t a big deal when you did it (just checking in, right?!), but your current significant other may not see the situation the same way if they happen upon your search history.

There’s no need to open yourself up to a potentially awkward situation. Here’s how you can erase everything you search for on Facebook:

Click on the settings icon up in the right corner of your homepage. Then, navigate to the “Activity Log” option in the drop-down menu.

On the left panel of your main Activity Log page, you’ll see an option that says “More.” Click it. Near the bottom, you’ll see a “Search” option. Click that next.

Viola! There’s your search history. A little embarrassing, huh? You can delete one item at a time using the option at the right for each search query, or remove everything all at once by clicking “Clear Searches” at the top.

This is what the final results should look like once you’ve cleared all your searches.

This is an updated article originally written by Ryan Bushey.

Use Facebook’s people search and other tricks to find someone online

How to search everything on facebook

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Searching Facebook is a great way to find someone online. With it being the largest social networking site in existence, your odds of finding the person you’re looking for is fairly high.

The site lets its users add lots of information about themselves to their profile, and the inherent function of the platform is to bring people closer together through information sharing. You can leverage this to help you find someone on Facebook, whether it’s a friend you used to know, a family member, etc.

Dedicated people search engines can also be helpful in your search, even more so if you don’t know the person’s name, you have no friends in common, they’ve blocked you, or if you and/or them don’t use Facebook.

Do a Facebook Search by the Person’s Name

How to search everything on facebook

The main search bar at the top of the website is one method for finding people on Facebook by their name. You can type a name and then filter the results to narrow them down.

Here are some tips to remember when using Facebook’s people search tool:

  • When you’re searching for just people, select People to avoid finding business pages, events, and other content.
  • Use the filters off to the left to make the results more relevant. For example, find old classmates using their name and the Education filter (choose your school), or pick a business you’ve worked for from Work to find coworkers with that name.
  • You don’t have to have been associated with the person to locate them. Select City, for example, for profiles with that information in them.

Search Facebook by the Person’s Employer or School

How to search everything on facebook

Don’t know the person’s name? You can still do a Facebook search for someone, even if you’re not sure what their name is. Knowing where they work or went to school, for example, makes it a lot easier to find them online.

Start by searching for the business/school, and then choose People to filter the results by users who have that place listed on their profile. Since lots of people add to their profile the companies and schools they currently or used to be associated with, finding the person suddenly gets a lot easier.

Piggyback on Your Friends’ Friends

How to search everything on facebook

Using one of your Facebook friends to find someone else is one of the best ways to find someone if you suspect the person has anything to do with one of your existing friends.

For example, if they used to work with you and/or another friend, or you used to all go to the same school or live in the same city, a mutual friend search is your best bet in finding them.

There are a few ways to do this:

  • Visit a friend’s profile and select the Friends tab to see all of their friends. You can view and search through the full list or read through their recently added friends and friends from groups, such as their workplace, hometown, or high school.
  • Another way to search for a friend’s friend is to browse the People You May Know page, which is a list of people you might know based on your Facebook friends.
  • Follow Step 1 above, but use the Friends of Friends filter.

Facebook lets people hide their friends list, so this won’t work if the friend you’re using has their list locked down.

Search for People in Public Groups

How to search everything on facebook

Groups are another way to find people online with Facebook. If you know the person is interested in a particular topic, you can browse groups they might be in.

To do this, search for a group from the search bar at the top of the site, and then select Groups from the menu. Once you’re on the group’s page, open the Members or People section to find the search bar.

Be sure to select Public Groups on the results page if you want to be able to see its members (closed groups require you to be a member to see the other people that have joined).

Do a Facebook Search by Phone Number

How to search everything on facebook

Trying to figure out who owns a phone number that called you? Facebook can also be used for a reverse number search; just type the number into the search bar to see what shows up.

It’s unlikely that you’ll find public posts that contain their number, but you might have luck digging up an old post made by one of your Facebook friends. This is an easy way to find an old friend’s phone number.

Use the filtering options to narrow down the results. For example, use the Date Posted filter from the Posts tab if you happen to know the year the post was made.

Use Facebook to Search for Related Information

How to search everything on facebook

Something else you can do is use Facebook to find someone’s presence elsewhere on the internet. You’d do this if you already have their Facebook details, but you’re wanting their other social media account links, too, like to see if they also have a Twitter, Pinterest, online dating profiles, etc.

Every Facebook profile has a unique username at the very end of its URL. Search it on Google or another search engine to see if other accounts show up.

Another idea is to do a reverse image search on a photo from the person’s profile. It can be their profile image or any other picture of them from their account. If they’ve posted that same exact image elsewhere, you might be able to dig up their other online accounts. Websites like Google Images and TinEye are great for this.

Whether you refuse to create a Facebook account or have an account that you can’t access at the moment, it might be difficult to find information hosted on this social media platform.

This article covers the ways you can use Facebook’s built-in search options without signing in. Is there a way to find a Facebook profile without an account? What if you want to search for events or locations? Read on to find out.

Facebook Directory

If you’re not signed in, you’ll have to prove that you’re not a robot before you can continue. After this quick security check, you can browse Facebook under three different categories.

To encourage people to sign in, Facebook made this process a little inconvenient. Every time you click on a category or a search result, you’ll have to wait for the security check. This also happens whenever you make use of the search bar.

Now let’s look at the three categories you can browse:


How to search everything on facebook

Here, you can see a list of Facebook users, sorted alphabetically.

Use the search bar on the right to enter the name of the person you’re looking for. The search results will depend on individual users’ privacy settings.

On Facebook, users can’t opt out of searches entirely. However, they can remove their name from the Directory. They can also restrict how much of their information you can access.


How to search everything on facebook

This category covers verified celeb profiles, as well as restaurants and other businesses. If you’re looking for a club or an NGO, this is a good place to start. You can also go through the brands that have profiles on Facebook.

Places Tab

How to search everything on facebook

This is where you can hunt for events and hotels, as well as businesses. When you’re logged in, Places shows you which of your friends are nearby. But even without an account, searching this tab could lead you to the information you need.

What About People Search?

Facebook Directory acts like a phone book of sorts, but Facebook’s official search page is here:

How to search everything on facebook

With People Search, you can use identifying details to track a person down. For example, you can narrow down your search using their location, workplace, or school. However, you have to log in to use People Search. If this is the browsing method you want to go with, you can make a fake Facebook account.

You Can Always Try Google

If Facebook’s Directory didn’t yield results, why not just Google it?

Here is what you need to do:

  1. Open Google
    How to search everything on facebook
  2. Enter ‘’ into the Search Bar
  3. Add the Name of the Person, Group, or Event You Are Looking for
    How to search everything on facebook

You can use the same steps in Bing, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines.

How to search everything on facebook

Social Search Engines

Here’s another option that could help.

Social search engines aggregate data from social media. You can use them to do general research on Facebook’s user base. For example, this is the best way to discover what Facebook users think about a particular subject.

You can use social search engines to browse Facebook comments by topic. When you have a keyword in mind, you can find out which demographics discuss it the most on Facebook. You’ll also know whether the discussions are positive or negative. Researching market trends on social media would be impossible without tools like this.

They can also help you find specific people and events. So which social search engines are a good pick for you?

Talkwalker Social Search

How to search everything on facebook

Talkwalker is a thorough and versatile social search engine. The free version lets you browse mentions during the last seven days. It can be a huge help if you are looking for information about a concert, a conference, or any other event. You can also upgrade to the paid version, which lets you see data from over a year.

Social Searcher

How to search everything on facebook

Here’s another great free option. You can use Social Searcher to find people or keywords on Facebook. The site also lets you filter and sort search results.

A Final Word

In the second quarter of 2018, Facebook reached around 2.23 billion users. Although the Cambridge Analytica scandal inspired some users to delete, Facebook’s user base is still growing. Even if you prefer to stay away from Facebook, you can’t deny its reach.

Sometimes you have to search this site for information you can’t get anywhere else. For example, you may need a social search engine to track down old friends. You can also search Facebook when you’re researching organizations, brands, and small businesses. In fact, some small businesses base their entire online presence on this website.

There’s no official way to do a nationwide search on Facebook Marketplace. This method is the next best thing.

How to search everything on facebook

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know the struggle of searching used car classifieds for that rare great deal on a cool used car. With Craigslist now charging users to list cars for sale, deals on the site are fewer and farther in-between than ever. Facebook Marketplace has become the new go-to for cheap finds, but up until recently, you could only search within 100 miles of any location.

