What should r22 suction pressure be

Whatshould the analyses be for R22 system, ambient temperature 90 levels. I am acquainted with R12, however what are the within analyses for R22? The farthest outdoors analysis is PSI.

Thanks for your time

Actual understanding of the assesses comes when you neglect stress and also consider the temperature levels of the condensing or steaming cooling agent … or you can avoid to the details in CAPS.

The scale analysis are constantly affected by:

1) Exterior temperature level.
2) Indoor temperature level.
3) Cooling agent (typically R-22).
4) Air movement throughout the outside coil (concerning 1000 cfm per heap).
5) Air movement throughout the interior coil (concerning 400 cfm per heap).
6) The effectiveness of the system (a layout concern).
7) Running time … it takes 8 to 10 mins for the system to reach consistent state problems. Analysis of the assesses relies on balance (consistent state) in the system.

IF these elements are typical, the coils are tidy, the compressor is OK/normal, the metering gadget is OK/normal, the elements are matched and also developed to collaborate (GREAT DEALS OF IFS). and also presuming the cooling agent is R-22:

The head (high side) pressure relies on the temperature level at which the cooling agent (R-22) condenses in the condenser (outside coil). Include 15 to 25 levels F to the outside temperature level (say 90+15 = ) and also 90+ 25 = )) and also check out the temperature level details for R-22 on the scale (environment-friendly ring of numbers).


The suction pressure depends by the temperature level of the boiling (vaporizing) cooling agent (R-22) in the evaporator (cooling or interior coil). This temperature level should be concerning 35 to 40 levels F listed below the Return Air temperature level. IF the return temperature level is 75 the vaporizing temperature level of the R-22should be in between (75-40 = )) and also (75-35 = )).


These temperature level policies relate to any kind of cooling agent utilized for convenience air conditioning. also one that you are seeing for the very first time in your life.

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  • Suction pressure for R22 3 heap reci refrigerator

    i have a concern concerning the suction pressure of R22 I am running a 3 heap water cooled down reciprocating refrigerator making use of r22
    My suction pressure is around 47 psig while the discharge around 230 psig. When i run the system at ARI basic score (Tin cond = 29.4 oC and also T out eva = 6.7 oC), this analysis has actually been gotten.

    Is this suction pressure is ok? i was informed by my solution specialist that the suction pressure is reduced and also he determined to butt in even more gas to boost thepressure The suction pressure stays. He ended that i should chemically purged my water cooled down evaporators.

    Is this the ideal option? please assistance as i am brand-new to this area.

    Thanks done in breakthrough. Terrific web site!

    Re: Suction pressure for R22 3 heap reci refrigerator

    If you desire the refrigerator to last,

    Not an excellent pressure.

    If you are near sea degree and also you do not desire to damage the HE,

    It should go over 58 psi. unless you have anti freeze security.

    Typically reduced pressure is brought on by low tide circulation, reduced inlet water temperature level or absence of capability control.

    Re: Suction pressure for R22 3 heap reci refrigerator

    Aded R22 to the system the suaction Pre. shoud be around 60 PSI and also disgarge Pre. around 250 PSI.
    Many Thanks.

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  • R-22 stroll in colder

    hi all,
    i stumbled upon a stroll in cooler making use of R22 however ive never ever dealt with one previously, what are the operating stress? i include r22 as much as 50 psig however would not exceed that after that came the rainfall and also i have not had the ability to return to it. thx

    Arw you checking fluid subcooling and also suction superheat and also speaking with a PT graph? Or are you simply including R22 up until you see acquainted stress?

    Doing the lattter can be a waste of costly R22 Im presuming their is a reciever on that cooler and also a head pressure control shutoff.

    Relying on ambient temperature you could need to limit air circulation via the condensor to boost fluid saturation temperature to 120 levels to effectively bill it.

    Consult your PT graph for matching pressure.

    My R22 walkins preserve 34 to 38 levels with a delta of around 10 to 15 levels.

    48-50 psi has to do with right, like anything else, clear the view glass, check superheat and also supcooling.

    Is the condenser inside your home or outdoors?

    Was it a “warm take down”? My experience with walk-N is a substantially greater suction pressure throughout a warm take down. After box temperature comes down to around 45 , journalism will certainly be reduced.

    All you require to do with refrigeration is FILL THE GLASS! It’s not as tough as a/c job.

    Well, that thinks that it does not have a headmaster.

    Subcooling does not matter a great deal with refrigeration job.

    Strong column of fluid, confirmed by a sightglass. Establish the superheat on the TXVs.

    Formally, Down for the matter



    I recognize sufficient to recognize, I do not recognize adequate
    Why is it that those that grumble one of the most add the least?

    Wow. I would certainly believe the contrary. I do both and also locate refrigeration to be far more tough.

    Well, that thinks that it does not have a headmaster.

    Subcooling does not matter a great deal with refrigeration job.

    Strong column of fluid, confirmed by a sightglass. Establish the superheat on the TXVs.

