When was the husqvarna 350 chainsaw made

When was the husqvarna 350 chainsaw made


Husqvarna 350 Chainsaw

With over 60 years experience structure power saws, Husqvarna has in reality took place a leading maker in the power saw market. If you are searching for a chainsaw that includes extraordinary efficiency, relatively decreased weight, very easy handling along with also an outstanding expenditure later on it shows up that the Husqvarna 350 may be the saw for you.

Is the Husqvarna 350 for you?

Theoretically the Husqvarna format 350 chainsaw is the genuine bargain when it associates with also reliable along with quick lowering without the mass. A light-weight engine framework as well as likewise constructing not just makes the chainsaw very easy to take care of nonetheless boosts price power. The Husqvarna 350 chainsaw displays excellent functions such as a resonance dampening system, an automated chain lubrication pump along with also superb safety and security functions: a double acting chain brake, right-hand male guard along with also a chain catcher. Each of this for a smartly cost-effective rate.

What proprietors insist worrying the Husky 350

There’s a whole lot even more to this tale along with also it’s not all exceptional information. Every maker, every so often improves the develop of an item to the most reliable strategy feasible. Their manufacturing programmers tweak every attribute to develop the item with the straight-out minimum of waste along with also the optimum of performance so concerning get the outstanding functions along with also the most spending plan pleasant expenditure. It appears that Husqvarna virtually turned up with the format 350 nonetheless, as regularly occurs they went a little also a whole lot. Paring to the bone benefits the expenditure nonetheless (to proceed this circumstances) getting rid of many of the bone stops the outcome.

Without any changability there are a variety of satisfied Husqvarna 350 proprietors in the globe that obtain exceptional treatment from their saw. It appears they got fortunate, their saw had all the outstanding resistances in all the outstanding locations which protected their saw with each numerous other along with also running well.

Husqvarna 350 Engine Failing Issues

There are a variety of others that really did not obtain so fortunate. Difficulties of ravaging engine failing, frequently in the exceptionally first variety of personnels of usage, caused by overheating control. This was made likewise even worse by actually inadequate customer help experienced at the hands of some Husky automobile dealers, banging consumers for the failing along with also connecting them of inaccurate gas mix. It’s a taken into account that some consumers definitely come under this group, there are often individuals that assume they recognize much better than the maker when it associates with two-stroke gas mix. Statistically it’s not probably that they all have in reality stopped working as an end result of inadequate mix, it’s identifiable that the Husqvarna 350 has some essential layout functions that can generate acquiring too cozy along with also engine failing. Evaluating the engine framework as well as likewise constructing brighten the quit framework as well as likewise structure; a light-weight, unlined cyndrical tube along with also particular piston ring, superb for finishing a reduced mass engine nonetheless a dish for exceptionally very early failing.

Husqvarna 350 Exhaust Muffler Issues

An included really usual problem is that the exhaust muffler simply takes in alcohol chilled out along with also lowers. Clients reattach the muffler along with also re-tighten the screws; the muffler lowers again along with also the client tightens up the screws much more. The cycle repeats itself till the screw string is done away with in the cyndrical tube body along with also the maker is offered virtually scrap.

It does elevate the trouble of whether there’s an internet link in between the 2 troubles. As the muffler functions chilled out the exhaust port is straight based upon the atmosphere. Does this modification the gas mix creating it to go down relaxing along with also lean? Perhaps!

Taking or securing treatment of versus the Husqvarna 350 Muffler Issue

If you’re fortunate along with also have a Husqvarna 350 that hasn’t yet educated the exhaust silencer trouble later on currently is the time to take preventative job. You may prevent this usual failing along with also obtain much more years correct from your maker.

If the muffler screw strings are still in exceptional problem later on you can simply income suitable an aftermarket assistance sustain for the muffler (kept in mind right below) as offered in this actually helpful video clip. When reconditioning the muffler screws it is called for to just tighten up screws to a torque of 8-10 Nm, later on run the saw for at the exceptionally the really the very least 1 mins to heat up the cyndrical tube along with also muffler, later on re-tighten the silencer screws to 8-10 Nm.

If you have actually in reality remained in reality regrettable along with also done away with the screw openings in the cyndrical tube body a looking after can be made by piercing out the got rid of screw openings along with also suitable 5mm string caring for inserts. If you have the ability to do it on your own this is an inexpensive caring for nonetheless if you are paying the workshop it can develop you back half as lengthy as a brand-new saw!


Gold Person

I was thinking of obtaining a brand-new chain saw & was having a look at the HUSQVARNA 350 BRAND-NEW CHAINSAW – right listed below ar the needs:
Cyndrical tube variation- 3.0 cu. inch./ 49.4 cc.
Power- 3.1 hp/ 2.3 kW
Gas container quantity- 1.06 U.S.A. pint
Oil container quantity- 0.55 U.S.A. pint
Oil pump kind- versatile circulation
Chain pitch-.325″
weight (excluding bar along with also chain)- 10.6 additional pounds.