You’ll be pleased to know Facebook updated its Marketplace settings a couple of weeks ago allowing users to extend the site’s search radius to 500 miles, up from the previous maximum of 100 miles. That means you can search a much wider area all at once—especially helpful if you’re looking for something rare or specific.

The update also means you can cover massive amounts of search area with just a few keyboard swipes. There’s still no official way to do a proper nationwide search, but with this new search area option, combing through the entire United States on Facebook Marketplace has never been easier. Here’s how to do it.

How to search everything on facebook

First, you’ll need to figure out what you’re looking for. Head on over to the Marketplace (I’m using a desktop with dark mode turned on for this walkthrough, but this method works similarly on mobile), and input what you’d like to find.

For this example, I’ll search for a Honda S2000. For the sake of this walkthrough, let’s say I’m willing to spend up to $15,000, and want a car with under 150,000 miles on the clock.

How to search everything on facebook

Before you proceed with your search, go to the location section and click on it. A pop-up window should appear asking for a location and a search radius. Make sure to choose “500 miles” from the dropdown menu.

After you hit “Apply,” the site should show you all the cars for sale within 500 miles of the location you used.

How to search everything on facebook

Not satisfied with the results? Well, here’s how to find some more. After you’ve searched through the results on your first area, simply go back to the location section and input another place in the U.S.

Your search parameters—in this case the term “Honda S2000,” a price maximum of $15,000, and a mileage limit of 150,000 miles—will remain saved in the search, and simply apply them to the new location’s 500-mile radius.

How to search everything on facebook

Quickly searching the entire country requires a bit more strategy. If you pick the right locations, you’ll only have to switch locations seven or eight times to cover the continental United States.

Personally, I like to search within 500 miles of Madison, NJ, Savannah, GA, Dallas, TX, Las Vegas, NV, Nampa, ID, and Cedar Rapids, IA. That covers most of America’s metropolitan areas, but, admittedly, does miss some of the northwest. So if you want a more thorough search, we’d recommend throwing in another city or two to cover more ground.

How to search everything on facebook

The method is a bit tedious, but from what I’ve found, it’s the quickest, most accurate way to search all of Facebook Marketplace right now. Until the site releases a nationwide filter of its own, it’s the best we’ve got.

Do you have a different strategy for finding rare cars or great deals on Facebook? Let us know in the comments below.

On both the web and mobile version

If you’re an avid Facebook user, you probably like dozens of posts each day from your profile on the site. By liking a post, you’re actually telling the author of that post that you acknowledge their work. In the background, you’re also actually creating a list of curated items that you like on Facebook. What if we showed you a method of how to see all of your Facebook likes?

There’s indeed a way to see all the posts that you’ve ever liked on Facebook. The site has something called Activity Log that logs each and every activity of yours on the site. One of the sections in the log is for all of your likes and reactions, and accessing it should let you find all your likes on the Facebook platform.

How to search everything on facebook

Activity Log is accessible from both the web version and the mobile app of Facebook and so you can view all your Facebook likes regardless of what device you use.

How to See All Your Facebook Likes (Web Version)

We’ll start with teaching you how you can see your Facebook likes on the web version of the site. You’re actually just going to access an option that will then let you see your entire activity on the platform.

  • Open a browser and head over to the Facebook site. Log into your account if you aren’t already.
  • When the Facebook newsfeed screen opens, click on your profile name at the top menu.

How to search everything on facebook

  • It’ll open your Facebook profile showing your account information and posts. At the top of your profile right beneath the cover photo, you’ll find a button saying Activity Log. Click on it to open your activity information.

How to search everything on facebook

  • The following screen lists out each and every activity ever performed by you on Facebook. Since it contains your entire activity and not just your likes, you’ll need to filter the list.

On the left-hand side menu, you’ll find various options to filter your activity. Find the option that says Likes and Reactions and click on it.

How to search everything on facebook

  • What you now see on your screen is only your likes and reactions. Everything else has been filtered out for you to view just your Facebook likes.

How to search everything on facebook

  • If you’re looking for a specific like that you left on a post, you can search for it using the search option at the top of your activity.

How to search everything on facebook

  • This screen also lets you unlike the liked posts if you want to do it for some of the posts. It can be done by clicking on the Edit option next to the post you want to unlike and selecting Unlike from the menu.

How to search everything on facebook

  • If you want to view your Facebook likes from a particular year, say 2016, you can do so by clicking on the year number in the right-hand side menu.

How to search everything on facebook

Activity Log makes it extremely easy to find your liked posts, and with a number of filtering options, you can get to the exact posts you want to see with ease.

See/Find All Your Likes On Facebook (Mobile App)

Activity Log can be viewed from the Facebook app for Android and iOS devices as well. The option is located in your profile in the app and you can access and use it just like you could do on the web version.

  • Launch the Facebook app on your smartphone and log-in to your account if you aren’t already.
  • Tap on the three horizontal-lines at the top-right corner of your screen and select your profile icon at the top. It’ll open your profile.

How to search everything on facebook

  • When your profile opens, you’ll find four options right beneath your account name. Tap on the option that says More to view more options. Then select Activity Log from the newly opened menu.

How to search everything on facebook

  • You’ll now see your Facebook activity on your screen. You’ll want to filter out the unwanted items from the list. Tap on the Category option at the top to do so.

How to search everything on facebook

  • Select Likes and Reactions from the Category menu to only view your Facebook likes and reactions.

How to search everything on facebook

  • Like the web version, you can tap on the Year field to filter your liked posts by that year.

How to search everything on facebook

  • The app also offers you the option to unlike any posts if you want to do it. Tap on the three-dots next to the post you want to unlike and select Unlike.

How to search everything on facebook

Being able to see all your Facebook likes is helpful in many scenarios. Maybe you liked a post and later you want to get to it but you’re unable to find it from the Facebook search option. The above methods will put the post right in front of you.

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Despite countless reasons to leave Facebook, there’s one feature that keeps me on the site: Facebook Marketplace, a section where you can buy and sell items such as furniture, cars, and vintage lamps.

Facebook Marketplace is essentially a ripoff of Craigslist with one very big difference: It’s linked to your public Facebook profile. While the anonymity of Craigslist is an appeal for some, being able to see who you are selling to or who you are buying something from is preferred by many people.

Historically, Facebook Marketplace has made it very easy to see who exactly you’re buying from or selling to by including their full name and a link to their Facebook profile, but I noticed recently that there’s been a change to the site’s design. It is now more difficult to see the buyer or seller’s last name and profile. Not ideal when it’s someone you’re possibly inviting to your home.

When someone initiates interest in an item, that conversation will now appear in a “Marketplace” subsection of Messenger. Fortunately, you still can find the Facebook profile of the person you are buying something from or selling something to. It’s just a little bit more difficult.

Here are the directions for how to find a Facebook profile for someone you’re dealing with on Facebook Marketplace.

First, click on the Messenger icon in the top right hand corner of your Facebook, or open up the Messenger app.

How to search everything on facebook

Click on the Marketplace conversation in Messenger to show all interactions you’ve had with people on Marketplace.

How to search everything on facebook

Next, select the conversation you’re having with a buyer or seller.

How to search everything on facebook

After opening the conversation, click on the small carrot (if you’re on desktop) or the three dots (if you’re using the mobile app) next to the person’s first name and the title of the item being sold. This will bring up the “Chat Settings.”

How to search everything on facebook

Once in Chat Settings, click on “Members” (or “See Group Members” in the mobile app) to reveal the full names of everyone in that conversation. (This should be you and the seller/buyer you are trying to make a deal with.)

How to search everything on facebook

How to search everything on facebook

Now you can see the person’s full name. By clicking on the three dots next to their full name on desktop (or clicking on their name on the mobile app), you can message them, visit their public Facebook profile, or block them.

How to search everything on facebook

It’s unclear why Facebook, a company notorious for changing the design of their products, decided to bury this particularly useful feature. Sure, being able to see someone’s profile can lead to potential abuse from bad actors on Facebook, but it also gives many people a little bit of peace of mind to be able to see someone’s full name and Facebook profile before meeting up to make a transaction.

No matter what, you should always use caution when meeting up with random people from the internet in person, even if you’re just buying someone’s old computer monitor. If possible, always meet someone you plan on exchanging goods with in a well-lit public location during the day. Don’t go alone if you can help it and tell a friend if you do.

We reached out to Facebook to ask why and when these changes were made to Marketplace, and we’ll let you know if we hear back.

How to search everything on facebook

There are tell-tale indicators that let you know if someone is online on Facebook. This article guides you on the things to look out for to know if someone is active on Facebook.