    I’m presuming he isn’t mosting likely to require to flooding the condenser significantly in Laredo Texas. LOL. Indeed if you have a headmaster you should include your winter months cost.

    Blinking or bubbles in a SG can be brought on by various other problems and also if I keep in mind appropriately some assimilate refrigeration applications can still bubble also when the system is billed appropriately.

    Refer job is easy 99.8% of the moment.

    It’s the 0.2% that makes my income.

    I was attempting to be ironical. I do both.

    Offer me a view glass and also a reciever any kind of day over an air conditioning system with taken care of metering gadget or accurators.

    Blend or no mix load the glass. When it begins biking on HP when it pumps down after that begin worring concerning tourching your recevier.


    Also much better, a receiver scale.

    Have a look at grocery store arrangement. Extra shutoffs, regulatory authorities,pressure changes, controls, after that one can tremble a stick at. Jp is keeping back. Due to the fact that he’s doing it daily, comes very easy for him.

    For A/C 2 gases
    For refrigeration I shed matter.


    Also much better, a receiver scale.

    Other than whem the scale is damaged.

    I lug numerous sticks.

    In this way, I obtain even more shutoffs per shake.

    Have a look at grocery store arrangement. Extra shutoffs, regulatory authorities,pressure changes, controls, after that one can tremble a stick at. Jp is keeping back. Due to the fact that he’s doing it daily, comes very easy for him.

    For A/C 2 gases
    For refrigeration I shed matter.

    Yep I hear ya, I just service a number of shelfs and also Additionally do back up benefit a huge chain. Certain it takes me a couple of even more mins to do a telephone call after that JP.

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  • R22 Walk-in colder

    I have actually been collaborating with heating and cooling for around 15 yrs constantly business however my firm transformed proprietors I did extremely little real refrigeration job. I obtained a solution ask for a walk-in colder not cooling down. Discovered walk-in level on gas fill system with nitro and also discovered txv dripping on the flange suitable I fixed the leakage and also I’m returing back tomorrow to bill system with R22, my concern is what should my stress be and also what is the perfect SH any kind of assistance would certainly be much valued.

    The pressure will certainly rely on box temperature certainly and also temperature collection factor. The majority of colders R-22 are around 50 suction and also 225 head.SH I such as to see 8-10 .

    I like the odor of phosgene very first point in the early morning:

    Educational online forums are open.

    If you would certainly such as to send a post or a web link or various other relevant details to the EF,

    go here

    if the system has a receiver- simply bill it to a clear view glass and also take it from there. do not try to find a/c like subcooling. simply remove the glass. Like Crackertech stated, suction will most likely be around 50, although I commonly see them in the 40- 50 psi variety, a little dust in the evap coil, and so on


    Filled box after one complete day of biking suction will certainly work out to around 30 ^ or 52 pounds and also head state 225 to 200 pounds. S/Heat might be 8 to 5 ^ S/Cooling
    ( prior to) receiver out of condenser might be 9 to 10 ^.

    Keep In Mind That remains in a best globe and also new tools so all of it declines from there!!

    Include poor door seals, peeps that do not close the door total or leave it open up regularly to obtain things backward and forward. And also do not neglect the also tiny and also over packed system functioning it’s arse off simply to maintain!

    What are great stress for r22?

    Whatshould my Stress be for R-22? If the system had R-22, the vapor pressure would certainly be in between 58 to 85 PSIG however these stress will certainly be depending on the damp light bulb temperature level inside the structure and also the ambient temperature level outside the structure.

    What is the typical suction and also discharge pressure for R-22? A high-efficiency condensing system making use of R-22 can run at an outside temperature level of 95 F with a discharge pressure of around 250 psi.

    What is a decrease in cooling agent for R-22? R-421 A is a drop-in substitute for R22 systems. With this cooling agent there is no demand to alter the oil.

    What are great stress for r22?– Connected Concerns

    For how long will R22be offered?

    Requirements for kinds of cooling agents utilized in cooling repair service and also upkeep are transforming, and also this suggests that this most typical and also the very least costly cooling agent will certainly quickly be eliminated. When the phase-out is total in 2020, R22 cooling agent will certainly no more be offered.

    What triggers high suction pressure R22?

    Due to the fact that the suction shutoff is being open throughout the component of the downstroke of the compressor,

    Your suction pressure enhances. This produces the cycle of high suction pressure, which harms your cooling agent.

    What takes place if you place R22 in a 410 A system?

    The solution: No. Placing R-410 A cooling agent right into an air conditioning system that was developed to make use of R-22 will certainly trigger the system to pass away not long after it attempts to run. Changing the condenser, compressor, cooling agent and also evaporator lines. Leaving the whole system (i.e. vacuuming out all cooling agent)

    What triggers reduced suction line pressure?