What do you people assume?


Elite Person

I have in reality got one, it is a fantastic light-weight saw with a good deal of power along with also caring for, an outstanding all attribute essential usage saw comparable to a Stihl 026, 027 or 028.

A 50 cc 3HP chainsaw that considers


Gold Person

Additionally lookg at: ($5000 much more)

Husqvarna 455 Canine dog breeder husky

Cyndrical tube variation 3.4 cu.inch/ 55.5 centimeters ³
Power 3.4 hp/ 2.5 kW
Gas container quantity 0.9 U.S.A. pint/ 0.44 l
Oil container quantity 0.7 U.S.A. pint/ 0.32 l
Oil pump kind
Light excl. decreasing devices 12.8 additional pounds/ 5.8 kg


Gold Person


Platinum Person

I have in reality got a Herdsman 55, not exactly particular if that is the like the 455 Canine dog breeder nonetheless it greater than most likely is.

I’m not a genuine chainsaw fanatic nonetheless in general this saw has in reality benefited me. The torque is exceptional. Aspects along with also treatment are a little bit a whole lot extra hard to discover than Stihl in my location nonetheless I can obtain them.

I have in reality got a 20 inch Oregon Bar on it. I assume it tends to stretch the chain nonetheless that can be the chain along with also not the saw. I’m mosting likely to attempt some many chain as quickly as I trash this.

I have in reality lowered along with also thrown up at the exceptionally the really the very least 20 around huge Douglas Firs (10-15 years of ages) along with also at the exceptionally the really the very least 2 adorable little Xmas Trees (over kill). No worry until now along with also I do not assume I have in reality take that exceptional of treatment of it. I simply cleanse it up along with also assess all the anxiety and also stress and anxiety along with also liquids prior to each usage. Create the chain whenever I obtain the impulse.

Hope this aids.

Expert Person


Outstanding Variable

Last springtime my Husquvarna chainsaw would definitely not begin. It had actually in reality been kicking back all winter months, nonetheless ran fee when I would definitely utilized it the autumn prior to.

I wind up taking it in to the store to see what was imprecise along with also they informed me it had no compresion. They moreover defined it would definitely be a whole lot even more spending plan pleasant to get a brand-new one than to have them recoup it.

That was to be my costly, last an extended period of time saw, along with also it was just a number of years of ages. A lot of those years was relaxing.

I’m really disapointed with Husqvarna along with also will definitely not get one more of their items. Severe cash for a saw that really did not last.

Stihl is greater than likely much better, nonetheless I’m not gon na invest much more cash for there saws to figure out. Mirror is indicated to be an outstanding saw. One more time, you’re investing for it.

Considering that my saw just lasted a variety of years, I made a selection to go non multiple-use. I hand obtained the Poulon purple item of scrap. No power along with also testing to begin. I returned that along with also obtained a Poulon Pro with a 20 inch bar for under $200 at Lowes.

This has actually in reality been a terrificchainsaw A great deal much easier to begin along with also a whole lot even more power than my Husquvarna for a whole lot much less than fifty percent the expenditure.

I made usage the Poulon to lessen my beans, arm or leg my cedar article along with also throw up a selection of oaks in my lake web website.

For the cash, it’s been a deal that I would definitely duplicate in a heart beat. I ensure you’ll have much better all the finest than I did, nonetheless you may imply to consider the a whole lot even more spending plan pleasant brand name.

We individually research study along with also suggest the outstanding items right listed below. This testimonial has associate web web links. We can make a little settlement at no additional expense to you if you make a purchase after clicking on a net web link.

If you call for to make use of a chainsaw whatsoever, it calls for to be the Husqvarna 350chainsaw What makes this chainsaw your outstanding choice along with also finest selection or on-demand chainsaw? Why has it reached be the Husqvarna 350 among the many options the market products?

If you are searching for info on what makes the Husqvarna 350 distinct, later on you probably to the outstanding location. Or else, you can lose out on the sites.

This testimonial is a total Husqvarna 350 chainsaw testament, along with also it will definitely equip you with all the necessary back information along with also provided history info on the well-known Husqvarna 350.


Husqvarna 350 Chainsaw Recommendation

    It’s very easy to utilize It’s really operable along with also trusted It offers fast job along with also very easy power-ups.
    It’s an old format that begins breaking down after years of use Bonus upkeep preventative activities are called for to maintain this chainsaw well balanced and also healthy and balanced.

Why Should You Select the Husqvarna 350?

When was the husqvarna 350 chainsaw made

Initially, the Husqvarna 350 chainsaw existed as a straight-up steel plate chainsaw powered by a muffler.