No doubt, Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with more than 2 billion active users monthly who posts and engages with each other. Being the top social network right now, it is highly likely that someone you know is on Facebook. Facebook offers different ways to connect and communicate with our loved ones. As long as they are online, you can tag your friends, send them a message or a GIF of a cute cat, or go on watching videos together. But how do you exactly know if someone is online on Facebook? Let this article be your guide.

Know if Someone is Online on Facebook

There are various ways to know if someone is online on Facebook. The next sections show you how step-by-step procedures to tell if someone is currently active on Facebook.

Method 1: Use the Messenger App to Know if Someone is Online on Facebook

You can use your Messenger app to know if someone is active on Facebook. Here’s how:

1. First, open up the Messenger app on your phone.

2. In the bottom part of the screen, click on the Friends tab.

How to search everything on facebook

3. Then, from the Friends tab tap on the Active Friends button.

How to search everything on facebook

4. The Active Friends tab displays the list of your online Facebook friends. Go over the list to check if the one that you are looking is online.

How to search everything on facebook

6. You just learned how to use messenger to view your active Facebook friends.

Method 2: Use the Facebook App to Know if Someone is Online on Facebook

You see who among your friends are online through the Facebook app. Follow the steps below to know if someone is online on Facebook:

1. Open the Facebook app on your phone.

2. With the Facebook app opened, tap on the Menu button located on the upper-right part of the screen.

How to search everything on facebook

3. From the Menu, scroll down and tap on the Friends menu.

How to search everything on facebook

4. On the Friends page, left swipe the tab on the upper part of the screen until you see the FRIENDS tab.

How to search everything on facebook

5. The FRIENDS tab shows a list of your friends. Your online friends are placed in the upper portion of the list. Online Facebook friends have green button online indicators after their names.

How to search everything on facebook

6. You just learned how to view online friends using the Facebook app.

Method 3: Use the Facebook Mobile Web to Know if Someone is Online on Facebook

If you do not have the Facebook app or Messenger app on your phone, you can use the mobile web version of Facebook to view your active friends. Here’s how:

1. From your mobile device, go to and log in with your Facebook account details.

How to search everything on facebook

2. From Facebook’s mobile web version, click on the Messenger icon on the upper part of the screen.

How to search everything on facebook

3. From the Messages page, click on the Active Friends button located on the bottom part of the screen.

How to search everything on facebook

4. Facebook displays the list of your active Facebook friends.

How to search everything on facebook

5. You just learned how to your the mobile version of Facebook to view your active friends.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I can’t see any active friend. Messenger asks me to Turn On my active before I can see other people’s online status. How can I fix this?
A: You need to enable your active status to be able to view who among your friends are online. You can check our article on how to turn on/off your active status on Facebook.

Q: Is there a way for me to know if my friend is online on Facebook when he turned off his active status?
A: There is no direct way to know if your friend is online once he turns off his active status on Facebook. However, you can check on your friends’ latest activities to know their possible online times. You can check the time of their posts, comments, and other activities on Facebook to see the times that they are online.

You just learned how to know if someone is online on Facebook. If you have questions about any of the steps above, let us know in the comments section.

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Kitchens should be filled with useful and meaningful items but many wind up cluttered and poorly designed.

So Insider spoke to interior designers to figure out which items and design elements you should remove.

Get rid of small gadgets and knickknacks

Jill Jarvis, interior designer and owner of Ehrlich Interiors, told Insider that countertop clutter is the main thing she recommends kicking out of your kitchen.

“Nothing makes a kitchen look messier than countertop clutter,” the designer said. “It also makes counters more difficult to wipe down and keep clean.”

Purge unneeded papers, mail, and small appliances that are not used on a regular basis. Jarvis also suggested relocating or tossing decorative accessories that take up too much space.

Open shelving is a poor fit for most kitchens

Rebecca Langman, interior designer and owner of Revision Custom Home Design, told Insider that open shelving is rarely the best option.

“Open shelves create visual clutter and require constant cleaning and organizing in order to look good,” Langman said.

Glass-front cabinets allow for visibility while also reducing the buildup of dust and grease.

You don’t need a huge collection of different wine glasses

Interior designer Joe Cangelosi told Insider that it’s not necessary to own every type of wine glass.

“Unless you have a giant butler’s pantry that can house all that stuff, most people only need some all-purpose wine glasses and a set of Champagne flutes,” he said.

The designer recommended investing in a fancier set of glasses for formal affairs and some cheap ones for everyday use.

Donate or sell excess knives

Unless you’re a professional chef, you probably don’t need 24 different knives.

“Kitchen stores will try to sell you every kind of knife, but 99% of the time, you only need three: a heavy chef’s knife, a serrated bread knife, and a small paring knife,” Cangelosi said.

Sell or donate your underused knives and invest in high-quality versions of your three main ones.

Consolidate and remove bulky cookbooks

Cookbooks can offer inspiration but also add visual and physical clutter.

“To clear space in the kitchen, relocate or donate cookbooks that you don’t use for day-to-day cooking,” Jarvis said.

If you only use one or two recipes in a cookbook, consider copying them down on paper and storing them in a box or binder. You can also take a photo for easy reference.

Get rid of decor pieces on upper cabinets

Decor items on upper cabinets collect dust and can look cluttered.

“Unless you have high, vaulted ceilings, placing items on top of upper cabinets just means more dusting and rarely enhances the look of the space,” Langman said.

If you really want something on top of your cabinets, opt for a low-maintenance houseplant that you also dust when you water it.

Word signs with generic phrases can look overly trendy

Langman told Insider that one of her kitchen-decor pet peeves is signs with common phrases.

“Your guests will know it’s a kitchen even if there’s no oversized fork and spoon on the wall or a sign telling them to ‘gather’ or ‘eat,'” Langman said.

Instead, the designer recommended choosing a piece of pretty, handmade art that complements the atmosphere of your kitchen.

Old dish towels should go

Stained or threadbare towels can drag down the overall look of your kitchen.

“Go through your dish towels and discard those that are past their prime and no longer complement your kitchen,” Jarvis said.

You can use old towels as cleaning rags and donate clean ones that no longer suit your style.

Let go of expired or rarely used spices

Make room in your cabinets and pantry by letting go of excess spices.

“Chances are that your cupboards contain a few spices that you never use,” Jarvis said. “Toss those and any spices that have lost their flavor.”

You can combine half-full bottles of the same spice and use ones that are past their prime to make large batches of tea or infused water.

You may not actually need a bread machine

It can be tempting to let a bread machine knead your dough, but Cangelosi said the appliance is usually bulky and expensive.

“People have been making bread for thousands of years using nothing but a bowl, a kitchen cloth, and a pan,” the designer explained. “You don’t need a cumbersome machine to make great bread.”

Unless you’re making loaves every day, consider storing the machine elsewhere or making bread by hand instead.

Turn your junk drawer into a catch-all space

Junk drawers are commonly filled with things you’ll never use again — such as takeout menus, ketchup packets, and old batteries — so consider transforming yours into a space for the cooking utensils you regularly use but don’t require a designated spot.

“Tidy your kitchen by turning that junk drawer into a clean, organized, and efficient catch-all drawer,” Jarvis said.

Toss the cleaning supplies you rarely reach for

Make your kitchen neater by ditching the cleaning supplies you infrequently use.

“Keep things tidy under the sink by tossing cleaning supplies you rarely use or combining multiples of the same product into the same bottle,” Jarvis said.

Additionally, place products that are nearly empty toward the front of the cabinet so you’ll reach for them first.

How to search everything on facebook

You can quickly locate old conversation by searching for keywords on Facebook Messenger. Using Messenger’s search allows users to jump to certain topics in an instant and reread those old conversations. This article will teach you how to search a conversation on Facebook Messenger using your computer or laptop.

Searching for Facebook Messenger conversation is not that straightforward. There are different steps depending on the type of device you are using. Using a computer is the easiest way to search while being on mobile can be a bit tricky. This article will focus on how you can search a conversation on Facebook Messenger.