    Aside from cooling agent leakages creating loss of essential cost, one of the most typical issue connected with reduced suction pressure is: LOW LOTS, i.e., inadequate cozy, moisture stuffed air flow throughout the evaporator coil. Traditional reasons: Small air duct or improperly developed and/or improperly mounted air circulation system.

    Do you bill R22 as a fluid or gas?

    Pure cooling agents like R22 can be included fluid or vapor states. Strangle it in gradually to prevent punching the compressor or cleaning and also watering down out the compressor oil if including fluid right into the suction like. After the cost has actually been established, prevent mounting the assesses as component of routine solution.

    Do I need to change my R22 a/c unit?

    The restriction does not need you to change a performance, R22 cooling agent a/c or heatpump system. Despite the fact that choice 1 might seem like a very easy repair, the rate of R22 cooling agent goes through diminishing supply. This might make R22 extremely costly.

    What takes place if cooling agent is reduced?

    Reduced cooling agent suggests reduced pressure and also reduced pressure suggests reduced temperature levels that will at some point ice up something called an evaporator coil. When the evaporator coil ices up, cool fluid cooling agent moves via the cooling agent line, creating the bordering wetness airborne to ice up.

    Exists a straight drop-in substitute for R22?

    In the United States there is no drop-in substitute for R22 The EPA standards mention that there can not be a drop-in substitute without customizing the system elements.

    What temperature is R22?

    No recognizable adjustments in sound degree or procedure of the system was kept in mind. will certainly have a tendency to have a reduced police officer. The reduced essential temperature level of R410 A versus that of R22(701 ° C (1581 ° F) vs. 96.2 ° C (2051 ° F)) shows that deterioration of efficiency at high ambient temperature level should be better for R410 A than R22

    Can you still make use of R-22 after 2020?

    In 2020, R-22 will certainly no more be generated or imported. After 2020, just recouped, reused, or redeemed products of R-22 will certainly be offered. The manufacturing (not make use of) of R-22 is being eliminated. You are not needed to quit making use of R-22 air conditioning system neither to change existing tools.

    Can I change R-22 with R410 A?

    The comprehensive system adjustments are needed since R-22 and also R-410 A cooling agents are not compatible and also can not be blended in the exact same heating and cooling system. These items have extremely various heat-transfer residential or commercial properties and also make use of chemically inappropriate lubricating oils.

    Can I get R22 freon without certificate?

    R22 cooling agent is prohibited to import and also producer in the united state. It’s not prohibited for any person to get R22 freon. IF you have a permit, and also it’s not prohibited to offer it. As long as the supplies last, you will certainly be able to proceed buying R22 from specialized dealerships and also develop your cooling firm.

    Will low refrigerant reason high pressure?

    Because reduced condenser subcooling can suggest a reduced cost,

    Condenser subcooling is an excellent sign of just how much cooling agent cost is in the system. The excess cooling agent will certainly collect in the condenser, creating high subcooling and also high head stress.

    What is the primary issue brought on by extra-large suction lines?

    Fluid lines that are also big reason either issues: overcharge or undercharge. Fluid lines rob cooling agent from the system. Any kind of cooling agent that remains in the fluid line is not doing anything for the air conditioning or home heating procedure.

    Will including cooling agent reduced suction pressure?

    Including cooling agent reduces leaving evaporator superheat by boosting system pressure and also boosting the circulation of cooling agent via the evaporator. The suction line saturation temperature level will certainly rise and also the spread in between suction saturation temperature level and also suction line temperature level will certainly reduce.

    Just how much does it set you back to transform R22 to R410 A?

    The ordinary R22 to R410 A conversion price is $2,000 consisting of products and also labor. Property owners invest approximately $400 per 25 extra pounds of R410 A cooling agent. You can conserve cash and also change your a/c unit with a single-stage system for $1,500 rather than transforming it.

    Can nu22 b blend with R22?

    Can Freon ™ MO99 ™ or Freon ™ NU-22 B ™ be blended with R-22? No. There is no such point as a “decrease in” substitute for R-22 Blending cooling agents is not suggested.

    Can you make use of R22 lines for 410 A?

    R22 lines can be recycled and also purged for R410 A.

    Exactly how do you boost suction pressure?

    One approach for boosting the NPSHA is to boost the pressure at the suction of the pump. If a pump is taking suction from a confined storage tank, either increasing the degree of the fluid in the storage tank or boosting the pressure in the room over the fluid rises suction pressure.

    Just how much is r22 per extra pound?

    The price of R-22 per extra pound is $20 to $50 when bought wholesale by your heating and cooling expert. When you call on a fixing group to change R-22, anticipate your expense to run from $90 to $150 per extra pound for installment.

    Can I change R22 with R134 a?

    Utilizing R134 a in Solution Designed for R22

    If you have a residence or car a/c unit developed to collaborate with R22 cooling agent, and also the system requires a recharge, a variety of problems protect against the straight replacement of R134 a. R134 a has a reduced thermal conductivity than R22, so an R134 a system requires a bigger warm exchanger.