It had a crucial shaft that expands from the 350 Husqvarna powered engine that’s affixed to the base of the steel plate, having a solid iron real estate system to maintain the chainsaw also little along with helpful.

The engine reacts on-demand to a power proceed along with also off switch. The muzzle engine can moreover be turned on along with also off making use of the connected crank care for.

When a whole lot even more oil is pumped right into the maker making use of the muffler’s port,

The decreasing power of this format can moreover be enhanced.

The later format of the Husqvarna 350 contained a chain-driven system without any usage for the muffler. As the crank takes care of were changed with footpads for modifying the engine on or off.

The body basically housed a chain wheel which ran as the titan of the engine. It had a comparable oil altering therapy for oil along with also exhaust. Raising the engine rate makes the job price much quicker, along with also you have actually in reality obtained the selection to tone to a job price that fits you.

Husqvarna is a Swedish maker determined for leading autos along with also engines, that include bikes along with also power saws. As a business that went back to 1689, with the really initially unbiased to develop rifles in Sweden.

The business found rifle manufacturing along with also redistribution till late 1989, when it raised right into many various other profit-generating rounds like bikes along with also later power saws. The business’s exceptionally first motorbike was created in 1903.

Together with it never in the past created any kind of sort of kind of bikes till late 1959 when the market demand for bikes began to stain, along with also individuals chosen little tools that made job like lowering a tree a whole lot a lot less complicated.

Company swerve right into several business that offer the opportunity to recognize tools along with also exactly simply exactly how to make the tools helpful, little, depended on, along with also durable.

Substantially, there were adjustments to the older format to develop an in addition well-optimized engine that runs much better unlike the older format.

The Husqvarna 350 engine exceptionally originally been enough in 2003, along with also it was thought about the outstanding market provided chainsaw choice, along with also several years later on ideal right into today, the Husqvarna 350 still holds that title.

It’s just reasonable to presume that there worth options today. Exactly simply the number of of these power saws provide a tried as well as likewise inspected along with also strong track paper of pleasing chainsaw customers like the Husqvarna 350?

The manufacturer of this maker has mouthful experience on exactly simply exactly how the maker need to function, along with also it’s dated as a whole lot back as 1903.

However what takes your breath away is the quick advertising of a brand-new helpful format that makes improvements along with also boosts the performance of the Husqvarna 350.

Is The Husqvarna 350 Well Well Well Worth Getting?

Many alternatives of the Husqvarna 350 format may develop you back in between $200-$500 from on the internet shops like That’s a significant expenditure selection for also some routine power saws.

It’s affordable, along with also caring for the maker may not also be so payment, depending on exactly simply exactly how acquainted or subjected you have actually in reality been to any kind of sort of amongst these power saws.

With the framework along with also expenditure of the chainsaw, is it worth acquiring?

Prior to you take care of that, have a look at many of the interior builds of this chainsaw.

The Husqvarna 350 Chainsaw Engine

The Husqvarna 350 chainsaw has a 49.4- cc powered engine, which offers a 32- millimeter stroke along with also a 44- millimeter cyndrical tube birthed. The engine can develop a whooping power of 13,000 RPM.

If you are a spec fanatic or you recognize maker power, later on you can enlighten that 13,000 RPM suffices power to care for a core member of the family work which may consist of lowering that aggravating oak tree. It moreover has a ranking of 3.1 horse power.


Husqvarna began with their ignition system, which was reliable at the time, nonetheless we would definitely recognize that much more also reliable along with simple ignition systems are completely licensed around the globe.

Today, Husqvarna 350 contains the outstanding ignition system, which is created by SEM, a business with the most substantial things of Ignition systems today.

The Husqvarna 350 chainsaw moreover makes the most of a typical NGK BPMR7A ignition system. These ignition system are customized to carry out at a greater relaxing than the routine ignition system. Each of these NGK BPMR7A ignition system.

The gas flow along with also optimization of the Husqvarna 350 chainsaw are extraordinary. The chainsaw makes the most of the Zama C3-EL18 carburetor created to ensure that the engines of the maker obtain the right along with also urged mix of gas.

Option Warranty

Below’s the component good deals of people imply to leap right into. Option assurances. Everyone requirements the guarantee that they have in reality invested effectively, along with also no individual values a really bit well worth for cash. It’s a various round video game with the Husqvarna 350.