How to Search a Messenger Conversation Using Facebook on Web Browser

Using a computer or laptop is the easiest way to search a conversation on Facebook Messenger. Follow the steps below to search for old Messenger conversations using the Search feature quickly:

1. Login to your Facebook account using your computer or laptop.How to search everything on facebook
2. From your Facebook account’s Home screen, click on the Messenger icon on the upper-left part of the screen.
3. Your recent Messenger conversation drops down. Click on the Show All in Messenger link. The link is located at the bottom-most part of the conversation list.How to search everything on facebook
4. Th list of all of your Messenger conversations is displayed. Click on the conversation where you want to search.How to search everything on facebook
5. Tap on the Search in Conversation option located in the right part of the screen.How to search everything on facebook
6. A search bar appears in the upper part of the conversation. Enter the keyword you want to search. The keyword can be anything that you or your friend typed in your conversation. Remember as many details or critical words from old conversation to search faster.How to search everything on facebook
7. Click on the Search button.
8. Facebook Initiates the search based on the entered keyword. Results are displayed in the upper part of the conversation. Matches based on the results are highlighted in yellow.How to search everything on facebook
9. Quickly move from one result to another by using the move up or down buttons. You are done.How to search everything on facebook

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I followed the instructions, but I cannot search a certain conversation with a friend. I am sure that I entered the right keyword, but Facebook Messenger returns with a zero search results. Am I missing something?
A: If you are sure that you used the right keyword and that the conversation did happen in the past, then there is a high chance that either your friend or you, deleted the conversation you are searching.

Q: Can I use this method to search for conversations using my iPhone or Android device?
A: This method only works for laptop and computers. Searching for Messenger conversations using a mobile device is a bit more complicated so we made a separate article for it. Check out our article on how to search a conversation on Messenger for mobile device.

You just learned how to search a conversation on Facebook Messenger. We hoped that this article could help you save time when trying to locate old messages, making your overall Facebook Messenger experience better. Do you have some questions about any of the steps outlined above? Do you think Facebook needs to make searching for old messages easier? Let us know in the comments!

A supply chain operations manager by profession. A technology-lover and a writer by heart. I have the passion to teach and inform.

Onlypult blog author and editor. 10 year experienced professional copywriter, is interested in social media and e-mail marketing.

  • Are You Sure That You Want to Unhide a Post?
    • Reasons to Unhide a Post
  • How to Unhide a Post on Facebook Timeline on Mobile
    • Step 1. Open the App and Find Activity Log
    • Step 2. Find the Hidden Content and Unhide It
  • How to Unhide a Facebook Post Using a PC
    • Step 1. Go to the Social Media and Search for Activity Log
    • Step 2. Find the Hidden Posts and Manage Them
  • How Do You Unhide a Comment on Facebook
    • Why do Your Comments Stay Hidden?
  • How to Unhide a Tagged Photo on Facebook
  • FAQ
    • How do I Find Hidden Posts on Facebook?
    • How do I read hidden comments on someone else’s Facebook Timeline?
    • If you hide a comment on Facebook, is it still visible to the user who posted it?

Facebook allows you to manage your data easily: you can choose what to show or hide. Given that, you always have the right to reveal all previously removed content from your timeline. How do I unhide a post on Facebook, you wonder? To put it in a nutshell:

  1. Go to the Activity Log by clicking on the three-dotted menu next to your cover photo.
  2. Select the “Hidden from Timeline” option when filtering the results.
  3. Unhide a Facebook post.

You can do this both on mobile and desktop versions.

Are You Sure That You Want to Unhide a Post?

While you can unhide any post, you need to be sure that you actually want to do it. After all, creating a cohesive account that will contribute rather than compromise your reputation is essential in the world where your online image is shaped by social media. You need to analyze the content you want to reveal in advance to avoid any possible negative implications.

Reasons to Unhide a Post

Users have various reasons for hiding content. It might have been harmful to their reputation or contained sensitive data. However, as time passes, you may reconsider your previous decision and unhide your data because:

  • You didn’t hide it on purpose. A common example is when a user accidentally removes a photo or video from their timeline, which means that there should be no concerns about bringing it back.
  • You no longer think that it’s sensitive data. Suppose the publication contained some awkward, controversial, or even offensive content posted by someone else. If that’s the case, be careful about unhiding the photo or video to ensure it won’t be harmful to your online image.
  • You want to share a fact or event with your audience. Sometimes, being emotionally driven, you may want to erase certain memories from all platforms. As you cool down, you may reconsider your decision.

The key here is to be 100% sure that you want your data back on your timeline. Otherwise, you risk regretting unhiding content that may disrupt your reputation or promote inconsistency.

Onlypult posts to Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, VKontakte, and many other platforms. It has a user-friendly post editor and allows collaboration.

How to Unhide a Post on Facebook Timeline on Mobile

If you are certain about your decision to return some of your data, your next problem is “How to unhide a post on Facebook?” As most users now utilize social media on their smartphones, let’s cover a step-by-step guide for mobiles first.

Step 1. Open the App and Find Activity Log

While opening the app is easy, finding the Activity Log can prove a little more tricky. In reality, it’s simple and can be done in two ways:

  1. Via your profile. Click on the three dots next to the “Add to Story” beneath your name. You will open Profile Settings, where the Activity Log is located:
  1. Via Settings. Tap F at the bottom to open the menu and find the Settings option there. Tap on “Settings” and scroll down to “Your Information”. Choose “Activity Log”. You can also use search when in the Settings section.

Step 2. Find the Hidden Content and Unhide It

  1. Scroll down to the “Logged actions and other activity” section and choose the “Hidden from timeline” option.
  1. Inspect the list of hidden content.
  2. Choose what you want to unhide, tap on the three dots next to the post and select the photo (in our case) you want to reshare.

How to Unhide a Facebook Post Using a PC

How do you unhide a post on Facebook if you are a PC or laptop user? It’s just as simple as doing it on your mobile.

Step 1. Go to the Social Media and Search for Activity Log

After you log in, there are two simple ways to locate the Activity log.

  1. In the top right=hand corner, click on the main menu – a triangle – select “Settings and Privacy” and then Activity Log.
  1. Go to your profile page, click on the three dots below your name on the right, choose Activity log.

Step 2. Find the Hidden Posts and Manage Them

Scroll down to “Logged actions and other activity”, where you will find “Hidden from profile”. Click on it, and you will see the content that isn’t shown on your timeline.

Find the text, photo, or video you want to unhide, click on the three dots next to it, and let other users see it again.

How Do You Unhide a Comment on Facebook

Perhaps you’re not just trying to find out how to unhide a Facebook post, but also how to do it with a comment. Let’s imagine you are managing a page and want to show some hidden comments. The steps when using a PC are as follows:

  1. Find the pages you manage by tapping on the triangle in the right-hand top corner – aka the main menu. They will appear at the top of the drop-down menu.
  2. Click on the page.
  3. Find the greyed-out or hidden comments.
  4. Click on the three dots to open the menu and select ‘unhide a comment’.

Voila, you can easily bring a positive review or discussion topic back to life.

Why do Your Comments Stay Hidden?

If you find some hidden comments but you are not responsible for this, there’s no need to worry. Facebook likes to mess with comments and ban some from time to time. Some reasons this may happen are if the comment:

    Consists of a single emoticon, especially if it repeats itself several times: for example,

To know how to unhide a post on Facebook, you first need to locate it. To do this, find the Activity log in the Settings or Profile menu. When in the Activity Log, scroll down to the “Logged actions and other activity” section, where you will find “Hidden from timeline” with your hidden content.

You can’t view hidden comments unless you are managing data, you’re a page admin, or you’re the author’s friend. If none of these is the case, you can only see the total number of comments, hidden included, but not read them unless they are unhidden.

The hidden comments will be visible to authors, as well as their friends. All the other users, however, won’t be able to see them.

How to search everything on facebook

Deputy Managing Editor Of Impact & Innovation, The Huffington Post

On Monday, Facebook officially rolled out Graph Search to everyone on the social network. The new search engine, originally accessible to only a select group after its introduction in March, lets you search through the mountains of information the site’s more than 1 billion members produce daily. Starting this week, everyone with a Facebook account can find “friends from London who like ‘True Blood’ ” or “married people who like prostitutes.”

In Facebook’s attempt to connect friends and friends of friends to one another, your information, now fed into a search engine, is more public than ever before. If you’re irked by the the idea of strangers finding out personal details of your life with a few clicks in a search bar, there are steps you can take to ensure your privacy on Facebook. Here’s what to do:

First things first. Head to your main Facebook page and click the little padlock in the upper-lefthand or upper-righthand corner (depending on which layout Facebook has decided you get). When you click on it, the following box will appear:

How to search everything on facebook

Take a look at “Who can see my stuff?” In order to get a sense of how drastically your settings need to be changed, click “View As” to see how a particular person who is not your friend sees your profile. You may be surprised by how much of your information is visible to the public.

How to search everything on facebook

Under “Who can see my stuff?” there’s an option to click “Use Activity Log.” This will show you a log of all your actions (comments, posts, photos, etc.) on Facebook and the visibility of each post. Anyone that a post is visible to can potentially search for it on Facebook now. That means information that you probably thought would never be searchable — like the photos you’ve liked — now is. It may be time to go on an unliking spree.

How to search everything on facebook

Then you’ll want to check out your tagged photos. Click “Photos” on the lefthand side of the “Activity Log” to see the photos you’ve uploaded and photos you’re tagged in.

How to search everything on facebook

Remember that photos your friends have tagged you in may be visible to more people than you want. If you don’t want certain photos visible to certain people on Graph Search, you can always untag yourself. For photos and other things you posted yourself, you can alter the group of people (“Public,” “Friends,” “Only Me”) who can see them from this page as well.

How to search everything on facebook

Time to check out one of Facebook Graph Search’s main sources of information, the pages you’ve liked. Go to your profile’s “About” page and scroll all the way down to find the music, movies, TV shows and books you’ve given a thumbs-up to over the years. Don’t get concerned with the first line of “likes” in each category. Those are just Facebook’s suggestions for you.

How to search everything on facebook

You will need to go through all of your “likes” to make sure there’s nothing embarrassing in there. People will be able to search things like “Friends of friends who like Kidz Bop” and you don’t want your name coming up. Don’t let those super old or ironic “likes” get the best of you.

You can also alter the audience that can see the musicians or companies that you’ve liked. For example, you can go to the “Music” section, click on the “Edit” button in the right corner and then click “Edit Privacy. This window will pop up, letting you make your music tastes invisible to the general public.

How to search everything on facebook

If you’d like to start reviewing all of the things you’re tagged in, you can set up notifications every time someone tags you in something. Go to your “Accounts Settings” page and click “Timeline and Tagging.”

How to search everything on facebook

On that page, you can change a setting so that you review your tags, decide who can post on your timeline, who can see posts on your timeline and more.

If you know how to find someone on Facebook with a phone number, you’ll realise how easy it is for anyone to look someone else up.

Facebook has made some strides in privacy recently, but staying safe and private still largely remains every user’s individual responsibility.

If a mobile phone number is publicly indicated and a user has set his or her privacy settings to public, it’s possible to easily look him or her up by simply doing a reverse phone number lookup on Facebook.

Not sure how to find someone on Facebook with a phone number? What does this mean for your own Facebook privacy? Read on to find out.

Here’s how to find someone on Facebook with a phone number

Not only can you find someone on Facebook with just their phone number, it’s actually really easy to do so if they haven’t set up their privacy settings properly.

How to search everything on facebook(image credit: Lifewire) Looking up anyone on Facebook with just their phone number is surprisingly easy

To find any Facebook user using just a phone number, you can simply do so by following these steps:

On the Facebook mobile app

  1. Open the Facebook app
  2. Tap the magnifying glass icon in the top right
  3. Key in the phone number you wish to look up
  4. Review your search results

On a web browser

  1. Open your browser
  2. Proceed to log in or sign up (if you’re a new user)
  3. Click the search bar at the top left.
  4. Key in the phone number you wish to look up.
  5. Review your search results

You should notice a couple of things when search results finally show up:

  1. Reverse looking up a phone number on Facebook can also reveal what groups a user associated with that phone number is in
  2. Facebook pages where the phone number has appeared in before are also included in the search results

How to search everything on facebookNotice that relevant pages and groups will also show up in the search results.

If the person whose phone number you intend to reverse lookup doesn’t appear in the search results, it’s because that person has:

  • toggled his or her privacy settings so that they won’t show up, or
  • that the person did not associate their profile with their phone number in the first place.

If you find anyone else with a phone number, so can anyone else find you

Just as you can find someone on Facebook by their phone number, anyone else can also do the same to you.

By performing a reverse number lookup on Facebook, anyone can not only identify who you are, but also see which groups you’re in and what pages you’ve interacted.

It’s almost like having your entire history of interactions on Facebook completely exposed.

All it takes is just one phone number, and that’s why you should not:

  • Sign up for a Facebook account with your actual phone number
  • Openly display your phone number on your Facebook profile
  • Share your actual phone number on Facebook pages and groups
  • Disclose your actual phone number in any Facebook post

Only use second phone numbers on Facebook

Still, you won’t be able to sign up for a Facebook account without a phone number.

Instead of using your actual phone number, consider getting a second phone number just for Facebook. Ideally, this second phone number should be an untraceable burner phone number.

How to search everything on facebookGet a second phone number for Facebook with Phoner.

Not sure where to get second phone numbers from? You can easily get reliable and untraceable phone numbers with our own Phoner burner phone number app.

Don’t want others to look you up on Facebook by phone number?

If you’ve already signed up for a Facebook account using your actual phone number or want to continue using your actual phone number on Facebook, you can stop others from performing a reverse phone number lookup on you by taking these steps:

How to search everything on facebookFollow these steps to prevent others from looking you up on Facebook by phone number

  1. Click the inverted triangle icon in the top right of Facebook
  2. Select Settings
  3. Choose Privacy
  4. Under How People Find and Contact You, change who can look you up using the phone number you provided to “Only me”.

As privacy advocates, we highly recommend that you do the same for:

  • who can look you up using the email address you provided
  • whether search engines outside of Facebook can link to your profile

Take note that changing this setting does not mean that no one else look you up on Facebook with your phone number.

If you share your phone number with friends, they can still see it, as well as other people depending on their privacy settings. Other people can also look you up by phone number via Facebook Messenger. В To prevent this, consider linking Messenger with a fake phone number instead.

Keep your phone number private on Facebook

Given how easy it is to find someone on Facebook by phone number, it’s important to take phone number privacy on Facebook seriously.

By using a fake phone number on Facebook and setting your Facebook privacy settings right, you can stop others from easily discovering your identity with just your phone number.

And that’s how to find someone on Facebook with a phone number. Always keep your phone number private on Facebook, and be careful when sharing other personal information on any social network!

The Off-Facebook Activity tool reveals which websites send information about your online activities to the social network, while Facebook’s Privacy Checkup tool helps you review and tighten your privacy.

How to search everything on facebook

Facebook is notorious for tracking your online behavior—both on and off the platform—in order to personalize your experience and send you targeted ads. Fortunately, the social network also offers you tools to review and modify your privacy settings. The Off-Facebook Activity tool tells you what Facebook knows about your online activities when you leave the site. And the Privacy Checkup tool allows you to determine how much or how little information you reveal, and to whom. Here’s how to use both features.

What Is Off-Facebook Activity?

Facebook not only has access to your activity when you use the social network but also when you visit certain third-party websites. To help you manage that information, the Off-Facebook Activity tool lets you review and delete the data collected about you when you’re using other websites. You can also stop the off-Facebook activity from being saved with your account entirely and download the data to analyze it offline.

Off-Facebook activity includes any information that websites, apps, and organizations share with Facebook about your actions with them. This may be something as simple as visiting a specific website or app, or a more involved task such as searching for an item or purchasing a product. Facebook uses this information to serve you targeted ads.

By capturing your activity and choices on supported websites, Facebook can show you coupons and promotions you may find useful. For example, you might buy a pair of shoes from an online clothing store. That store shares your activity and purchase with Facebook, which saves it to your account. Facebook then serves you an ad with a 10% off coupon on your next purchase from that store.

Manage Off-Facebook Activity

If you’re uncomfortable with this type of tracking, especially since it occurs when you’re not on Facebook, you can use the Off-Facebook Activity tool to manage this information. Access this feature by clicking the down arrow in the top right and selecting Settings. Select Your Facebook Information and click the option for Off-Facebook Activity.

Facebook displays the names of sites that have shared your activity and informs you how it gains access to this kind of information. Get more details about your overall off-Facebook activity by clicking the “Learn More” link at the top.

To view your off-Facebook activity, click the icon for any site in the list and then enter your password. You will then see all the sites that have provided information on your activity to Facebook. Click a site to view specific details about it.

A line at the top poses the question “How Did Facebook Get This Activity?” The first drop-down menu will tell you how the site was sent the data to Facebook, such as by using Facebook’s business tools (Opens in a new window) . The second drop-down menu lists examples of interactions with other sites, such as opening an app, visiting a website, searching for an item, or purchasing an item.

If you wish to flag a site as inappropriate content or a misuse of your information, scroll to the bottom of the Activity Details screen and click the Give feedback about this activity link. Select a reason for the feedback and click Send.

If you no longer want this site to share your activity with Facebook, click the Turn off future activity link. A confirmation message explains what will happen if you turn off this activity. If you wish to proceed, click the Turn off button. A message tells you that future activity from this site has been turned off, but keep in mind that your past activity has not been disconnected.

Manage Past and Future Activity

You can manage both past and future activity from the Off-Facebook Activity screen by clicking Manage Future Activity. Read the information on how off-Facebook activity is used, then click Manage Future Activity to take control.