When was the husqvarna 350 chainsaw made

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New Person
  • Aug 7, 2006
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  • This is my really initial message right listed below along with also am brand-new to power saws. My companion was analyzing for me along with also take a look at superb evaluations on the Husqvarna 350 so we got one at a qualified automobile dealer (not Lowes). the salesperson divulged me exactly simply exactly how to begin it up due to the fact that I heard they were hard to begin. I made the fuel/oil mix (2.5 oz per 1 gallon of gas). Included the chain oil along with also I was great to head to rock. If the costs of many various other factors had in fact not been as exceptional, the chain oil along with also gas oil was Husqvarna brand name simply to be risk-free.
    My member of the family currently had oak trees lowered along with also lessen right into 16″ to 22″ measurements. The measurement went from 8″ around virtually 36″. I made a selection to lessen the 16″ measurement by 20″ measurements logs initially along with also lessen them in quarters from triggering base. I did 3 of these dimension logs. On the fourth log along with also midway down, the chainsaw began to lessen till it definitely surrendered. The electric electric motor took. I brought it back to the automobile dealer after worrying 15 mintues of use. As quickly as once more, they defined there was a faulty component along with also it have to not occur. On the house. Great. As quickly as once more along with also taken care of to lessen 2 logs right into quarters,
    3 weeks later I began decreasing the certain similar dimension items. I setting the chainsaw down for a variety of secs while idling to relocate the wood. Prior to I selected it up, it held off. When it does that, I acknowledged it was poor information again. That happened prior to it took up the exceptionally really very first time. Yes, there was gas with the correct mix along with also a good deal of chain oil. This moment around around I was able to bring in the cable to attempt to obtain it going. The min it took, the cable would definitely hold one’s ground.
    Currently I can not obtain it began also after allowing it rest over night in scenario I strained it. There is a good deal of trigger originating from the ignition system. I keyed it a variety of times along with also still no go. When cutting, I make use of complete rate along with also barely place any kind of sort of kind of anxiety and also stress and anxiety on it while decreasing. I allow the chain do all the job.
    I have in reality assessed these power saws can make money personnels with really little break in between cutting. Something I did sharp is that listed here the plastic cover provided right here your left hand, it enters reality relaxing. Is that regular for it to obtain that relaxing?
    Why am I having trouble with this chainsaw? I have actually in reality utilized this chainsaw for an overall of 25 mins along with also 2 substantial troubles currently. Am I doing anything imprecise the second time? Any type of sort of sort of tips would definitely be substantially valued. Various several thanks.


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    • Aug 8, 2006
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  • Place Supervisor for PE, Enviro, Area along with also Nation along with also much more.

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    2 x Primo Porcelain Grills, one XL, along with also the many various other Komodo Round

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    The Husqvarna 350 chainsaw is chosen for being a helpful along with also remarkably reliable professional-levelchainsaw Power saws, definitely, can be really helpful as it defines outdoors job, nonetheless they’re moreover remarkably hazardous along with also can deathly damage any person that makes the most of one.

    When was the husqvarna 350 chainsaw made < if (sources.length) < this.parentNode.removeChild( resources[0]); > else < this.onerror = null; this.src = fallback; > >)( [. this.parentNode.querySelectorAll(‘source’)], conflicts[0] target.currentSrc.replace(//$/, “), ‘/ public/images/logo-fallback. png’ )” loading=” negligent” >

    The Husqvarna 350 chainsaw is chosen for being a helpful along with also remarkably reliable professional-levelchainsaw Power saws, definitely, can be really helpful as it defines outdoors job, nonetheless they’re moreover remarkably hazardous along with also can deathly damage any person that makes the most of one. Power saws need to often be dealt with in a severe design, as they function devices along with also not playthings. Beginning a Husqvarna 350 chainsaw from a cold beginning isn’t hard, nonetheless it should certainly be done effectively to ensure an also quick along with very easy beginning.

    The engine requirement to return to idling rate instantly, as the chain brake is still triggered. This happens by disengaging the throttle lock to continue to be devoid of unneeded stand up to the grasp developing.


    Never in the past begin a chain saw unless the bar, chain, along with also all covers are fitted effectively. The clutch can come chilled out along with also generate certain fatal injuries. Never in the past cover the starter cable around your hand.

    Turn On the chain brake by pressing the front hand guard forwards.

    Establish the choke control in the substantial choke arrangement; this need to instantly establish the surrendered button to the begin developing.

    Begin throttle by relocating the control to the choke arrangement.

    Press the decompression shutoff to minimize the anxiety and also stress and anxiety in the cyndrical tube along with also make beginning a lot less complicated. When beginning the chainsaw, the decompression shutoff need to often be made usage. When the chainsaw has in reality began, the shutoff will definitely go back to its initial plan.

    Comprehending the front take care of with your left hand along with also hold the chain saw on the ground by putting your outstanding foot through the back care for.

    Pull the starter take care of with your right-hand man, bring in the starter cable out gradually till you really really feel resistance. Pull the cable very along with also immediately as rapidly as you really really feel resistance.

    Press in the choke control as promptly as the engine begins as well as likewise afterwards make duplicated beginning campaigns. To disengage the throttle lock, instantly press along with also launch the throttle when the engine begins.