At the next page, you can view the activity that has already been turned off. You can also turn off all future activity by turning off the switch next to Future Off-Facebook Activity.

You can also remove your entire off-Facebook activity history. Return to the main Off-Facebook Activity page. Click the Clear History button at the top and then select Clear History.

Download Off-Facebook Activity

To download your Off-Facebook activity, return to the Off-Facebook Activity page and click Download Your Information on the right.

By default, the Download Your Information page selects all your Facebook data for download. At this point, there is no specific setting just to download your off-Facebook activity information. But certain categories, such Ads and Businesses, do include off-Facebook activity. You may want to select just Ads and Businesses as a first step to see what information it provides, or keep all categories selected to view all your Facebook data. After choosing the categories, click the Create File button.

The page tells you that a copy of your information is being created. You also receive a notification by email. After the file is compiled and ready for download, you will receive another notification email. At the Download Your Information page, click the Available Copies tab, then click the Download button to save the information as a zip file on your computer.

Unzip the file and open it to review the information. From the extracted files, open the index.html file. From there you can access and view whatever categories of information you downloaded.

Privacy Checkup

To run the latest version of Facebook’s Privacy Checkup tool, click the down arrow icon in the upper right, go to Settings & Privacy, and select Privacy Checkup. At the Privacy Checkup window, click the first topic for Who can see what you share.

Click Continue. At the Profile Information window, review the settings for your phone number, email addresses, and birthday. Click the button next to each one, and choose whether to change it to Public, Friends, Only Me, or a specific Facebook list. You probably want this information to remain private or only visible to friends or a specific group. When done, click Next.

At the Posts window, set the option for who should see future posts. You’ll likely want to set this to Friends. The Limit Past Posts option changes past posts that were seen by the public or friends of friends to only friends. To do this, click the Limit button and click OK. Then click Next.

At the Block screen, you can block specific people from seeing things you post, starting conversations with you, or trying to add you as a friend. To do this, click Add to Blocked list and type the name of the person or account you wish to block. From the list of suggestions, click the Block button for the correct person, then click Next.

By Kofi Outlaw – June 23, 2022 05:46 pm EDT

Is Jupiter a planet-eater? A new report suggests the planet actually behaves like some villain out of a Marvel movie, by consuming whole planets. In fact, the report goes so far as to say that Jupiter achieved its massive size (300 times bigger than Earth) by consuming other worlds in order to build itself up into the biggest planet in our entire solar system, approximately twice the size of all the other planets in this system, combined.

Astronomy & Astrophysics published the new report on Jupiter, claiming that there’s evidence that the planet has remains of other planets contained within it. That’s something of a significant step forward, as the theory that Jupiter is an amalgamation of other planet bodies has been out there for a while.

NASA’s Juno space probe captured a unique look at Jupiter recently, during a moment where Jupiter’s gases temporarily parted enough to give the probe a clearer look at the planet’s core. Now scientists can better speculate about how Jupiter absorbed planetesimals and other space rock to fuel its growth.

The theory is an intriguing one, that makes you wonder what our solar system must’ve looked before Jupiter treated it like a cosmic buffet Earth could have had a lot more company.

Marvel fans will no doubt have jokes about how Jupiter must actually be Galactus or a Celestial during their signature hibernations – and what happens if it should “wake up” again. Suddenly makes you glad Earth is over 700 million km away.

Here are a few details from NASA’s report (NOTE: it’s not an easy, casual, read):

Our results imply that Jupiter continued to accrete heavy elements in large amounts while its hydrogen-helium envelope was growing, contrary to predictions based on the pebble-isolation mass in its simplest incarnation (Lambrechts et al. 2014), favouring instead planetesimal-based or more complex hybrid models (Alibert et al. 2018; Guilera et al. 2020). Furthermore, the envelope did not mix completely during the planet’s subsequent evolution, not even when Jupiter was young and hot (Vazan et al. 2018).

Our result clearly shows the need for further exploration of non-adiabatic interior models for the giant planets, and it provides a base example for exoplanets: a non-homogeneous envelope implies that the metallicity observed is a lower limit to the planet bulk metallicity. Therefore, metallicities inferred from remote atmospheric observations in exoplanets might not represent the bulk metallicity of the planet.

As an Amazon Associate and affiliate of other programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

Are you looking for a specific Facebook conversation you had with one of your friend on messenger? Or maybe you want to find all the conversations containing a certain phrase or word on Facebook Messenger. If that seems like your story then we got a solution for that which is shared in this tutorial. The Facebook Messenger Android and iPhone apps don’t have the search feature as of now. But you can make use of the Facebook website to easily search Facebook messages on a computer or your smartphone’s browser.

Besides this, we have also mentioned methods to search Facebook page and group for specific posts on the website as well as the Facebook app with the help of words or phrases you remember from the posts. So, let get to it.

Search Facebook Messages

With time we find ourselves having a huge archive of messages. This makes it really taxing and time-consuming to search for a specific conversation on messenger. But who said that you have to search manually. Follow the steps below to quickly find old messages on Facebook Messenger.

1. Visit the Facebook website on your desktop or PC browser and log in to your account if you haven’t already.

2. On the Home screen, click on Messenger at the left sidebar.

3. This will take you to the Messenger screen with all your conversations listed. Now, if you want to search in all your conversations then click on Search Messenger text field on the left sidebar at the top of conversations. Key in the search word or phrase.

How to search everything on facebook

4. This will show all the users with the word you entered above but just above the listed users notice an option that says – Search Messages for “keyword”. Click on it.

5. All the conversations containing that keyword or phrase will appear. You can click on the desired one to see the messages. Click on up or down arrow at the top left in the conversation to quickly go to the occurrences of that keyword in that particular conversation.

How to search everything on facebook

6. In case you only want to search in a particular friend’s conversation then select that conversation by clicking on it in the Messenger thread screen. On the right side, click on Search in Conversation. Enter the desired keyword then press Enter or click on Search at the right side of the search field.

How to search everything on facebook

Search Old Messages On Messenger From Android Or iPhone

As I mentioned earlier, Messenger app currently doesn’t have the search functionality. But if you wish to search Facebook messages on iPhone or Android then you can open the Facebook website on your smartphone’s browser and use the same steps above.

Search Facebook Page And Group For Specific Posts

Note: If you are really lucky then it may turn out to be a pinned post on Facebook as it will appear on the top of the group or page.

In case you won’t find it at the top then there is an inbuilt search feature on the Facebook website as well as the app to search for specific posts. Here’s how.

Find Old Post On Facebook Group

Facebook Website

1. Open Facebook on the web browser and log in.

2. Go to the Group Timeline on which you wish to search the post.

3. Just under the cover photo of the group, you will find the Search bar by the name “Search this group“. Type the phrase/keywords you remember from that post and press Enter.

How to search everything on facebook

All the posts in the group having that phrase in the post itself and comments will show up. This makes it super easy to find a specific post on the Facebook group.

Facebook App

The steps and the screenshot are from the iOS app but the procedure is basically the same for Android as well.

1. Visit the desired group timeline on the Facebook app.

2. Now, either tap on the Search bar at the top or Search option just under the Cover photo as shown in the image below.

How to search everything on facebook

3. Type the phrase/keywords which you remember from that post and tap Search.

All the posts with that keyword in comments or posts will be shown. This makes searching of the old post pretty much easier.

Search Facebook Page For Specific Posts

1. Open Facebook on a web browser and log in.

2. Visit the page timeline on which you want to find a specific post.

3. At the right sidebar under the Cover photo, there is a search bar by the name of Search for posts on this Page. Type the keyword you remember from the post and press Enter.

How to search everything on facebook

All the posts containing that keyword will appear and you can easily find the desired post on that page.

We wish that after following this article you were able to find old messages on Facebook Messenger and also old and specific post on Facebook page and group. If you found the guide helpful then please share it on social media.

Bush says she was a Stranger Things fan long before season 4

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How to search everything on facebook

Sadie Sink as Max Mayfield. Netflix

Thanks to the popularity of Stranger Things’ music-heavy fourth season and social media, Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill” has climbed up to the very top of music charts around the world 37 years after the song initially released. A number of Bush’s longtime (and generally older) fans have felt a type of way about younger people discovering her music for themselves by way of a sci-fi love letter to the ’80s. But Bush — herself a longtime Stranger Things fan — sees the sudden resurgence of interest in “Running Up That Hill” as an exciting and touching testament to the power of art.

In a recent interview with BBC Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour, Bush — who generally doesn’t speak to the public — opened up about what it’s been like to watch a new generation turn one of her classics into a present-day hit. Though Bush was already hooked on Stranger Things long before Netflix and the Duffer brothers called her up, she didn’t expect to ever become involved in the show’s lore, and the experience has all felt very much like “the whole world’s gone mad.”

“What’s really wonderful, I think, is that this is a whole new audience who, in a lot of cases, they’d never heard of me,” Bush said. “And I love that — the sort of all these really young people hearing the song for the first time and discovering it is, well, I think it’s very special.”

In the first half of Stranger Things 4, Max Mayfield (Sadie Sink) and the other Hawkins kids discover that the only thing that can keep them safe from Vecna — the latest murderous terror that’s crawled out of the Upside Down — is by listening to songs they love. In most cases, Vecna psychically stalks his victims from another dimension before pulling them to him and tearing their bodies apart, but Max is able to break free from his thrall thanks to the cassette of “Running Up That Hill” that’s lived in her Walkman all season.

Though Stranger Things has always spotlighted pop cultural touchstones that shaped the ’80s, Max’s fixation on “Running Up That Hill” is also part of the series’ exploration of how the character’s still grieving her brother Billy’s death in season 3.

While Bush wrote “Running Up That Hill” as a love song, she said that she was touched by the way Stranger Things frames the track as a kind of emotional talisman for Max and a fitting choice for the series as its characters evolve and grow up with its actors.

“It’s lovely in a similar way to Harry Potter where in those early films that are just little kids,” Bush said. “And then as the film is progressed, it becomes heavier and darker, and those little kids turn into really talented young adult actors. You have a different connection with something that’s the moved through years, really, of watching them grow.”

Like many of her diehard fans who are precious about her music, she has her own relationship to “Running Up That Hill,” a song about a man and a woman longing to swap places with one another “just to feel what it was like from the other side.”

Though Bush still very much thinks of the song as “A Deal with God” — the title she originally intended to give it — in her mind, she emphasized the importance of people being able to take what they want from art. As wrapped up in nostalgia as “Running Up That Hill” may be for some people, it’s part of the now for others, which is why Bush is focused on living in the moment.

“I mean, there was some great music in the ’80s, but I think it’s an incredibly exciting time we’re in now,” Bush said. “Okay, so it’s an awful time on a lot of levels for people. Very difficult. But it’s also a time when incredible things are happening. Technology is progressing at this incredible rate that’s pretty overwhelming, really. But, you know, there’s so many advances in medicine, and there are positive things. You just have to look a bit harder to find them at the moment.”

Stranger Things 4 Vol. 2 hits Netflix on July 1st.

How to search everything on facebook

Worried that you’re missing posts because the algorithm doesn’t think it’s trendy enough? Check this box to see everything in order.

Do you long for a simpler time when your social media feeds just showed your posts in the order they happened? None of this algorithmic guessing about what’s trending or what you’ll find the most interesting—give it to me in chronological order. If this is how you want to see your Facebook and Twitter feeds, there’s a way to do it. I’ll show you how.

View Facebook Feed in Chronological Order

By default, Facebook shows you the “Top Posts.” If you’d rather see everything in chronological order and decide for yourself what’s interesting, click the little dots next to News Feed and choose Most Recent.

How to search everything on facebook

To change it back, click those dots and choose Top Stories.

View Twitter Feed in Chronological Order

Likewise, Twitter shows you “Top Posts” first. To view things in chronological order on Twitter, click your profile pic, choose Settings and privacy.How to search everything on facebook

Go down to the Content section and uncheck Show me the best Tweets first. Then click Save changes.

How to search everything on facebook

You did it! But why?

So, that’s the “how” of sorting your Facebook and Twitter in chronological order. But should you do this?

Honestly, I’ve known about this option for a while. But I don’t use it. I let Facebook and Twitter show me “top” content first. That’s because I really only look at Facebook or Twitter a few times a day. In those intervening hours, my social networks churn out a lot of content. Most of it is of little to no interest to me. So, I’m happy for Facebook or Twitter to show me the highlights.

Now, if you are compulsively checking your Facebook or Twitter feeds every second, then yes, maybe chronological order is right for you.

Give it a shot. See how you like the unfiltered version of Facebook and Twitter. If you go chronological and then switch back, come back here and tell me about it.

Did you know that Facebook and Twitter don’t show your posts in chronological order? Do you wish they would? Tell me or why not in the comments.

How to search everything on facebook

You’ve not explored the full capabilities of Facebook until you have tapped the power of Facebook groups.

The challenge with Facebook groups is that the most exciting ones are often kept private. Which means you can scarcely find them.

A solution to this problem is finding out what groups your friends are on Facebook.

Why should you know?

There are numerous reasons why you should see the groups someone is on Facebook.

People have gotten jobs and business opportunities through the information they got on a Facebook group.

There are cases where scholarship opportunities were handed to participants of a Facebook group.

Information from Facebook groups can also come by way of training such as webinars, and other helpful updates from members.

Why miss all the fun?

Your friends are probably sharing some intricate details about their lives and having lots of fun on a Facebook group. You wouldn’t want to miss out on that.

Besides the fun, how about a ‘Master Mind Group’ like Napoleon Hill wrote in his famous book ’Think and Grow Rich’?

Such a group exists on Facebook and your friends are most likely in it, sharing ideas, learning and getting better. You certainly want in.

But how do you find out the Groups?

How to know the group your friends are in on Facebook

Now, let’s dig into how to find out the groups your friends are in.

You don’t need to be a detective or forensic expert to do this. Simply follow the three simple steps outlined below.

Step 1. Login to Facebook

Open a tab and log in to Facebook.

Step 2. Click on Groups

Once logged in on Facebook, click on Groups. It’s circled in red in the image below.

How to search everything on facebook

The page that loads show you a few groups your friends are in. See the next image.

How to search everything on facebook

You can already see some of the Groups your friends are in. See the highlighted red circle in the image above.

Step 3. See all

The final step to see all the groups your friends are on. To do this, click on See All from the Groups page you’re on. See the next images.

How to search everything on facebook

How to search everything on facebook

Generally, this gives you a picture of all the groups your friends are on Facebook.

How about the group a particular friend is on Facebook?

Now, things get a bit tricky when you’re trying to find out the Group someone is on Facebook. Say your Facebook friend.

You can use Facebook Graph and execute a search like “Friends name, Groups”.

For example, if I perform a search with the keyword ‘Antonio Evans groups’. I would instantly get a list of the groups Antonio Evans belongs to.

If I click See All, I get to see the entire list of groups Antonio belongs to is displayed.

How to search everything on facebook

However, you only see the public groups a person belongs to.

A year ago, there were three types of Groups on Facebook.

  1. Public/Open Groups
  2. Closed/Private Groups
  3. Secret/Hidden Group

Public/Open Groups

Open Groups are accessible to anyone on Facebook. So if your friends or a person is part of an Open Group, you can see the group posts on your newsfeed, or by performing a simple search on the Facebook search bar.

Hence, if someone belongs to a Public Group, you find out what groups they’re in by performing a search with the keywords [person’s name groups joined]. For example “Chioma precious groups joined”.

How to search everything on facebook

Closed Group

Closed/Private Groups come with added restrictions. However, you will find them in searches. Including member list.

You can still find friends and people who belong to these groups, but you need to receive approval from either an admin or an existing member to join such groups.

Secret Groups

Secret Groups or Hidden Groups are the most private groups on Facebook. You won’t find them in Public searches and the posts made there won’t appear on the news feed.

If someone is in a Secret Facebook Group, there’s no way to know unless you somehow stumble upon the Group. That’s the point of the secret group anyway – keep everything secret to ensure people can’t know what goes on there.

New Privacy Settings from Facebook

At the end of 2019, Facebook rolled out new privacy settings for Facebook Groups.

So the idea of Secret and Closed Groups was taken out and we were left with just Private Groups.

It means there are only two types of Facebook Groups in existence – Public and Private Groups.

The company also created the rules for each Group Type as can be seen in the image.

How to search everything on facebook

Now, if you’re looking for the Group someone belongs to on Facebook, you can perform a search like “Friends name, Groups”. But you still can only see the Public Groups the user belongs to; unless they’re a moderator on the group. The rules make it clear.

If the user is your friend and belongs to a private group, you can find out what group they’re in by checking out the generic list of groups your friends belong to.

This can be done by clicking on Group as was highlighted in Steps 2 and 3 above.


Facebook Groups are educative, informative and fun. People network on Facebook groups and even find genuine business opportunities.

But most Facebook groups are kept private which makes it difficult to know the group someone belongs to.

However, it’s easy to find out the Facebook Group your friends are in if you follow the steps highlighted in this article.

Updated on June 11, 2020, to include current instructions.

Facebook’s search function allows you to search for people, posts, photos, videos, groups, and more, based on your own Facebook activity. This includes the pages you like on Facebook as well. For most of us, there’s nothing to worry about. Declaring you “Like” Grey’s Anatomy is just a sign you enjoyed the show, at least until the 007 episode.

Oh, and I should probably mention, if you need a little more help in managing social media for your business than simply unliking a page, we’re basically the Shonda Rhimes of social media management.

However, for one reason or another, you might have liked a page you shouldn’t have. If you’re uncomfortable with unwittingly shilling for companies you no longer support or if you just want to avoid expressing your love for anything embarrassing, here’s the best way to remove your unwanted page likes:

How to Find Facebook Pages You’ve Liked

  1. Visit your profile and click ‘More’ on the right side of the navigation bar. In the dropdown, select ‘Likes.’
  2. Hover over the ‘Liked’ button for each page you’ve liked and you will see the option to unlike the page. If you have the new Facebook format, hover over the image.
  3. Pages you’ve liked are grouped by category, and you also have the ability to control the privacy of those groups. If you want to limit who can see what you’ve liked, select ‘Manage’ (the pencil icon) on the upper right corner. If you have the new format, it will appear as three dots in the same location. Then select ‘Edit the Privacy of Your Likes’ (or follows).
  4. From here, you will be able to select the level of access people have to the pages you have liked.

Hopefully, this helps you update your profile to be a more accurate reflection of who you are today. I, for one, am no longer a fan of Hip-Hop Tuesdays at my High School. That being said, this is just a demonstration. Please keep liking Portent’s Facebook page.

  • 13:13, 23 Jun 2022
  • Updated : 9:39, 24 Jun 2022

A WOMAN has been slated online after complaining about the huge shed and fence her neighbour has put up.

She took to Facebook to share a picture of the new additions to next door’s garden, admitting she’d been given notice beforehand, but hadn’t realised quite how big it would be.

How to search everything on facebook

“The neighbours said they planned to replace their old, standard garden fence,” she wrote.

Of the snap she added: “This is what’s going up, what the. “

One of her major issues was that the new fence is 10cm higher than her own.

Read more Neighbour rows

How to search everything on facebook

My neighbours want to ban my kids from playing football in MY garden

How to search everything on facebook

I’ve been ordered to cut down my plants after my nosey neighbours complained

“I wish they would have told us about the fence, we could have done something together,” she said.

But people were quick to insist that the issue isn’t her neighbour’s at all – with some even going as far as calling her a “Karen”.

“To be honest your fence isn’t that nice to look at anyway, you should do what they’re doing,” one person wrote.

To which the woman insisted her partner had been planning to replace their fence but hadn’t got around to it as yet.

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How to search everything on facebook

I bought a sexy top from Shein but I was sure my boobs would knock someone out

How to search everything on facebook

Five items that make mums look old & frumpy & why it’s time to ditch skinny jeans

How to search everything on facebook

The Queen is riding her beloved horse again – 9 months after being told to quit

How to search everything on facebook

Cleaning experts reveal four things you should NEVER put in your dishwasher

“They told you about it and you brushed them off.

“You should have sat down with them if you were that concerned,” another added.

Read More on The Sun

How to search everything on facebook

I’m a curvy fashion fan and tried on a Zara haul – it’s XXL is so tiny

How to search everything on facebook

Martin Lewis fan saved £2,100 on their mortgage with simple check – here’s how

While a third commented: “Mind your own business, it has nothing to do with you.”

Following the majority of people in the comments section siding with the neighbour, the woman quickly deleted her post from the social media site.

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How to search everything on facebook

I bought a sexy top from Shein but I was sure my boobs would knock someone out

How to search everything on facebook


Five items that make mums look old & frumpy & why it’s time to ditch skinny jeans

How to search everything on facebook


The Queen is riding her beloved horse again – 9 months after being told to quit

How to search everything on facebook

Cleaning experts reveal four things you should NEVER put in your dishwasher

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Facebook is great for connecting with others, but you probably don’t want to share all your news, photos, and other profile information with everyone you’re connected to on the social networking site. Here’s a primer for Facebook beginners on organizing friends into lists that give you more control over what you share and with whom.

Facebook’s privacy settings can be confusing for even long-time Facebook users, so while this guide is part of our Emailable Tech Support series to help Lifehacker readers help new computer users, it may also be a good reminder for everyone on using Facebook’s friends lists.

We’ve mentioned before how these lists can prevent some people (e.g., your boss) from seeing you in chat or seeing your status messages, but here’s how to set it up in step-by-step fashion.

Get Better Privacy and Less Chat Annoyance with Facebook Lists

Reader Revolutions felt that too many Facebook users were missing out on the power of Lists.…

Create Your Friends Lists

How to search everything on facebook

Almost 200 options to choose from
Summer has officially arrived, so experiment with new patterns and shorter inseams at this very nice price.

First, go to the Account menu in Facebook and click “Edit Friends”. On the Friends page, click on the “+ Create a List” button at the top.

This will bring up the Create New List window shown at the top of this article, with all of your Facebook friends listed.

Hold down the CTRL key (or the Command key on Mac) to select each friend you want to add to a list. Some examples of lists you might want to create: Family, Work, High School, Neighbors. and so on. (Each friend can be on more than one list.)

Then click the “Create List” button to finish.

Do this for each of the lists you want to create.

Edit Your Friends

When you add a new Facebook friend, be sure to add him/her to each of your applicable lists, so your settings will apply to that friend in the future.

If you want to add a friend to a list or change what list(s) he/she is on after you’ve already set up your lists, go to the Account menu again and “Edit Friends”. Beside each friend, you’ll see an “Edit Lists” drop-down. Click on that and select or de-select each of the lists the friend belongs on.

Once your lists are set up and your friends organized, you can:

Limit Who Can See Your Facebook Profile Information

If you only want certain people to be able to see your friends list and details about your education and work, hometown, and likes and activities, customize your privacy settings with the lists you just set up.

To set this up, go to the Account menu and click “Privacy Settings”. Under the “Connecting on Facebook” heading, click the “View Settings Link”.

Beside the information you want to make more private (e.g., your hometown), click the drop-down box and select “Customize”.

In the next window, you have two choices: you can allow only certain people (or lists) to see that information or you can select who to hide the information from. (You can actually do both but that can be confusing.)

Most people may just want to use the hide feature—so you’re preventing certain groups from seeing your information. If, however, you have a list just for people you want to be able to see everything, you could use the first option instead.

Either way, to create the custom privacy setting, you’ll have to type in the name of the list to add it. For the first option, which makes the setting visible to only certain people, choose “Specific People. ” from the drop-down then type in your list name. For the “Hide this from” option, just type in your list name(s). Then click “Save Setting”.

Use Friends Lists to Adjust Your Sharing Settings

There are more privacy settings you can control with lists, such as who sees photos and videos you’re tagged in, as well as your contact information.

A very handy feature is the ability to set your status updates, photos, and posts to be shown only to specific lists (or excluded from specific lists) by default. This means every time you share something on Facebook it’ll only be visible to those chosen lists, unless you specify otherwise.

These settings are also under the Account > Privacy Settings page. Click on the “Customize” link at the bottom to start customizing your settings.

The process is the same as above (customizing your profile). Click the drop-down box beside each item, then “Customize” and type in the name of each list of friends you want to exclude or include in these shared items.

Share on a Case-by-Case Basis

You can also specify which lists get to see individual posts, photos, links, etc. from you.

Beneath the status update box, there’s a padlock icon. Click on that and then the “Custom” setting to get the window you’re probably now familiar with: the one with the options to make the item visible to only certain people/lists or hide the item from specific people.

Facebook Chat and Photo Albums Privacy

To appear offline to certain lists, click on the Chat button at the bottom of your browser. Click on the slider button beside your friend list to appear offline to just those contacts. (Handy if you have a created a list of people who constantly interrupt you—remember, you can add people to more than one list.)

For your photo albums, just go into the album and click on the “Edit Album” link at the top. Then click on the privacy drop-down button to get to the window where you can show only or hide the album from specific lists.

Other Uses for Friends Lists

You can also use your lists to filter the updates you see on Facebook. Click on the “Most Recent” drop-down on your Facebook home page and you’ll see your friends lists—click on one to show only posts from those friends.

There may be many other areas where you can use the power of friend lists to customize who sees the information you share on Facebook. If you know of any or have additional Facebook friends list tips for us, please share them in the comments.